12 Backyard Relaxation Ideas to Add to Your Yard

Updated: Jan. 03, 2024

From romantic furniture to soothing fountains, these backyard relaxation ideas are major inspiration for those seeking serenity.

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Swinging Bench

If you have a big backyard, a curved swinging bench hanging from the bough of a sturdy tree is a lovely feature to add to your list of backyard relaxation ideas. Imagine lying back on this swing, closing your eyes and listening to the birds and the breeze. Aaaaaah.

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Backyard Pond

Enjoy the soothing sound of trickling water in your backyard by installing a small pond with trimmed bushes and a small waterfall. It’s the perfect relaxing space for meditation.

Create a rippling, rock-lined stream with multiple waterfalls in your own backyard.

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Hanging Chairs

Two hanging rattan chairs with pillows hanging outside provide a quiet place for two people to sit back, catch up, swing and relax in the backyard.

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Shaded Pergola

Another suggestion for your backyard relaxation ideas list is a shaded pergola. Enjoy a carefree meal with friends and family, sit back with a good summer read or spend time catching up with a friend with a cool glass of iced tea.

Also, check out these ways to create a wellness yard that are a major inspiration for those seeking serenity.

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Backyard Hot Tub

Even if your view isn’t as spectacular as this lakeside locale, you’ll be able to relax your muscles and your mind while indulging in a soothing soak in your backyard hot tub.

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Backyard Pool

Another great addition to your backyard relaxation ideas list is a pool surrounding by a wooden deck and lush greenery. A backyard pool alone is a wonderful place to relax, while the natural surroundings promote even more serenity.

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Zen Gazebo

A graceful wooden gazebo is the perfect place to comfortably take on your yoga practice in the backyard. Stretch and strengthen in the outdoors while shading yourself from the sun.

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Outdoor Chaise Lounge Surrounded by Sheer Curtains

Add a ethereal look to your backyard with a garden gazebo featuring sheer white curtains and a pale pink chaise lounge. It’s the ideal private getaway right outside your back door.

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Backyard Fireplace

A covered patio with large, comfortable furniture and a lovely stone fireplace as the centerpiece is the place to cozy up with friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors even after the sun sets.

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Luxury Oasis

Turn your backyard into a luxury oasis, taking a note from a hotel in Miami. Hang a hammock from a tree, install a life-size chess board in the ground, set up a comfy spot for summer reading and plant your favorite flowers. Customize your oasis with what calms you.

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Outdoor Spa Station

If you have a private setting, what’s more relaxing than showering in the great outdoors? This beautiful shower even features a shelf stand to display towels and spa goodies like a face mask, luxurious soaps and more.

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Candlelit Retreat

Grab a sofa, some large, comfy pillows and encircle with clusters of candles. Hang string lights above and you have yourself the most relaxing outdoor space to have a glass of wine, hang with your partner or curl up with a book.

Glass yogurt jars are perfect to use as candle containers and these DIY beeswax candles make great gifts!

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