9 Backyard Gazebo Ideas for the Summer

Updated: Sep. 20, 2023

These Instagram ideas show how upgraded furnishings and accessories, along with creativity, turn a basic gazebo into a covered outdoor oasis.

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Balanced Furniture Layout Courtesy @redesignedspace Via Instagram
Courtesy @redesignedspace/Instagram

Balanced Furniture Layout

A beautifully appointed gazebo is as inviting as a cozy indoor living room, and that’s why we like this one from @redesignedspace. A sofa, oval rocking chairs and a fire pit table layered over a rug create the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the lush view.

The space is balanced and comfortable without feeling cluttered, and the neutral color palette keeps the focus on the surrounding natural beauty

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Distinctive Lighting Courtesy @tami.in.between Via Instagram
Courtesy @tami.in_.between/Instagram

Distinctive Lighting

Nothing elevates a gazebo as much as cool light fixtures. The multiple woven chandeliers @tami.in.between chose for hers give it an on-trend boho style and brighten the dark ceiling. Using two shapes in the light fixture arrangement adds interest and makes the space feel more intentional and high-end.

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Scandi Wood Getaway Courtesy @scandi Up North Via Instagram
Courtesy @scandi_up_north/Instagram

Scandi Wood Getaway

Often a structure with a flat roof is called a pavilion or a pergola, but others consider it a gazebo if the roof is solid. Whatever you call it, this modern outdoor space from @scandi_up_north is gorgeous!

The frame features standard treated lumber, painted black. They chose treated roof battens for the cladding and floorboards, with a waterproof membrane for the roof. They treated the wood with clear oil.

The clean lines and neutral furnishings fit well with the couple’s Scandinavian aesthetic.

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Stylish Details Courtesy @samantha Show Via Instagram
Courtesy @samantha_show/Instagram

Stylish Details

You’ll need ample seating to make your gazebo as welcoming as this one from Samantha Curtis of @samantha_show.

“We spend a lot of time in the backyard and wanted to create a space that felt like our own little oasis,” she says. “This gazebo is from Lowe’s, and my husband was able to construct it in one day. We added twinkly lights for coziness and lanterns, faux plants and decorative pillows for the final touch.”

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8 Foot Vinyl Gazebo In A Box Ecomm Shop.amishgazebos.com
via merchant


With this eight-foot gazebo-in-a-box, you get quality Amish craftsmanship at a lower price. The kit comes with everything you need to build it.

All the parts fit together with ease, using a few simple tools and a detailed book with step-by-step instructions. It’s made of vinyl, so no termites or wood rot to worry about. And it includes a lifetime guarantee.

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Outdoor Bar Courtesy @aevilleneuve Via Instagram
Courtesy @aevilleneuve/Instagram

Outdoor Bar

Enjoy drinks under the gazebo with an outdoor bar! This one from @aevilleneuve features a custom all-wood bar designed by the owner. The wall-mounted TV creates the full outdoor sports bar experience right in your backyard. Add a mini fridge under the bar to keep drinks and other supplies cool.

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Coordinating Curtains Courtesy @homebodywithforlisa Via Instagram
Courtesy @homebodywithforlisa/Instagram

Coordinating Curtains

To soften the look of a metal gazebo, add semi-sheer curtains as seen here by @homebodywithforlisa. Close the floaty fabric around the gazebo to keep out bugs without entirely blocking the view. When left open and tied to the posts, the curtains add a layer of texture and coziness.

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Built In Fire Pit Courtesy @stacey.athome Via Instagram
Courtesy @stacey.athome/Instagram

Built-In Fire Pit

Comfortable seating, fairy lights and a stone fire pit make this gazebo from @stacey.athome extra welcoming even on cold or rainy days. This DIY kit from Sun Joy Group comes with a cedar frame and powder-coated steel roof. The ventilated two-tier style roof provides protection from the elements while allowing air circulation.

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Dreamy Flower Garden Courtesy @55littlefarmcottagedrive Via Instagram
Courtesy @55littlefarmcottagedrive/Instagram

Dreamy Flower Garden

With a picturesque flower garden like this, it only makes sense to add a traditional white gazebo to complete the look.

Elevated on a brick patio and surrounded by colorful blooms and green grass, this gazebo from @55littlefarmcottagedrive looks like it jumped from the pages of a storybook. To achieve a similar look, here’s a white vinyl gazebo kit — unfortunately, the flower garden is not included!