50 Breathtaking Patio Designs to Get You Thinking About Summer

You won't want to go back inside after seeing these patios.

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Multi-Level Patio with Water Feature

A backyard waterfall and stream will add beauty and peaceful sounds to your patio. In addition to a water feature, this multi-level poured-concrete patio designs from Goodmanson Construction has plenty of low-maintenance landscaping to add splashes of color.

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Poolside Patio with Pergola

Build a pergola to add some shade to your backyard patio. This poolside patio designs from Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services offers plenty of space to relax, along with a separate area for dining.

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Patio Kitchen with Pergola

This outdoor kitchen by Design Builders will inspire any home cook to ditch their indoor kitchen when the weather’s nice.

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Asian-Inspired Patio

Asian-inspired patio designs from Second Chance Design features a relaxing sitting area with comfortable patio furniture. With simple designs, you can even build your own outdoor furniture.

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Multi-Level Patio Designs with Brick Fire Pit

Build a stone or brick patio that you can easily adapt to your yard. This patio from Landscape East & West features a multi-level design with separate areas for eating and relaxing around the fire pit. No room for a permanent fire pit? Opt for a portable fire pit instead.

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Patio with Modern Landscaping

For those with small yards, this modern patio design from Austin Outdoor Design features a cooking/dining area and some minimalist landscaping. The ornamental grasses provide texture and define the space.

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Paver Patio

Decorative brick or stone is DIY-friendly and results in a classic, tidy-looking patio paver. If you already have a concrete patio, you can cover it with pavers to get a different look.

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Large, Open Patio

This large, open, raised patio from Treesdale Landscape Company is built with retaining wall blocks. A raised patio planter makes a great addition to a large, open patio and helps add a splash of color.

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Sun-Soaked Patio

Here’s a great alternative to a grass lawn. This small patio from Sacred Space Gardens is surrounded by some ornamental grass and large stepping stones. It’s not too difficult to make your own stepping stones.

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Concrete Patio with Fire Pit

A metal fire pit is at the center of this concrete patio from Cedar Creek Landscaping. The curved edges of the patio help it blend right in to the backyard. Experts share top ideas and tips for how to do yard renovations on a budget.

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Patio with Grilling Station

This brick patio includes a versatile grilling station, along with an outdoor sink for easy cleanup.

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Enclosed Patio

An enclosed patio lets you use the space even on rainy days. Incorporate a screened-in patio to make it just as comfy as your indoor spaces.

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Stone Patio with Pond

Consider building a low-maintenance pond next to a small patio. This design from Stone Age Landscaping offers a small sitting area, just big enough for two patio chairs. Here are a few patio ideas for small spaces.

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Fire Pit Centerpiece Patio
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Fire Pit Centerpiece

The fire pit is the centerpiece of this stone patio from Ageless Concrete.

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Patio with Retaining Wall

This patio, built on a slope, offers an area for entertainment, relaxing or enjoying the fire. It’s surrounded by a strong retaining wall that can double as additional seating.

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white pergola after

Pretty Pergola for a Hint of Shade

Build a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to shade a stone patio or wood deck using wood beams and lattice set on precast, classical-style columns. The dappled sunlight created by the overhead latticework creates a cool, relaxing environment perfect for backyard entertaining.

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stone patio finished

Natural Stone Patio

Add a welcoming feature to your backyard with this attractive, long-lasting brick and stone patio. Our design easily adapts to fit your yard. Choose from a variety of stone types and brick styles. The result will be permanent and maintenance-free.

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Patio Pleasure

Patio tile can be an attractive solution to spruce up the patio. As tile has improved, so has the ability to use it outside.

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Stunning Stone Garden

Retaining walls were built to bring the stone patio up to the height of a deck. Pea gravel was spread over fabric, tilestone used for the wall and flagstone for the steps and patio area.

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Flagstone and Pea Gravel Patio
Jason Rathe/ Field Outdoor Spaces

Flagstone and Pea Gravel Patio

Mixing materials such as flagstone and pea gravel can provide an interesting patio space while saving money at the same time. For this patio, less expensive pea gravel was used with some pricier flagstone. Mixing and matching different textures, colors and materials is one of the best ways to build a unique stone patio. And don't forget to frame the patio with patio benches or these DIY patio planters.
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Bridge Patio
Jason Rathe/ Field Outdoor Spaces

Bridge Patio

An outdoor patio area can also serve as a bridge to build a space in your yard that would otherwise be unusable. When the runoff water rushes through, you can dangle your feet off this patio bridge to cool off and still stay dry! This unique patio space is made out of cedar logs and is the perfect area for a summer picnic.
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Gray Flagstone Patio
Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Gray Flagstone Patio

Natural stone is a time-tested material for an amazing outdoor patio. Here the homeowner expanded the use of stone to a wood-fired pizza oven. Click here on how to build your own stone or brick patio for complete how-to instructions.
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Bluestone Patio
Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Bluestone Patio

This outdoor patio features a natural stone called bluestone which creates a homey look. Bluestone can come in tidy rectangles and squares, but for a more rustic patio, the irregular slabs make a more interesting and eclectic space. Enhance your patio with these DIY landscaping tips.
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Brick and Grass Courtyard Patio
Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Brick and Grass Courtyard Patio

Looking for an economical way to build an outdoor patio space? Define the space with real brick and leave the grass in the center area. This courtyard patio area can still be used for sitting and eating or even watching the stars. Need patio furniture? Click here for the DIYer who wants to build their patio chairs.
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Limestone Patio
Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Limestone Patio

Limestone is a beautiful material, available in many shapes and colors. Whatever you use for your patio or terrace can be repeated for exterior features like walls, borders and trim.
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Cobblestone Brick Patio
Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Cobblestone Brick Patio

One of the most traditional patio materials is cobblestone brick. Never been to England or Belgium and walked the cobblestone brick streets, bridges and courtyards? No problem — you can build this old-world feel into your patio experience. If you have brick walls, here's how to clean the brick.
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Stone Paver Patio
Jason Rathe, Field Outdoor Spaces

Stone Paver Patio

Stone pavers are the perfect material for a circular patio area. The size and shape of stone pavers make it easy to lay and level the patio space. Learn how to build a circular paver patio with these instructions.
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Stamped Concrete
Keith Muratori/Shutterstock

Stamped Concrete

Want the look of natural stone, but don't want to pay the high price? Stamped or acid stained concrete can be a less expensive way to build a patio. Stamped concrete can replicate brick, flagstone, even wood, and can be used for patios or courtyards, and of course, paths, driveways and pool decks. If you'd like to start with a smaller stamped-concrete project, check out this attractive, sturdy table.
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Terracotta Patio
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Terracotta Patio

The classic southern European look of terracotta is another beautiful idea for a patio. The appearance and feel of terracotta makes your outdoor space something of an exotic experience, and it's easy to maintain. Leaves, twigs and grass are easily swept or blown away in a matter of minutes. Terracotta is one of the many beautiful ways to renovate your patio space.
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Ceramic Tile Patio
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Ceramic Tile Patio

Want to bring the clean and colorful look of ceramic tile to your outdoor space? Everyone knows tile is great for kitchen and bathroom floors, but it's equally suited for outdoor patios. Follow these instructions to build a ceramic tile patio.
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circular patio
Family Handyman

Circular Patio and Retaining Wall

The free-floating circular patio is built from specially designed pavers that fit together like a simple puzzle. The surrounding wall is made from modular concrete blocks. Expand outdoor living space with these outdoor modular kitchens.

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Patio with a Cowboy Cauldron

The Cowboy Cauldron Co. has some of the biggest and coolest fire pits and cast iron works available on the market. The company offers three styles of fire pits made from steel. They run expensive, so unless you’re in the habit of hosting large parties in your backyard on a regular basis, it might not be the fit for you.

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stone patio
Family Handyman

Flagstone and Stone Block Patio

You can’t beat stone as a building material for a backyard terrace. It blends well with any backyard and garden, it’s always in style and it will last almost maintenance free for generations. We built the walls in this project from blue ledge stone and the flagstone patio from cut and squared bluestone.

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Living Room Outdoors

Living Room Outdoors

A comfortable love seat, side chairs, coffee table and area rug give this patio a true living room feeling. Invite guests over for coffee, conversation and relaxation. And don't forget about fun outdoor games!
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Convenient Outdoor Kitchen
Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock

Convenient Outdoor Kitchen

Bring the kitchen outdoors, so you can prep meals and entertain friends and family at the same time. This outdoor kitchen features a built-in sink and grill. These 12 backyard kitchens will inspire you.
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Easy Indoor Access
Santiago Cornejo/Shutterstock

Easy Indoor Access

Creating an outdoor space next to a sliding glass door, screen porch or adjacent to the kitchen makes for easy access to restrooms, air conditioning and other amenities that your guests may want to use. These 15 perfect patio designs are truly amazing.
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Hangout Zones
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Hangout Zones

Creating a few separate hangout zones in the backyard provides variety for guests. This outdoor space features a hot tub, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and a shaded dining table—all great spots for fun activities and conversation.
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Cozy DIY Fire Pit
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Cozy DIY Fire Pit

Enjoy a crackling wood fire in your own backyard. You'll love the warmth and good company it brings to your outdoor space. Do it yourself with these how-to steps.
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Relaxing Ambiance
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Relaxing Ambiance

Pleasing sounds in your backyard can help to create a relaxing ambiance. This trickling fountain and pond provides both visual and audio interest to the outdoor space. Learn how to build a low-maintenance water feature.
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Indoor Comforts Outdoors

Indoor Comforts Outdoors

Add accents such as throw pillows, cushions, decorative bowls and blankets to your outdoor space to give it a cozy indoor feel. Try your hand at building any of these 30 outstanding one-day outdoor projects.
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Stone path and patio
Family Handyman

Stone Path Patio

You don’t have to let the hills and slopes in your yard stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. With a little imagination (and a good bit of sweat!), you can change those negatives into striking features.

The heart of this project is a practical path and steps that give you convenient yard access — no tromping through the mud. And the bonus is a series of new terraces, garden beds and sitting areas that will turn that largely wasted space into your favorite hangout.

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Fire pit patio

Fire Pit Patio

Patios are generally safer and more suitable for fire pits than a wooden deck, so take advantage of your materials and look into an easy above-ground fire pit for added beauty and warmth (as long as you have the room).

Keep in mind that it cannot be too close to your house because of smoke damage and fire hazards. If you want a non-wood option and have access to natural gas, consider installing a gas patio fireplace instead.

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Indoor Outdoor

This bar is tucked in a corner and of the patio, and can be accessed from the inside through French doors. When the weather’s good, this bar is an extension of the living space.

With a ceiling overhead, these homeowners opted to included an outdoor ceiling fan.

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Elegant Patio Bar

This luxurious outdoor bar and kitchen features handsome tile, stately wood and classic iron stools. The columns and greenery add authenticity to the grandeur of this outdoor room.

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open fire barbecue
Photo: Courtesy of John Kubicki

Patio Featuring Open-Fire Brick Barbecue Bar

John Kubicki had never laid a single brick before tackling this open-fire barbecue. As with any self-taught skill, John learned how to do it right by first doing it wrong. (Early on, he had to dismantle and redo a few courses.)

Here’s his best advice for aspiring bricklayers: Take the time to make sure each course is perfect. A course that isn’t plumb or level will throw off the next course. Problems compound as you go, and you end up with sloppy, slanted work. John topped off his barbecue counter with patio blocks and low-voltage lights inside glass blocks. Then he was ready for another brick project, so he built the planter bench combo alongside the patio.

“Laying brick was the hardest thing I’d ever done — until I got the hang of it.” — John Kubicki.

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Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Low Profile

This backyard kitchen is tucked along a wall so it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space. The window over the sink breaks up the long wall and allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on in the yard!

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AVN Photo Lab/Shutterstock

Light and Bright

The choice of light-colored bricks makes this backyard kitchen appear less clunky than it would if darker bricks had been used. Laying the floor paver bricks diagonally to the kitchen gives the area a more casual feel, whereas if the pavers ran the same way as the bricks, it would’ve look stuffy. Here’s everything you need to know about patio flooring.

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The Whole Package

This full feature outdoor kitchen with split-level bar is smartly located between the garden entrance and patio doors of the main house. It efficiently includes café seating, food prep area, large under mount sink/dishwasher and an under-counter refrigerator.

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Seeking Shade

If you don’t have shade in your yard, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a backyard kitchen. Multiple umbrellas keep the sun from beating down on guests seated along the countertop of this lovely kitchen. Look for ones that can tilt and put them in umbrella stands so you can get the most out of them.

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Oval Oasis

This poolside backyard kitchen is perfectly designed for family gatherings and entertaining. It’s spacious and yet it doesn’t overtake the whole yard. One feature you don’t see often is the integrated umbrella stand.