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12 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas We Love

A low-maintenance, durable stamped concrete patio is the perfect foundation for an outdoor living space where you can both relax and entertain. Stamped concrete offers a wide variety of patterns and textures, with some mimicking the look of brick, tile and wood. Whether you're starting from scratch or updating an existing patio space, here are 12 stamped concrete patio ideas for you to consider.

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Stamped Overlay

This patio from Houston Home Improvement Patio Covers features a stamped concrete overlay floor. According to the builder, “…. an overlay is a wise alternative to pouring new concrete, 1/4″ overlays can be poured over existing concrete, ever-increasing in popularity, this allows customers to get a new look and feel for their existing concrete without the hassle of demolition and a whole new pour. ” Hate your patio? Here are five ways to make it better.

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Flower Pattern

Stamped concrete patterns go from rustic to ritzy. This pattern is achieved with a stamp mat like this one on Amazon.

Build a backyard patio that will last for years.

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Wood Plank Stamped Concrete

If you like the look of wood flooring, try a wood plank stamped concrete patio! Outdoor Contracting creates this stamped and stained surface so the patio looks like it’s made from well-preserved antique wood. Get inspired with these 15 perfect patio designs.

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Gray Circular Pattern

The randomness and irregularities in this gray stamped concrete patio give the illusion of a surface that was hand-laid, stone by stone. Plus, a circular patio is charming and unexpected. These DIY patio chairs will be perfect for your backyard patio.

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Leaf Print

If you want a one-of-a-kind patio, you can imprint designs, such as the leaf design shown here, to create something no one else will have. You could add imprints in a few sections of your patio or along the edges. After you install the concrete patio yourself, or have it done by a contractor, take the leaves and other objects and go for it!

Here’s how to pour a concrete patio slab.

Check out these tips for hiring a contractor.

These are the best herbs to grow on a patio.

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The European Fan

Stamped concrete gives you the opportunity to try a variety of different patterns when it comes to designing your patio. This pattern, called the European Fan, is elegant and classic. If you have a concrete slab patio that’s looking shabby, you can cover it with pavers. Here’s how.

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Boulders and Stones

Try using a mix of sizes and shapes in your stamped concrete patio. This design looks like a mix of flat and rounded stones which makes it interesting and unique. Check out these 14 inexpensive landscape updates that make a splash.

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Puzzle Piece

This stamped concrete patio looks a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Various sizes and shapes are placed together to make it appear like a bunch of puzzle pieces. Enjoy a bug-free summer by building a screened in patio.

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Colors and Textures

When it comes to stamped concrete patio ideas, consider using a mix of different colors and textures. This patio is gray and uses orange and blue to create a colorful border in various textures. Small patio? No problem! Check out these small patio ideas.

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Cobblestone Twist

Think cobblestone with a bit of a twist. This design appears to have various sizes of bricks in the same color that are put together to create what looks like an old cobblestone street. Follow this guide for buying the best patio umbrella for your space.

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Stamped Kamol Jindamanee/Shutterstock

All Square

There’s nothing boring about being square! This stamped concrete patio uses a design of several squares in the same color for a look that visually appealing to just about every design taste. Learn how to stain concrete to give your patio a new look.

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rectanglesThanate Rooprasert/Shutterstock

Mix of Sizes

Try using rectangles and squares in a mix of sizes to create an interesting patio design. This idea works for both large and small spaces. These patio storage solutions will give you more space to relax.

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