Outdoor Patio Tiles: 10 Best Ideas

Updated: Jul. 03, 2023

Outdoor flooring should be durable, easy to maintain and, of course, stylish! We're sharing these outdoor tile ideas to inspire your patio project.

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Checkerboard Tile Patio

Checkerboard flooring is elegant and timeless, though traditionally used inside the home. Bringing that style outdoors creates a breathtaking effect, as shown here with this patio designed by West of Main. It’s a great choice for someone who loves classic design with a twist. You can create other patio designs with ceramic tile.

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Patterned Tile Patio

Bold tile has become a big design trend in the last few years, and we are here for it. Patios with patterned tile, like this porcelain tile patio by @mynewcasa, demand attention and create a big statement in an outdoor space. Just remember when using tile with a busy pattern to keep your patio furniture clean and simple.

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Limestone Tile Patio

The soft, earthy look of limestone tile (used here by @london_stoneworks) makes it an obvious material for outdoors. If your patio is near a pool or water feature, you can rest easy, because limestone resists mold and bacteria. It’s easy to keep clean, but should be resealed once a year to maintain its beautiful finish.

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Geometric Tile Patio

This patio by @thebungalowscalistoga packs a punch thanks to the cool geometric tile with a 3-D cube effect. Choose something daring if you want to squeeze as much personality as you can into a small patio.

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Slate Tile Patio

If you want an extra strong and durable tile patio, consider natural slate tile, used here by @dreambound74. Slate is a dense, non-porous material that holds up well to the elements. And you won’t have to sacrifice on style. Color options range from grays, blacks and browns to more unexpected shades like purples and greens.

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Granite Tile Patio

This patio by @taylormadehomeno.14 features oversized granite tiles, and the effect is gorgeous. The solid gray color and minimal grout lines create a clean modern look. Granite is a long-lasting material resistant to stains. Just make sure to reseal it at least once or twice a year.

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Travertine Tile Patio

Thanks to the compression process used to make travertine, it’s actually three times stronger than concrete! Not only is it ultra-durable, it looks beautiful, as proven by this patio by @envyexteriorsinc.

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Small-Sized Tile Patio

Medium to large tiles are often used on patio floors, which makes these small tiles, installed by @calitile, a more unexpected choice. The brick-like effect looks beautiful installed on a spacious patio like this. But for smaller patios, better to pick a larger tile to avoid too many grout lines, which can make the space look too busy. Planning to remodel your patio? Find out the best patio flooring options.

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Pebble Tile Patio

A patio is the perfect place to show creativity with your choice of materials. We love these level pebble tiles by @island_stone. This tile is an ideal solution for those who want an even surface but love the aesthetic of natural pebbles.

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Patio with Tile Floor and Walls

Remember, tiles aren’t only for the ground! Consider tiling additional surfaces like a fence or wall near your patio to make a big statement. The coordinating walls and floor of this patio by @emsertile create a cozy and modern space.