10 Fireplace Tile Ideas

Update your fireplace and overall space with these colorful fireplace tile ideas from Instagram.

Black Fireplace Tile
Courtesy @Hausofdesign.hod/Instagram

Black Fireplace Tile

An all-black tile fireplace makes a big impact in this sleek, modern bedroom by @hausofdesign.hod, drawing the eye up to the gorgeous vaulted ceiling. Black tile is also a great way to camouflage a wall-mounted TV so it blends in with minimalist decor. The large size tiles minimize grout lines and give the overall look a clean finish.

Textured Fire Place
Courtesy @Lorenapulichinodesign/Instagram

Textured Fireplace Tile

Give your fireplace more dimension with a textured tile, like this example from @lorenapulichinodesign. The ribbed surface of the tile (here’s a similar option) adds a handcrafted element to your fireplace for a modern organic look. The smooth, thick mantel pops against the dark textured tile, providing a striking contrast.

Geometric Fireplace
Courtesy @Theottohous/Instagram

Geometric Fireplace Tile

The fireplace is often the focal point of the room. As such, it’s the perfect opportunity to take a bigger risk with pattern and color than you would with the rest of your decor.

That’s why this playful fireplace by @theottohouse is such a winner. We love the soft pink paint color on the mantel, but the real showstopper is the yellow and white geometric tile!

Take It Up Fireplace
Courtesy @Natalialexanderdesign/Instagram

Take It Up Fireplace Tile Idea

Take the fireplace tile all the way to the ceiling for a streamlined, modern look. Notice the tile on this fireplace by @natalialexanderdesign is the exact width of the firebox, and there’s no mantel. Tile this beautiful does all the work for you. The soft green glaze combined with the distinctive shape make this tile a work of art!

Penny Fireplace
Courtesy @Justinesterlingdesign/Instagram

Penny Fireplace Tile

For this space designed by @justinesterlingdesign, the fireplace needed tile that fit the coastal aesthetic of the rest of the room. The blue tones and soft movement of this penny mosaic tile was the perfect fit. Penny tile provides subtle texture and color, a great choice when you want a calming, sophisticated vibe. If you don’t want to spend a lot but still want to upgrade your fireplace, then check out these easy ideas for painting a fireplace.

Hexegon Fire Place
@Gowlerhomes/Courtesy @Growingupgowler/Instagram

Hexagon Fireplace Tile

When choosing the tile for her bedroom fireplace, @growingupgowler was set on this designer marble hexagon tile, even though the price slightly exceeded her budget. To save money, she limited the tile to her fireplace surround, then used shiplap above the mantel instead of installing the tile all the way to the ceiling. A clever solution with beautiful results!

Mid Century Modern Fireplace
@Bobforanphoto/Courtesy @Exactlydesign/Instagram

Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Tile

To achieve this stunning mid-century modern fireplace, designer @exactlydesigns used distinctive tile from Detroit-based Pewabic Pottery. This small business, founded in 1903, offers handcrafted ceramic glazed tile with iconic iridescent finishes in blues and greens. The slight variations in tone and shape make the fireplace feel authentically vintage.

Square Tile Fireplace
Courtesy @Julietaalvare/Instagram

Fireplace Tile Squares

The simple square tile on this fireplace by @julietaalvarez provide the perfect neutral backdrop for that fabulous disco-inspired mirror. The whole space is an eclectic mix of styles that combine for the perfect balance. The white grout lines create a modern grid pattern, while the brown color gives vintage energy.

Pattern Tile Fireplace
@Hendricksonphoto/Courtesy @Heatnglofireplaces/Instagram

Patterned Fireplace Tile

Patterned tile can transform a fireplace into a stunning showpiece. The hand-painted tile (Vitoria by Fireclay Tile) on this fireplace designed by @ginny_d_design adds just the right amount of pattern and rich color. The star design calls back to antique encaustic tiles for an old world look that will never go out of style.

Marble Fireplace
Courtesy @Hearthhomesinteriors/Instagram

Marble Lookalike Fireplace Tile

A solid marble fireplace is breathtaking, but you’ll pay a hefty price for it. Use this trick from designers at @hearthhomesinteriors for a more budget-friendly option. They created this fireplace with porcelain tiles to mimic the effect of marble!

The visual effect is similar, especially if you line up the vein details in the tile before installation. Porcelain tile is not only a lot cheaper but it’s easier to maintain.

Want to see more DIY faux marble? Check out beautiful epoxy kitchen countertops and an old-is-new side table.

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