Vintage Tile Backsplash Ideas

Updated: Dec. 14, 2023

A vintage tile backsplash adds character and old-world charm to your kitchen. Here's how to achieve the look with old and new tile.

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Retro Yellow Backsplash

When restoring their 1930s Spanish bungalow, @spanishcasa wanted the kitchen to be as authentic as possible. The yellow and black tiled backsplash and countertops are new, but the retro colors are replicas from the time period. The tile came from @bwtilecompany, a great resource for bold vintage colors from the 1930s though the 1960s.

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Vintage Teal Charm

This vintage-inspired backsplash and matching sink recall the 1950s when teal and turquoise were popular kitchen colors. The soapstone counters, cream cabinets and classic bridge kitchen faucet further establish the charming vintage style of this gorgeous kitchen by @kelli_kaufer_designs. Here’s a similar porcelain tile to help you recreate the look.

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Pink Bathroom Backsplash

This fabulous mid-century bathroom from @mcmranchgville boasts the original pink glazed ceramic tile.

Clean vintage tile thoroughly with a gentle cleanser or dish soap, vinegar and Borax; anything too abrasive can damage the glazed finish. Then use accessories and artwork to incorporate the bold color into the rest of the decor. Here, the pink tile coordinates with the pink accents in the framed artwork.

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Floral Accent Tile

The vintage-inspired backsplash in this delightful kitchen from @madcapcottage has a little bit of everything. The bold green color, contrasting trim and classic subway-style installation all evoke a look from decades past.

Our favorite details? The white accent tiles behind the stove, each featuring a different floral design. Overall the look is cozy and vintage, yet fresh.

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Reclaimed Tile Backsplash

This stunning kitchen from (along with @a1000xbetter) features original tile that’s been restored. The graphic pattern works beautifully with the kitchen’s modern design, and provides the perfect backdrop for the open shelving.

Retailers like The Antique Floor Company and Olde Good Things offer limited-edition reclaimed tiles full of distinct character, beautiful pigments and detailed patterns.

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Encaustic Tile Backsplash

Vintage-style tile can give your kitchen an old world feel, as seen in this one by @uniquekitchensandbaths. The wall features encaustic tile with multiple colors inlaid in the design. Because the color is inlaid, it doesn’t fade over time, like glazed patterns that sit on the surface of the tile.

Encaustic tiles are traditionally clay, but modern versions are made from cement. Check out The Tile Shop‘s wide selection for a similar look.

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Distressed Tile Backsplash Mineraltiles
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Distressed Tile Backsplash

Another way to achieve a vintage-style backsplash without authentic antique tiles? Choose tiles with a distressed look.

This Vintage Distressed Picket Tile features varying color tones and imperfections that make it look old. It can give your kitchen a touch of texture and lived-in character. Yet, unlike real antique tile, it’s smooth and easy to clean. Looking for more? Check out our collection of Mexican tile backsplash¬†ideas.

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Sentimental Vintage Tile Backsplash

The history behind a vintage tile backsplash can be just as important as the style. That’s the case with this bathroom backsplash designed by @dianelunadesign. This tile belonged to a client’s mother. Now it’s in the client’s guest bathroom.

“My client requested the contractor be super careful when taking the tile out, and we were lucky, not too many broke,” Luna says. “They did have a lot of leftover mud caked on the backs, and she carefully scraped them clean. Her guests use this bathroom, typically family, and it is so heartwarming because they all remember the tile!”