Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Dark Cabinets

Updated: May 18, 2024

Looking for the best kitchen backsplash ideas for dark cabinets? These are our recommendations.

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Home kitchen interior with black cabinets and a light brick backsplashTony Anderson/Getty Images

Dark Design

Dark kitchen cabinets might seem like a difficult design choice to execute well, but there are plenty of ways to use your backsplash to highlight the beauty of dark cabinets. We’ve rounded some of them up below.

Industrial-Chic Black Kitchen Backsplash

Industrial-chic is all the rage in home decor — great news for frugal homeowners renovating on a budget.

Plywood can be a perfect choice for kitchen backsplash ideas for dark cabinets. Be sure you understand the different grades of plywood and their applications before tackling this job. If it’s time to refresh your kitchen, take a look at these incredible kitchen remodels for some ideas.

close up of a mosaic backsplash above a kitchen counter
Family Handyman

Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Tiling a backsplash above the counter is one of the easiest ways to upgrade an old kitchen on a tight budget. You can choose from a vast array of handsome ceramic mosaic tiles. Because there are so many varieties out there, you can go with a dark theme to make your kitchen feel unified, or lighter colors to introduce some contrast. Tired of tile? Check out these non-tile backsplash alternatives to create a unique kitchen.

close up of white and grey chevron black splash with a light stone countertop and dark wood cabinets

Chevron Kitchen Backsplash

A light gray chevron pattern like this is a perfect match for dark cabinets. The color variety works especially well with a white countertop like in the scene shown above. Chevron is still a popular pattern for tiled kitchen backsplashes with dark cabinets, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

a modern looking kitchen with dark brown cabinets, a white countertop and a grey stone backsplash
contrastaddict/getty images

Stone Tile Kitchen Backsplash

A gray stone tile backsplash like this one also provides an eye-catching contrast with dark kitchen cabinets. Gray stone tile offers a nice transition from a white countertop to dark cabinets. It lets the cabinet stand out while still feeling cohesive. Decide if it’s the right fit for you from among these best backsplash material options.

stainless steel oven and stove in a kitchen with dark cherry cabinets, a black coutnter top, and a light colored tile backsplash
RAUL RODRIGUEZ/getty images

Light Backsplash to Contrast with Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Lightly-colored tile works well in a kitchen with cherry cabinets because it brightens any area with a dark countertop. The contrast of the bright tiles helps ensure dark fixtures don’t overwhelm the space.

modern kitchen with dark cabinets and a white subway tile style backsplash

White Subway Tile Paired with Dark Brown Cabinets

A white subway tile kitchen backsplash can look great with dark brown cabinets, as in this kitchen. Add a gray quarter countertop and some pendant lighting for a really eye-catching kitchen look.

White subway tile is still one of the most popular kitchen backsplash ideas for dark cabinets, so it’s a safe bet to hold up over time. However, when it comes to these backsplashes, it might be best to avoid them.

kitchen with cherry wood cabinets and a natural stone mosaic backsplash

Stone Mosaic With Hints of Brown

This light-colored stone mosaic kitchen backsplash has just enough hints of brown to complement the dark brown wood cabinets. Silver handles fit the color scheme by offering the right amount of contrast to the cabinets while still echoing the lighter colors of the backsplash and countertop.

Domestic kitchen with quartz countertops and brown cabinetry
bukharova/Getty Images

Match White Tile with White Granite Countertops

The stone mosaic backsplash in this kitchen fits in perfectly with the dark cabinets and white quartz countertops. The tan color of the stone pairs well with the cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

small square black tile backsplash above a kitchen counter with dark cabinets
Andrew Schmidbauer/Shutterstock

Black Mosaic Tile

A black kitchen backsplash is a bold idea that creates a sleek look. Plus, it’s great at hiding messes.

This backsplash fits in because of the black veins in the countertops and the black dots in the cabinet windows. We also love many textured tile options, but have you heard about the ceramic 3D tile trend? Here’s why you should avoid it.