Why You Should Avoid the Ceramic 3D Tile Trend

Why You Should Avoid the 3D Tile Trend

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It may be one of the hottest tile trends of the year, but before you add any 3D tile to your home improvement plans, there are some things to consider. Textured patterns, such as those on 3D tile, not only add depth and interest, the finished space can truly be a work of art. Combinations using 3D tiles are almost endless, and this tile isn’t restricted to just square and rectangular shapes. But is this edgy tile right for you? In many cases, probably not.

3D Tile Can Be Hard to Clean

3D tile isn’t flat like standard tile. So, when it’s used for a kitchen backsplash, it is difficult to clean. Imagine having to get in all those little grooves and crevices to remove splashed spaghetti sauce or chocolate frosting. No, thank you!

Follow these dos and don’ts if you’re DIYing a subway tile backsplash for the first time.

When tiling a backsplash in an area that gets a lot of use, such as behind the sink or the stove, it’s best to stick to tile that is flat so it’s easy to wipe away splatters, spills or greasy residue.

3D Tile Can be Pricey

Like all tile, the cost of 3D tile varies greatly and is dependent on the material, color and size. Many home improvement stores, along with retailers that specialize in tile, sell 3D tiles. For example, these 3D 6-inch by 10-inch ceramic tiles from TileBar are $17.71 per square foot. Meanwhile, The Home Depot sells these bright white 3-inch by 6-inch wall tiles for $2.79 per square foot.

3D Tile May Go Out of Style

When it comes to tile, just like all other decor, styles come and go. While subway tile is a classic look that may always be in style, 3D tiles, since they are so unique, may go the way of green shag carpeting or harvest-gold appliances. The last thing you want is for your new backsplash to be outdated next year.

Still Considering the 3D Tile Trend?

There’s no denying 3D tiles’ ability to add a lot of interest to your home. If you’re still looking to get in on the trend, consider using larger 3D tiles sparingly and in an area of your home where they won’t require much cleaning.

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