Take a Look: Concrete Countertops Pros and Cons

Updated: Mar. 10, 2022

Considering concrete countertops? Find out if they're the right choice for your kitchen with these concrete countertops pros and cons.

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There once was a time when granite countertops were the ultimate luxury kitchen must-have. Today, homeowners have endless choices when it comes to countertops, from butcher block to marble, soapstone and quartz, and yes, concrete. Concrete countertops can give your kitchen an industrial look that works well in both ultra modern and farmhouse country kitchens alike.

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If you’re leaning towards concrete for your own kitchen countertop material, here are a few concrete countertops pros and cons to consider.

Concrete Countertops Pros and Cons

Pro = Durability

There’s no doubt concrete is rock solid and extremely durable. Concrete countertops will last you a lifetime, if properly sealed and maintained.

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Con = Maintenance

Speaking of maintenance, concrete countertops do require consistent upkeep. You’ll need to regularly reapply sealer and wax to protect the surface of your counters and avoid stains. Spills and messes should be cleaned up right away.

Pro = Customization

Concrete countertops are extremely customizable. They can be formed to fit most counter configurations, and you get to choose the exact color, edge profile and sheen. Custom finishes include marbling and veining, dish draining ridges, and you can choose decorative add-ins, such as stones, colored glass or metal shavings.

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Con = Price

Concrete countertops are hand crafted, which requires a lot of labor, so these countertops are not cheap. The average cost per square foot is $65 to $135. (For comparison, marble countertops cost about $110 to $250 per square foot.) If labor is quoted separately, that can run an additional $40 to $50 per hour, per person. But remember, because concrete countertops are considered a premium material, they will increase the value of your home; so keep that in mind during your countertop selection process.

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If you’re short on time, concrete countertops might not be the best choice. To design, cast and cure, you should plan for a turnaround time to be at least a few weeks. Curing itself can take from three to seven days. And, keep in mind that the more humid the climate where you live, the longer the cure time.

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