15 Concrete Countertops We Think Are Really Cool

Updated: Jan. 19, 2024

Ditch your plan of installing marble, granite, quartz or butcher block countertops so you can reimagine your kitchen featuring the latest trend: concrete.

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Traditional Gray Slab

When you think of concrete countertops, this might be the first image that pops into your mind. This is about as traditional as you can get. The countertop is understated and the color resembles what a crayon called “concrete slab” would look like. If you want the basic concrete look, you can definitely make it work. If you want a small concrete table to match your countertops, you can make it yourself—here’s how!

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Dark Elegance

Concrete is the Meryl Streep of countertop materials. It can play many different roles and succeed at all of them. While concrete might make some homeowners think of their utilitarian outdoor sidewalks, clever homeowners can envision concrete livening up their kitchen. This dark and marbled concrete countertop looks elegant, smooth and luxurious. Want floor tile that will look great with your concrete countertop? Then choose luxury vinyl tile and install it yourself.

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Make it Modern with Stainless

Modern concrete countertops are a perfect companion to stainless steel appliances. This thin, light gray countertop aligns nicely with the cabinets, backsplash and stainless appliances. These countertops would also look great alongside super-trendy black stainless appliances.

Want to know the secret to keeping your stainless steel smudge free? It’s so simple!

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The Perfect Addition to a Farmhouse Kitchen

One of the best places for a concrete countertop is in a farmhouse-style kitchen. Farmhouse kitchens aren’t going away anytime soon and a kitchen island or counter like this one shows how seamlessly concrete blends with this warm country aesthetic. Here are 20 easy ways to add farmhouse style to any home.

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Black Concrete

Concrete countertops come in a range of colors from bright white to black, like the one shown here. If you’re like most people considering concrete, you may be concerned about how porous it is. Fortunately, that isn’t a problem if you seal the countertop correctly. If it’s not sealed, you can expect unsightly oil or food stains. Dark concrete countertops generally hide flaws better than their lighter counterparts. Unsure if you want concrete counters? Here are pros and cons of countertop materials to help you decide.

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Stone Artwork

If you were the kid (there’s always one) who collected rocks, then you will love this countertop artfully embellished with colored stones. This concrete countertop also features a built-in dish drying rack on the right side of the sink. Bring your passion for stones outside by making your own stone path. Or, create an outdoor bench with stone inlay.

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Warming Up With Red

This concrete countertop caught our eye because of the subtle red tone. Imagine how great this countertop would look in a less busy room, furnished with neutral furniture and light walls.

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The Bold “Live-Edge”

While live-edge tables are all the rage, custom concrete fabricators are on-trend with their live-edge countertops. This live-edge island countertop has a unique shape and an eye-catching swirled design. It’s kind of like looking at an agate as a focal point for your kitchen, which is pretty cool!

If you like the idea of a focal-point kitchen island, take a look at these for inspiration.

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Keep It Neutral

If you’re drawn to brownish natural earth tones, don’t count out concrete countertops. These burnt umber countertops fit perfectly in a home nestled in the woods.

Interested in cabins? Daydream about having one of these 16 showstoppers.

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Compact Kitchen with Extra Design

Concrete countertops are ideal in a small kitchen like this. They provide a neutral canvas for the dark wood cabinets and shelves. This kitchen is anchored by vertical concrete accents that give the kitchen more depth and character. This kitchen may only comfortably fit 1 or 2 people, but then when it looks this great, who cares? Here’s a collection of small kitchen space-saving tips.

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Feeling Tropical

This look is not for farmhouse or ultra-modern enthusiasts. It’s for people who want color, fun and sun in their kitchen. These green countertops aren’t for everyone, but they showcase how creative you can be with color if you choose concrete. We’ll leave you to decide on just the right color for your countertop. Want to paint your kitchen cabinets? Then follow these 20 helpful tips.

Also, check out these trending cabinet colors and brainstorm what color concrete countertop would be their best match.

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The Counter-Floor Combo

Everyone likes a good tone-on-tone combination whether it’s your favorite sweater set or kitchen tile. We love this pairing of concrete countertops and a concrete floor, broken up by lush wood cabinets. It creates a seamless look without feeling too cold. However, if you are looking at this and thinking about how cold your feet would be on a concrete floor, have no fear! You can install radiant floor heat yourself after choosing the best floor-warming system for your home.

If you know you want an electric heated floor system, then read up on the differences between these three options.

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The Marbled Look

If unique marble or granite has always caught your eye, remember that a concrete countertop can have that same one-of-a-kind look. We love how beautiful these marbled concrete countertops look in this classic kitchen. Expand your creativity with one of these eight faux marble projects.

Interested in painting a faux marble table? It’s simple when you follow these steps.

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Mixed Shapes and Colors

Due to the way concrete countertops are made, they can be pretty much any shape you’d like. This combination of a cream circle and a light gray rectangular certainly stands out. Keep your kitchen clean by following these tips.

While you’re at it, check out these tips for the home cook.

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Concrete Bar That’s Out of This World

Concrete counter tops aren’t only for indoors. If you want an outdoor bar or kitchen, then consider concrete. And, if you’d like the bar to resemble the night sky, that’s definitely an option. This particular bar is speckled by day and lights up at night!

If you’d rather have a bar inside, check out this DIY bar cart.