Top Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends of 2023

Open your mind to some new cabinet colors. Our pro designers share what's hot right now.

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Warm White Oak

Interior designer Melanie Thomas says the color making a big splash right now is warm white oak — wood tone.

“White oak is the perfect blend of warmth and modernity without being too orange or dark or light,” she says, noting that its neutrality wins over clients considering dark walnut and whitewash. “It’s just a friendlier and brighter version of these and mixes well with multiple finishes, including brass, oil rubbed bronze, matte black and nickel.”

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Front view of modern kitchen interior in red color theme.
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If you’re looking to make a statement with your cabinet colors, a bold red is an excellent choice.

There are numerous shades of red to choose from, so consider what aesthetic you hope to achieve. Cherry red or burgundy, for example, have a classic, elegant appeal, while a bright scarlet will look “ultra-modern” and playful. Just be sure to balance the red out with soft, natural lighting and thoughtful accessories so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

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Modern kitchen and dining room on retro tiled floor
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According to Griege Design, Improovy, and Pinteresters, teal is still having its moment in the limelight. The dark jewel tone “makes a smaller room look large” and creates a stunning “focal point for any contemporary kitchen,” according to Improovy CEO, Andre Kazimierski.

To get the most out of the dramatic hue, he suggests using it on shaker-style cabinets to emphasize the woodwork and pairing it with brass fixtures.

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Barely Green

There’s no doubt green has been trending in interiors for years now, with olive, sage and hunter all gaining popularity. In a twist on the trend, Thomas says she’s gotten several requests for Benjamin Moore’s April Showers or November Rain.

“These colors have just a hint of green, but are otherwise pretty neutral and warm,” she says.

And, like white oak, it mixes well with all finishes. That gives homeowners lots of options to create a polished kitchen look they love, especially if they’re feeling nervous about committing to a bolder shade of green.

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Gettyimages 1403826839 Kitchen Interior Design In Modern Style With Terazzo Wall And Pink Cabinets By Izusek
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Pink as an interior color has grown and shifted over the last few years, from Millennial pink walls or textiles to something softer and perhaps more livable for some.

Thomas says she’s seen the popularity growing with blush-toned cabinets online, although she hasn’t reeled in her own client yet. Cabinetmakers like deVol have been showing pink on their social media channels to hugely positive responses, and Instagrammers have also started in.

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Oatmeal Two Tone Kitchen Courtesy Ashton Woods
Courtesy Ashton Woods


Homebuyers in the Charleston, South Carolina market are loving the integration of a warm wood-toned island as a contrast to their more vibrant perimeters, says Jennifer Alonso, an interior designer with Ashton Woods.

“This allows them to add character at an affordable price point to their kitchen space,” she says. “And this design concept provides a timeless backdrop for adding layers of tonal, contrasting or seasonal colors.”

Alonso says they’ve got several projects underway with this look, and clients keep requesting something similar.

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Black Kitchen Courtesy Ashton Woods
Courtesy Ashton Woods


Elizabeth Miller, an Ashton Woods interior designer in Phoenix, Arizona says black is trending up. “Less sterile than the all-white kitchen, black cabinets offer a sophisticated and dramatic look,” she says.

When done right, she says it can be “a real show-stopping moment.” Black cabinetry pairs “amazingly” with gold hardware (also hot right now) and statement lighting.

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Evan Nelson, a kitchen designer with Nelson Cabinetry, says white is still a big favorite. According to Statista, 41 percent of American respondents polled said they chose or would choose white as the color for their kitchen cabinets.

“The sleek and clean look of white cabinets can make any kitchen look more modern and stylish,” Nelson says. “And white cabinets can help to bounce light around the room and make the space feel brighter and more open.”

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Although gray has been falling off in favor of brighter tones in interiors, it’s still a strong contender for kitchen cabinetry. Bill Samuel, a residential real estate developer with Blue Ladder Development, says it’s “been on the wish list of many new-construction buyers.” He notes buyers preferring a more modern finish are picking gray cabinets with black hardware.

Stacy Lewis, owner and interior designer at Eternity Modern, says gray cabinets are a great option that’s stylish and versatile. “You could pair them with quartz countertops and brushed nickel hardware for a sleek, contemporary look,” she says.

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Home Improvement Remodeled Contemporary Kitchen design
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Navy Blue

Samuel, who redoes several kitchens a year, says outside the usual neutrals, navy blue is on the upswing. “Dark navy blue cabinets have started to become popular since they pair really well with gold hardware,” he says.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into blue kitchen cabinets, consider colors such as Benjamin Moore’s Hail Navy or Sherwin-Williams’ Naval.

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