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10 Kitchen Countertop Ideas People Are Doing Right Now

Quartz continues to reign supreme for kitchen design, but there are other kitchen countertop ideas trending in 2019.

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High-Contrast Marble

While a slab of marble looks clean and elegant, choosing kitchen counter design options with bold veining pattern creates a dramatic look in your kitchen. Here’s how to cut marble.

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Butcher-Block Countertops

A functional countertop for the cook, butcher-block countertops are an aesthetically pleasing choice that allow you to spread out your food and prep away. Check out these 13 awesome countertops that aren’t granite.

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Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a trending material that’s making its way all over the inside and outside of the house, countertops included! Choose a customized concrete slab for your kitchen counter design and bring a unique and sleek look to your space. Here’s how to make your own concrete table.

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Integrated Sinks

The integrated sink trend is on the rise, creating a seamless look in your kitchen. The design involves using the same material for the sink as the rest of the countertop, instead of placing a sink in a hole cut into the countertop. Take a look at how to build kitchen sink storage trays.

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Metal may be big in modern-styled homes already, but it’s becoming a kitchen counter design trend in all homes thanks to its durability. Most metal countertops are made to withstand rust and surface dings. The beautiful shine is just a plus! Check out these 12 unexpected ways to use metal in your home decor.

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Countertop Thickness

Traditionally, countertops are 1-1/4 inch to 1-1/2 inch thick. Now we’re seeing variances in the thickness (both thicker and thinner, as shown here) to create a subtle yet intriguing focal point. You can try a ton of different designs in your kitchen but once you change the thickness of your countertop, nothing gives quite the same feel. Check out the pros and cons for different countertop materials.

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Patterned Stone

In a measure to resemble natural slabs of stone, patterns are making a presence in stone countertops that are usually made of round particles. Quartz is a go-to for creating swirled patterns that make for a fun look in your kitchen. Here’s your guide to buying countertops.

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Mixed Materials

While the most common countertop consists of just one material, 2019 is seeing a spike in kitchen counter designs that feature more than one. Think: stainless steel and wood. If you love stainless steel, be sure to check out the black stainless steel trend for home appliances.

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Flush Countertops with No Overhang

While a countertop typically protrudes past the face of the doors and drawers, a new trend is little or no overhang, which makes for a flush, sleek space. If you like sleek and simple, check out this DIY project for a tidy entryway.

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Waterfall Countertops

The “waterfall’ countertop—where the counter comes to the edge of the cabinetry and makes its way down the vertical face to the floor—is having a moment. The unusual design creates a seamless look. Does your current countertop need some TLC? Here’s a step-by-step guide on renewing/resurfacing a countertop.

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