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Waterfall Countertop Ideas We Love

Often seen on home improvement shows, waterfall countertops are gaining popularity as they offer a stunning look for nearly every style of home. The material used for the horizontal portion of the countertop continues down to the floor, wrapping the side of the cabinet. If you're considering the trend, here are 12 waterfall countertops to inspire you.

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Waterfall Countertops Add Detail

A waterfall countertop creates a focal point in your space as the countertop material continues from the top edge all the way to the floor. A waterfall countertop looks good in almost any home, from modern to farmhouse. Save big with a DIY granite countertop.

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Other Rooms

A waterfall countertop doesn’t have to be in the kitchen. This marble waterfall countertop encases a set of drawers. Consider using the trend in other areas of your home, such as on a bathroom vanity. Compare surfaces with this countertop buying guide.

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countertopvia The Citizen

From Countertop to Backsplash

This design by The Citizen, a Southern California home retreat community, uses the waterfall countertop concept as a backsplash, as well. The unique design fits well in this nearly all-white kitchen. Here are 30 backsplash ideas for inspiration.

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Countervia The Wiese Company

The Cost of a Waterfall Countertop

It should be obvious that a waterfall countertop will cost more than a traditional countertop. According to The Wiese Company, a design and build company, the look can cost more than double that of a traditional countertop. That’s because the “seam” where the edges meet can impact pricing. “Make sure you ask about the edge and get a look at the layout before you make a final decision,” the company states on its blog.

Go beyond granite with these 13 awesome countertop options.

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cementvia Cement Elegance

Choice of Materials

Waterfall countertops don’t have to be granite or marble. This design is made from cement, giving the room a modern and minimalist feel. Here are 10 hot kitchen countertop trends to consider.

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Grey via A&S Granite and Marble, Inc.

Sleek Design

This quartz waterfall countertop will give this new kitchen island a sleek look. The lighter gray counter goes well with a darker, steel-colored flooring. Consider these pros and cons of new countertop options.

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cabinetsvia Granite Brothers

Mix Light and Dark

This waterfall countertop is paired with dark cabinets. Go ahead and try mixing and matching—the light mixed with dark can create a dramatic look. These are the 12 home renovations you’re likely to regret later.

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woodvia DeVos Custom Woodworking

Try Wood

This wood waterfall countertop has one-of-a-kind appeal. It makes a big statement in this office space. Follow these tips when installing traditional countertops.

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granitevia Empire Granite and Marble

Go Bold

Make a statement! Waterfall countertops can be as subtle or as bold as you want. This countertop might not be your choice, but it certainly gives this kitchen a unique look. Learn how to remove stains from laminate countertops.

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bar via Greenwich Construction

All-Over Waterfall Countertop

This basement bar uses the waterfall countertop concept not only on the top and sides of the peninsula, but along the front as well. It gives the counter a fluid look that is complimented by the darker floors. Learn how to build a home bar.

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green via Palmetto Cabinet Studio Design

Show Off Your Style

The waterfall countertop gives you the opportunity to show off your style. The bold green color is the pop this kitchen needed. Here is the complete how-to guide for installing tile countertops.

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oakvia Slarve Construction

Simple, Yet Sophisticated

This oak waterfall countertop is paired with a deep blue cabinet underneath for a simple, yet sophisticated look. Learn why you should be careful using Magic Erasers on kitchen countertops.

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