12 Unexpected Ways to Use Metal in Your Home Decor

Updated: Aug. 24, 2021

Metal is extremely popular in home decorating right now because of its ability to suit any style from luxurious to rustic and everything in-between. Here are 12 unique and unexpected ways to use metal in home decor.

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Metal Window Topper Home decor

Window Valance

Complex window coverings have fallen out of favor making way for a more minimalist aesthetic. Here, reclaimed tin tops these windows perfectly and brings an element of the unexpected to this eclectic living room. If you think this metal home decor look is something you’d like to try, here are some tips to help you mount anything plumb level.

Photo: Courtesy of The Magic Brush

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Vintage Metal Lockers

Vintage Metal Lockers

Versatile vintage metal lockers can be used in almost any room. Whether they serve as a sideboard in a dining room or as storage cubbies in your mudroom, they are the perfect industrial accent piece for some metal home decor.

Photo: Courtesy of My Home Decor Guide

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Metal Table

Metal Table

The beauty of a metal tabletop is that it is heat-resistant and is a breeze to clean after a dinner party. Metal is also easy to remove dents from if there’s ever a problem, making it a practical home decor material.

Photo: Courtesy of Behooven Press

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corrugated metal bathroom walls


One bold way to incorporate metal into your home decor is to install it on the walls. Historically used asĀ shower walls, sheet metal is easy to cut making it a great backsplash or wainscot material if you’re not sure you want it covering an entire wall.

Photo: Courtesy of Small House Bliss

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metal cabinet inserts
Family Handyman

Cabinet Inserts

Upgrade your kitchen cabinets with attractive metal inserts for some metal home decor. Complete how-to instructions are available in this tutorial.

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metal plates and platters eat sign

Plates and Platters

Silver plates and platters often get handed down through the generations, but not many people use them, due to the maintenance involved in keeping them shiny. No one likes to polish silver! Let nature take its course and hang these patinaed gems on the wall for a rustic farmhouse look.

Photo: Melina Gillies

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gold metal geometric shapes


Metal geometrics are making a huge splash in home decor. Placed on a tray, mantelpiece or on top of a stack of books, they add a modern twist. To showcase them perfectly, consider this custom-built bookshelf.

Photo: Courtesy of Chairish

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vintage metal sinks


Laundry rooms and bathrooms, once strictly utilitarian, are now among the most sought-after rooms to renovate and decorate. New or repurposed metal tubs make functional yet fashionable sinks in this bathroom.

Photo: Courtesy of Kelsey Howe/Pinterest

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Wall Art

Laser cut metal is the epitome of cool. Add some lights for dimension, and you’ve got yourself a focal piece worth talking about. Just make sure you have the right anchors to keep it secure on the wall.

Photo: Courtesy of Titancut

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metal stairs railing


Metal stair railings and balusters in this home serve a purpose for safety while beautifying the space as a large metal sculpture.

If your stairs are beautiful but squeaky, here’s how to fix them.

Photo: Courtesy of Cam Harris Interiors

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metal futon couch


Metal furniture can be comfortable. This sofa is a fitting example of how the industrial style can feel warm and inviting. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, here are some tips on moving furniture.

Photo: Courtesy of IKEA

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metal kitchen vent hood
CSD Dmitriy Tikhonenko/Shutterstock

Vent Hood

As long as you’ve got proper venting for your kitchen exhaust fan, hood vent style options are limitless. Copper is a warm metal that can blend well into any home decor scheme.

Photo: CSD Dmitriy Tikhonenko/Shutterstock