Keep your laundry room neat, tidy and functional with some of our favorite design ideas.

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    Electrical Wire and Cable Basics

    Everything you wanted to know about electrical wires and cables.

    14 Things That Should Never End Up in Your Dryer

    If you're short on time and in a rush, it's easy to just throw everything in the dryer from the...

    Home Facts: This is How Long These Parts of Your Home Should Last

    You know how it goes: When you're least expecting it, you'll need to replace something in your home. Maybe the...

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    Do I Really Need to Sort My Laundry By Color?

    Do you really need to separate laundry by color and type? For prolonging the life of your washables, the short...

    12 Bad Home Decorating Habits You Should Stop Immediately

    Are you guilty of these bad home decorating habits? Your design should make sense and not confuse your guests.

    How to Snuff Out Bad Smells in Your House

    Every now and then you'll walk into a room in your home and think to yourself, "What stinks?" Maybe it's...

    Unique Tools for Electricians

    Professional electricians swear by these tools, and you will, too. Check out our recommendations here.

    100 Essential Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

    Speed up home cleaning by putting into practice some of these 100 essential cleaning hacks for your home. You won't...

    12 High-Quality Hand Tools You Can Actually Buy on Amazon

    Find these durable, high-quality hand tools available for time-saving delivery right now on

    7 Effortless Ways to Freshen Linens Without Chemicals

    The best ways to freshen linens, chemical-free.

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    How to Sort Your Laundry in 3 Easy Steps

    Sorting your laundry doesn't have to be a tedious job. Read these tips on how to sort laundry quickly and...

    Prevent Fires and Cut Your Energy Bill! Expert Guide to Dryer Ducts

    On any top 10 list of home fire causes, you’ll find “clothes dryer.” But it would be more accurate to...

    6 Home Problems Inspectors Hate to See

    Reuben Saltzman, president of Structure Tech in Minnesota, identifies potential home problems and what to do about them.

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    8 Best Laundry Room Storage Cabinets

    Streamline your chores and keep your home tidy with the help of these top-rated laundry room cabinets.

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    14 Laundry Myths That Are Ruining Your Clothes

    Your clothes and appliances will thank you!

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    What Is a Styler Appliance and Can It Replace Your Washing Machine?

    The LG Styler steam closet takes your laundry game to the next level, removing odors and wrinkles. But can it...

    This Product Will Whiten Your Laundry Without Bleach—and It’s Probably In Your Fridge!

    Put away the bleach and instead reach for something that could be in your fridge to learn how to whiten...

    10 Best Laundry Baskets, Hampers and Sorters

    Make laundry day more organized and less of a chore with these cleverly designed laundry baskets and hampers.

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    We Tried Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Paint Color of the Year

    Aegean Teal caught the attention of our team here at Family Handyman. Here's why we love it.

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    7 Best Ironing Boards For 2021

    Look sharp, crisp and wrinkle-free! Here's our list of the best ironing boards.

    9 Things You Never Knew Your Dryer Could Do

    If you’re only using that appliance to dry clothes, you’re missing out. Find out some more ways your clothes dryer...

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    10 Laundry Room Problems You’ll Regret Ignoring

    Take care of these washer and dryer warning signs now to avoid costly repairs or replacement later.

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    Dirty Facts About Winter Clothing (and Tips for Keeping It Clean)

    Keep safe and healthy this winter by cleaning your cold-weather outerwear more often to stop the spread of germs and...

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    8 Ways to Use Baking Soda in the Laundry Room

    Want a cheap ingredient for whitening and brightening laundry, and eliminating odors and stains? Turn to good old reliable baking...

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    The Expert Way To Clean a Wool Coat at Home (And Eliminate Pills)

    Want to avoid the hassle and expense of dry-cleaning your wool coat? Find out how to safely wash a winter...

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    How to Clean Gloves and Mittens Like a Pro

    Keep your winter mittens and gloves clean and as germ-free as possible with these at-home cleaning tips.

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    8 Best Portable Washing Machines

    If you lack space or live a nomadic lifestyle, a portable washing machine may be the right mini appliance for...

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    How to Tell If You’re Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

    Even when laundry is filthy, smelly and stained, more detergent isn't better. If there are suds after the rinse cycle,...

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    Dryer Vents: How to Hook Up and Install Dryer Vents

    How to install a rigid metal duct for a safer dryer.

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    Liquid vs. Powder Detergent: Which Is Better to Use?

    Though powder detergent was the first one on the scene, liquid laundry detergent has proved far more popular in recent...