10 Charming Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

These spaces look more like delightful retreats than laundry rooms. Take a look!

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Shiplap Love
Courtesy @sparrowhomedesign/Instagram

Shiplap Love

Nothing says farmhouse style like a shiplap wall. Whether you opt for a warm wood or a crisp white, this textured backdrop instantly adds character. And it’s super simple to recreate.

In her 1977 Dutch colonial home, @sparrowhomedesign says she made her shiplap accent wall out of 4×8 sheets of plywood cut into six-inch slats. Hanging a vintage-style Etsy print to cover the electrical service panel adds to the charm.

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Paintable Wallpaper
Courtesy @hartley_home/Instagram

Paintable Wallpaper

Need a more renter-friendly solution for traditional farmhouse walls? Consider paintable wallpaper!

To give her mother’s laundry closet a cohesive feel, @hartley_home painted the Elliott White Stripe Printable Wallpaper from Brewster and the cabinets the same Sea Salt color from Sherwin-Williams.

While that alone is farmhouse perfection, the peg rail and small shelf she installed behind the washer and dryer really make the compact space stand out.

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Vintage Cleaning Finds

Vintage Cleaning Finds

There’s a lot to love about @thepannellhome‘s neutral heaven of a laundry room. But the simple yet impactful vintage pieces have us really swooning.

Using a wall shelf with a peg rail, she puts those timeless cleaning tools you’d likely find in your grandmother’s home — a feather duster and the jar of clothespins — on full display. Keep an eye out at local thrift stores or antique fairs for similar gems.

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Hanging Drying Rack
Courtesy @bvintagestyle/Instagram

Hanging Drying Rack

Every laundry room needs a place to dry delicates, but not all of us have room for a standalone rack. That’s why we’re over the moon for this antique ceiling-mounted piece @bvintagestyle chose. It’s rustic and functional, perfect for small laundry spaces.

While she uses a vintage piece in her DIY, she says you can easily replicate the look with a ladder. You can get the full tutorial on her blog, B Vintage Style.

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Painted Shelves
Courtesy @missmustardseed/Instagram

Painted Shelves

The easiest way to customize a space? Adding a splash of color. For this laundry room makeover, @missmustardseed accomplishes this by painting the shelves and cabinets a woodsy forest green.

Of course, what you put on your shelves is just as important as what color you paint them. Take a cue from this example and display useful items with plenty of character, like a hanging rack for vintage scrub brushes and a woven basket for laundry products.

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Cozy Touches
Courtesy @unionwillow/Instagram

Cozy Touches

The farmhouse look is all about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that makes you want to kick off your boots and stay awhile — even in your laundry room! That’s exactly what @unionwillow does with this sweet space.

A collection of woven baskets on the shelf, a plush rug underfoot, fresh flowers and even a cozy armchair in the corner all add to that lived-in feel. Treat your laundry room like a living room and you’ll never dread a laundry day again.

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Fhm 10 Gorgeous Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas Peel And Stick Wallpaper
Courtesy @joyfullytreasured/Instagram

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

If traditional wallpaper isn’t your thing (or you’re more of a decor commitment-phobe), consider peel-and-stick options. That’s what @joyfullytreasured did in her little laundry nook with this vintage-inspired print.

It’s easy to install and remove, and adds instant character. Plus, with so many patterns available, you’ll undoubtedly find one that fits your farmhouse aesthetic perfect.

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Shelf-Mounted Drying Rack

We know the distressed brick wallpaper in this adorable laundry room by @itty_bitty_farmhouse is the star of the show. But the discreet little drying rack she mounted underneath her bottom shelf really caught our eye. Talk about a space-saving solution.

Recreating this look in your home will depend on the type of room you have, but let it be a reminder to look for innovative ways to utilize every inch.

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Barn Door Cabinets

Barn doors aren’t just for entryways and closets. As you can see, thanks to @ourwintonhome, adding that rustic touch to your cabinets provides farmhouse flair to an otherwise standard laundry room.

Her husband custom-made the cabinets, so you’ll have to flex your woodworking muscles to recreate this look exactly. But you can find ready-made cabinets online that give off a similar aesthetic.

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Washer and Dryer Countertop

If you have front-loading machines and no place to fold, this hack from @missjessicanicoleblog is a game changer. Her husband built a shelf that floats above the washer and dryer to give her the necessary counter space laundry days require. Upgrade your wash-and-dry setup with these stylish and functional laundry room countertop ideas.

While that’s more than enough inspiration for your laundry room renovation, she also revealed they built their sliding barn door and created their backsplash with a Sharpie. That’s right, a Sharpie!

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