The 13 Best Washer and Dryer Sales Happening Right Now

Updated: Mar. 25, 2024

Take a load off with these washer and dryer sales. Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the best time to save on the pricey appliances.

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Washers and dryers are intricate pieces of machinery, so a broken washer or dryer is enough to make anyone quake in their boots. Their life expectancy is about eight years, and they’re often cheaper to replace than fix. That’s why it’s always smart to shop for a washer and dryer when Black Friday and Cyber Monday roll around. The fall shopping holidays come around once a year, and I say that it’s out with the old and in with the new.

Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency or an all-in-one solution, I hunted through washer and dryer sales from brands like LG and Samsung to find deals that won’t break the bank (or your clothes). Some of these picks offer bells and whistles to make laundry day a little more satisfying, but all of them get the job done.

When do washers and dryers go on sale?

Washers and dryers are costly appliances, with some ringing up at over $1,500 for a single unit. Prices typically depend on whether you’re looking at a top-load or front-load machine, gas or electric and whether the machines are smart or bare bones. Either way, it’s possible to score a new set of appliances at a low cost and enjoy the fresh, clean clothes of your dreams when you shop washer and dryer sales.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the best days to score a washer and dryer on deep discount, and you can shop some of the best washer and dryer sales on these big-ticket items now… if you know where to look.

Where to Find the Best Washers and Dryers Deals

  • LG: Score early Black Friday savings of up to 35% on select washers and dryers.
  • Lowe’s: Save hundreds of dollars on over 500 different washer and dryer models.
  • Samsung: Get up to $1,200 off on select washer and dryer sets.
  • The Home Depot: Shop up to 30% or $900 off on select washer and dryers.
  • Walmart: Snag online Black Friday deals on washers and dryers, including small and portable models.
  • Wayfair: Grab early Black Friday Deals on hundreds of washers and dryers.

If you know what brand or type of washer and dryer you’re shopping for, then the retailers above are a smart starting point for browsing current sales and deals on appliances. If you want to see specific deals on washers, dryers and sets, then keep scrolling. We’ve scoured the links above for some of the best deals on laundry room appliances right now—check them out below.

The Best Washer Deals

Save 33% on the GE Appliances Smart Top-Load Washer at Wayfair

Ge Appliances High Efficiency Smart Top Load Washervia merchant

Wayfair lists the GE top-load washer at savings of 33% during its washer and dryer Black Friday deals, but the low price shouldn’t fool you. This brilliant product is Wi-Fi-enabled to initiate quick-start cycles away from home. It sends out a notification five minutes before the cycle ends, so you have a chance to put aside what you’re doing to swap the load out.

Prefer natural solutions to stain-fighting? Special settings allow for custom additions to the wash cycle, like vinegar, for a deeper clean. Simply add the additional powders or liquids to the “custom add” drawer and use the Smart HQ app to release it during the wash cycle.

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Save $500 on the LG TurboWash Smart Front-Load Washer at LG

Lg Turbowash Smart Front Load Washervia merchant

The LG TurboWash smart front-load washer truly is a “smart” washer. Use the nozzles at the front of the washer to spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto heavily soiled clothes. Away from home? The LG ThinQ app makes it easy to start, stop and use voice commands to check in on each load.

Ideal for even small laundry rooms or closets, it boasts a 33-inch depth that fits into most spaces with ease. The best part is that it uses AI and advanced sensors to identify fabric types and load sizes, so each cycle is perfectly tailored to you. Best of all? You can save a whopping $500 when you shop now.

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Save $221 on the Whirlpool High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer at Lowe’s

Whirlpool High Efficiency Top Load Washervia merchant

The Whirlpool high-efficiency top-load washer offers a generous 3.5 cubic feet of space, plus a “bulky” setting. No more running to the laundromat to take care of those heavy duvets or rugs! A quick wash cycle, a dual-action spiral agitator and water level selection round out this laundry day hero.

Pick up a few hanging racks to complete your laundry room. You’ll have the budget, thanks to a generous $221 discount on this luxury machine. Need a full set? Pick up the washer and dryer bundle on sale.

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Save $351 on the GE UltraFresh Vent System Smart Front-Load Washer at Lowe’s

Ge Ultrafresh Vent System Smart Front Load Washervia merchant

Robust and aesthetically pleasing, the GE UltraFresh smart front-load washer is available with $351 slashed from its original price. An UltraFresh vent system with odor block prevents excess moisture buildup for fresher loads, and every single load is ready to go in the dryer after only 35 minutes.

Take advantage of the clever Wi-Fi connectivity to start, stop and monitor laundry from anywhere. Better yet, this smart washer re-balances uneven loads during the spin cycle, so each load is silent as a whisper.

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The Best Dryer Deals

Save 32% on the GE Profile High-Efficiency Gas Dryer at Wayfair

Ge Profile High Efficiency Gas Dryervia merchant

Listed on Wayfair with a discount of 32% during its washer and dryer Black Friday deals, this GE Profile gas dryer includes a fabric refresh setting for clothes suffering from storage-related wrinkles or odors. A sanitize cycle deep cleans heavily soiled clothes while the steam dry setting works to de-wrinkle large loads of laundry in seconds.

In the market for a washer and dryer set? This bad boy wirelessly connects to its matching washer, enabling the dryer to automatically set the optimal settings based on the load that was just washed.

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Save 37% on the LG Smart Electric Dryer at Wayfair

Lg Smart Electric Dryervia merchant

This LG smart electric dryer tackles large loads with ease, thanks to a 7-cubic-foot drum. It has a whisper-quiet operation, so load it up any time of the day without disturbing your household—or yourself if it’s nap time.

Currently on special markdown of 37% off, the LG smart dryer is energy efficient, thanks to alerts that notify you when it’s time to clean the ducts and lint filter, leading to lower energy bills. That means you’ll have a bigger budget to splurge on the best laundry products for fresh-smelling clothes.

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Save $221 on the Whirlpool Electric Dryer at Lowe’s

Whirlpool Electric Dryervia merchant

Ever forgotten about a load in the dryer, only to find your favorite men’s workwear riddled with wrinkles? This Whirlpool electric dryer uses a 90-minute spin post-drying to prevent wrinkles from setting in. A massive 7-cubic-foot capacity means cramming in clothes is a thing of the past.

This whip-smart machine uses an AutoDry drying system, which helps prevent overdrying. Slam out a wrinkle-free load of your most soiled clothes without worrying about scorching them—all while saving $221.

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Save $351 on the Samsung Electric Dryer at Lowe’s

Samsung Electric Dryervia merchant

Need the laundry done now? Save $351 on the Samsung electric dryer and snag it for less than $500. It offers a choice of eight drying cycles—offering selections for dryness, temperature and time—to cover nearly any laundry day need. There’s also a lint fluff indicator to let you know when it’s time to clean the lint trap. This helps prevent fires and improper performance.

Reversible dryer doors allow for flexibility when installing the dryer. Plus, app-powered diagnostics that detect performance issues and troubleshoot solutions make this the ideal pick for big families.

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The Best Washer and Dryer Set Deals

Save $1,102 on the Samsung Bespoke AI Washer and Electric Dryer at Samsung

Samsung Bespoke Ultra Capacity Ai Washer And Electric Dryervia merchant

Samsung has tons of washer and dryer sales on its site, so it’s no surprise that the Bespoke washer and dryer bundle is available at a discount—but it might be surprising to learn this iconic duo has a markdown of $1,102! Both machines feature an extra-large capacity that fits almost 8 cubic feet of clothing in one load.

The dryer finishes laundry in 30 minutes and sends an alert on your phone when it’s done. The smart settings alert you when it’s time to clean the dryer’s air duct for a safer laundry cycle, too. Upgrade to the Bespoke washer and dryer set while it’s on sale for smarter chores and cleaner clothes.

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Save $800 on the LG WashTower Stacked Smart Laundry Center at The Home Depot

Lg Washtower Stacked Smart Laundry Center VIA MERCHANT

The Home Depot is running several deals on appliances right now, and washers and dryers are included in the list of markdowns. The fan-favorite LG WashTower laundry center is on sale for 33% off—that’s over $800 in savings!

The stacked washer and dryer include built-in sensors that use AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size. This keeps fabric in perfect condition—no sorting necessary. Plus, an allergy-kicking spin cycle offers instant relief to those who suffer from hay fever, and an LED control panel and sleek exterior make this appliance set a truly luxe purchase.

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Save $642 on the Maytag Front-Load Washer and Electric Dryer Set at Lowe’s

Maytag High Efficiency Front Load Washer And Electric Dryer Setvia merchant

Electric dryers with a quick-dry setting are the secret to super-fast laundry days, and the Maytag high-efficiency washer and dryer set offer this and so much more.

With a savings of $642, enjoy a 12-hour fresh spin cycle that prevents wrinkles in forgotten loads, stain-fighting settings and steam shots for extra cleaning power. Plus, the dryer boasts an extra power button for heavy fabrics like denim and canvas.

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Save $701 on the GE Profile All-in-One Washer and Dryer at Lowe’s

Ge Profile Energy Star All In One Washer & Dryervia merchant

Tight on space? This washer and dryer from GE does double duty! All-in-one washers and dryers are ideal for tiny apartments or homes where two different machines take up too much space. Simply connect it to a 120-volt outlet—no need for a dryer exhaust vent—and enjoy hands-free washing and drying. Pick one up for an apartment or as a supplemental machine for $701 off.

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Save $700 on the LG Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled All-In-One Washer/Dryer at Walmart

Lg smart Wi Fi Enabled All In One Washer Dryer VIA MERCHANT

Another washer/dryer combo worth noting is this all-in-one smart system from LG. It has a large capacity of 4.5 cubic feet, so you can wash big loads while cutting your wash time by 30 minutes. Plus, it has turbo washing and LG ThinQ technology, six different wash motions and ventless condensing drying.

No access to external venting? Not an issue with this washer/dryer combo. LG’s all-in-one system uses ventless condensing to dry your clothes without the need for external venting. Shop the all-in-one appliance now at Walmart and save $700.

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