The 7 Best Places to Buy Men’s Workwear

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

These men's workwear brands provide durable, long-lasting apparel for the job site, workshop or garage.

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A physically demanding career or DIY hobby doesn’t just require your body to be tough and sturdy, but your clothing as well. If you’re a carpenter, welder or any sort of tradesperson, regular casual wear won’t be durable enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear. That’s why dedicated men’s workwear is so essential.

Workwear brands use heavy-duty materials and sturdy construction techniques to create apparel that withstands heavy abuse, but is also comfortable enough to wear all day.

What to Consider When Buying Men’s Workwear

Think about how much abuse you’ll really be putting your clothes through. For example, heavy-duty, flame-retardant pants may be ideal for someone in construction, but probably overkill (and a waste of money) for a beginner woodworker. Similarly, a simple cotton pant—while cost-effective and comfortable—may not provide the protection needed for someone who works with dangerous implements, like chainsaws or welding torches.

Take into consideration any special features you might need. If you frequently use different hand tools, fasteners and accessories, then clothing that features extra pockets, compartments and a hammer hook are key. Or, if you spend a lot of time working low to the ground—like on tile or other flooring projects—pants with special compartments for knee pads are a smart choice.

Climate is another important factor. If you work outside during the winter, cold-weather gear is vital. Look for workwear focused on heat retention—like base layers to wear underneath clothing, and pieces with extra liners or insulation built-in. For hot and humid climates, go for lightweight and breathable fabrics.

No matter the environment or job—or your budget—here are the the top places to buy men’s workwear.

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Considering their dedication to durability and heavy-duty construction, it’s no surprise that Carhartt clothing has become synonymous with men’s workwear. They offer a wide variety of apparel including t-shirts, pants and button-ups. But the brand really shines with its cold-weather gear, making it a top choice for those who work outdoors in frigid climates. (Speaking of, check out the new Carhartt vest that uses AI to keep you warm.)

The Duck Insulated Active Jacket features a thick quilted lining that extends into the hood, and large front pockets for keeping your hands warm and out of the wind. The popular Washed Duck Coveralls provides head-to-toe protection against the elements, with triple-stitched seams for added durability.

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Cat Workwear

Cat Workwear is rugged enough for heavy machinery operators but still comfortable for every day professional tradespeople. Their multi-functional men’s workwear focuses on functionality, safety and performance. The flame-resistant collection is a must-have for anyone in contact with fire, sparks or electrical arcs. Whether you’re a factory or power plant worker, electrical lineman or welder, you’re going to want to add these flame-resistant cargo pants to your cart, stat.

There’s also a wide range of high visibility clothing, like this Hi Vis Soft Shell Jacket that’s perfect for anyone working around vehicles or heavy traffic areas. Cat’s versatile H20 Defender Pants are another standout piece. They can be customized with removable holster pockets, which is ideal for those who handle tools—but want to avoid the bulk of a tool belt.

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Combining durability with a minimal, low-profile style, Dickies caters to both tradespeople and casual wear for laid-back guys. They offer a refreshing alternative to the heavy-duty, bulky construction of other workwear brands. This simplicity results in budget-friendly prices, making Dickies ideal for customers who don’t want the bulk or expense that comes with unnecessary bells and whistles.

Dickes’ Original 874 Work Pants are available in an impressive 18 colors and an extensive size range (waists 28 to 58 and inseams 28 to 37). And at less than $36, you can stock up on multiple pairs. If you are looking for something a bit more functional, their classic bib overalls are a timeless men’s workwear staple and a cost-effective option that doesn’t skimp on function.

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Duluth Trading Co.

Founded by three tradesmen selling innovative tool organizers, Duluth Trading Co. built a brand that focuses on problem-solving, and their workwear designs are no exception. Duluth offers a variety of specialized collections, which makes it easy to choose clothing based on your priorities. Choose from Funk No! underwear, Longtail t-shirts, Dry on the Fly workwear and Flexpedition pants to name a few.

We’re personally big fans of Duluth’s base layers—like the Buck Naked Performance Pants and Buck Naked Performance Crew Shirt—to ensure you stay warm and safe working outdoors in the winter.

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You may know Wrangler for their popular jeans, like their carpenter pants with a convenient hammer loop. But the company makes more than just denim. They’re a go-to destination to build out a uniform for men’s workwear. You’ll find wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, no-fuss and easy-to-clean clothing, all at extremely affordable prices.

From fleece vests to work socks to utility jackets, Wrangler has you covered for any job. Stock up on basics like their Riggs shirt, which stands up to rips and tears. It provides just enough stretch for comfortable movements, and still manages to be fashionable enough to wear after you clock out. If you work around open flames, opt for the flame-resistant version for added safety.

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In addition to its signature boots, Timberland also offers a wide range of men’s shirts, pants and outerwear tough enough for working in any condition. Timberland boots are available in hard and soft toe types, making them appropriate for a variety of activities.

The Timberland Pro Flex Canvas Pants have just enough elastic to make them comfortable for an active user to move around with ease. The plethora of exterior pockets and compartments also allow for tool storage without a tool belt.

In addition to men’s work boots, there’s other smart accessories designed for hard-working guys. The Air Raider refresher eliminates odors in footwear, while Anti-Fatigue insoles absorb shock and provide arch support for tired feet.

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Patagonia may not be the first brand that comes to mind when you think “men’s workwear.” But its quality construction and assortment of outdoor essentials—from fleece jackets to performance base layers—makes it a worthy option. The company is committed to sustainability and offers functional and environmentally-friendly pieces made from recycled and organic materials. Pieces are designed with the working man in mind, like insulated flannels, waterproof parkas and moisture-wicking pullovers.

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