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11 Things DIYers Should Always Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday sales have become door-busting events, bringing in determined shoppers and bargain hunters. So what’s in it for DIYers like us? Here are 11 home improvement items that can traditionally be found at a deep discount around Black Friday.

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Black Friday sales have become door-busting events, bringing in determined shoppers and bargain hunters. So what’s in it for DIYers like us? Here are 11 home improvement items that can traditionally be found at a deep discount around Black Friday.

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Table Saws

Black Friday sales often focus on big-ticket items. This is because even a small drop in price looks significant on an item with a high dollar value, which is why you often see televisions on Black Friday sales. For the DIY crowd, one such high-price/high-discount item is a table saw. Once you get your table saw, look to Family Handyman for all the best table saw tips and tricks.

Plus, here’s how to build a portable table saw table.

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Tool Sets

If an individual item isn’t significantly attention-getting on its own, it can often be rolled into a combo tool set to make a more appealing sales item. Many manufacturers create bundles of power tools that are available only at specific sales like the Fourth of July or Black Friday. Here are some Lowe’s Black Friday deals to take advantage of!

It’s not a great deal if you already own most of the items in the bundle, of course. But if you need to stock up on a variety or range of tools, then a bundle such as this is a great purchase.

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Cordless Driver/Drills

Another popular big-box store Black Friday technique is to focus on items that appeal to a wide range of buyers. A driver/drill combo set is almost always a useful purchase for DIYers and a safe go-to as a gift. That’s why basic driver/drill sets are often available at deep discounts during Black Friday sales.

If you needed another reason to pick up a drill, here are five surprising ways to speed up food prep with a drill!

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Mechanic’s Tool Kit

Mechanic’s tool kits are also popular Black Friday sales items, because they are often in stock and often pricy. This is a great time of year to stock up to fill in any gaps in your garage shop tool collection.

Here are some other great hand tools to look for at Lowe’s.

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Kitchen appliances are large-ticket items that demonstrate deep savings this time of year. If you’re planning a remodel of your kitchen, Black Friday is a great time to pick up a stove or refrigerator, like this Frigidaire unit from Lowe’s. Keep an eye out for bundles, where appliance packages are often accompanied by a hefty dealer rebate.

If you’re considering a kitchen facelift, here are even more tips for saving money on appliances.

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Shop Essentials

At the opposite end of the spectrum, big box stores often offer fantastic discounts on shop staples such as paper towels, chip brushes and hand warmers. The savings aren’t huge. But because these items are always needed and they don’t expire sitting on your shelf, it can be a great opportunity to stock up on a large quantity.

If your shop is already bursting at the seams, check out these storage solutions for small workshops.

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Air Compressors

Often bundled with accessories such as extra-long hoses or nail guns, air compressors are a staple of DIY Black Friday sales. They have the group value appeal of tool sets, a higher ticket price and a universal appeal. All that makes them a perennial favorite of hardware stores when picking their sales items.

Here’s how to choose the right air compressor for you.

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extension ladder


Why do so many retailers love discounting ladders and scaffolding on Black Friday? Maybe because it’s the end of exterior work season for much of the country. Maybe it’s driven by the manufacturers. Or maybe it’s an attempt to get in front of DIYers who plan on hanging elaborate holiday light displays. Whatever the reason, ladders are a perennial favorite of Black Friday shoppers.

If you need some decorative inspiration, here are the most outrageous Christmas light displays of all time.

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shop vac

Shop Vacuums

Items such as shop vacuums come in lots of quality categories. Each year, big box stores offer greatly reduced pricing on the bottom-of-the-line models to clear out inventory and to create “door busting” savings.

The thing is, these no-frills models often last longer than more decked-out versions of the same device. And many DIYers find having multiple shop vacuums is a significant bonus.

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Physically Large Items

This category is a sales department psychological trick. Because so much of the Black Friday experience is about going to a store and seeing what other people are buying, deep discounts on items that are physically large help boost excitement among the crowd.

If someone strolls through the store after grabbing a generator, television or giant tool bench, folks who see it may feel like they missed out. Sure, it’s gamesmanship. But why not take advantage of it and grab one of those big-ticket items for yourself?

Costco frequently has large items on deep Black Friday discount. Here are 15 tools you didn’t know you could buy at Costco.

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Televisions are the quintessential Black Friday shopping item. Big-box stores love TVs for all the reasons we’ve discussed so far. They’re expensive, so the savings appear more significant; they’re physically large; and they tend to be closeouts for new models. And they’re a great deal for DIYers, especially if you’re looking to add a television to your pavilion shed or workshop.

Of course, you may want to avoid the back strain and the crowds by shopping from home. We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that many of these Black Friday deals are available online.

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