15 Tools You Didn’t Know You Can Buy at Costco

You may head to Costco to stock up on pantry staples and other supplies, but did you know they carry many items for DIY home improvement, including tools? Here are 15 tools you may not know you could buy at Costco that you need for your home workshop.

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Circular Saw

Costco sells the 24V Circular Saw from Greenworks, which features a laser line for accuracy, the ability to make up to 45-degree bevel cuts and it has a battery that’s compatible with up to 20-plus tools. Follow these pro tips to using a circular saw safely and effectively.

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Mechanic’s Tool Set

Costco offers a 74-piece mechanics tool set from DEWALT that includes tools for a variety of projects around the house and the garage. It also comes with a case with metal latches to help keep the tools secure. Check out these 25 perfect gifts for a budding mechanic.

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Titan Screwdriver Set
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Screwdriver Set

Costco sells a 70-piece screwdriver set from Titan that comes with a freestanding storage rack to help keep screwdrivers organized.

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Wrench Set

Costco offers this three-piece T-Handle wrench set from BonAire which features a four-position anodized speed grip and rubberized T-handle for easy use. Designed for use in tight spaces, the set includes a 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch square drive, along with a 1/4-inch magnetic hex bit drive.

Make this simple tote for your wrenches.

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Cordless Drills

There are a couple models of cordless drills available at Costco, including this 24V drill driver and impact driver combo from Greenworks. Follow these pro tips to get the most out of your cordless tools.

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Ash Vacuum

Keep your fireplace and chimney clean with an ash vacuum. Costco offers a 4-gallon ash vacuum model from Porter-Cable that will make quick work of cleaning not only your fireplace, but fire pits and wood-burning stoves, as well.

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Safety Gloves

Costco offers gloves for many different projects, including a two-pack of high performance mechanic gloves from Terra. Gloves should be on every DIYer’s must-have list.

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Car Jack

Costco sells a couple service jacks, including this 3-ton professional grade jack from Arcan, that will come in handy next time you’re doing auto repair at home. If you’ve never used a car jack before, follow these crucial safety steps.

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Shop Vacuum

Shop vacuums come in handy not only for dust collection, but for cleaning up wet basements. Costco offers a couple vacuum models, including this 24-gallon model with accessories.

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Air Compressor

This Briggs & Stratton 4.5-gallon air compressor, available at Costco, runs 80-percent quieter than other models and has a durable, induction motor that has been qualified to last longer than a standard motor. Try building an air compressor cart to wheel your compressor to wherever it’s needed.

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Cordless Wrench

An impact wrench is great for removing sockets, so if you’re a DIY mechanic, this tool is for you! Costco sells this Greenworks impact wrench, which is powered by a 24V Li-Ion battery and features a built-in LED light. Two batteries and a charger are included. Here’s a list of 20 top tools for at-home mechanics.

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Ladders come in handy for everything from roof and gutter work to organizing the garage. Costco offers a couple models, along with some accessories such as a work platform. When using a ladder alone, follow these DIY safety tips.

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Pressure Washers

Costco offers a handful of pressure washers and one will likely fit your needs. This Honda model features a 5.5-liter detergent tank and includes five spray tips. Wash siding, clean the deck or even rinse the driveway with a pressure washer.

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Extension Cords

Costco sells a two-pack of 50-foot extension cords that feature an indicator light in the receptacle end to let you know when it has power. Not sure how to store all those extension cords? Try this simple extension cord storage solution.

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Tool Storage Solutions

Costco sells several tool storage and organization systems, including rolling tool chests and even cabinet-workbench combos.

Always looking for clever storage solutions? Here are 22 cool tool storage hacks you don’t want to miss.

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