Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Shed

The perfect blend of entertaining space and storage shed

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Building a Town, a Business and a Shed

When Greg Ostertag retired from basketball after 10 seasons with the Utah Jazz, he and his wife, Shannon, eventually settled near Mount Vernon, Texas. The town was looking a bit tired—mostly empty storefronts downtown, just one restaurant.

“But we went ahead and moved here anyway,” says Greg. “Then Shannon came to me with the idea that she had to buy this building and try to put some life back into the town.”

The building was the century-old barbershop, and the project gave birth to new businesses: a coffee shop and The Ostertag Group, a design and construction company.

Shannon next targeted the old general store. To get that job done, she called in someone she knew could handle it: her ex-husband Henry Ruelas, a longtime contractor. His and Shannon’s son, Trevor, also joined the crew.

“I can’t get enough of it,” says Trevor, who plans to study construction management in college.

The general store, like all old buildings, contained secrets: the usual whiskey bottles and newspapers inside the walls, but also human bones buried beneath it. Those bones remain a mystery, but everyone agrees that the building is haunted.

Since the reopening of the general store, The Ostertag Group has tackled several more projects in Mount Vernon, including our latest shed. Read more about the Ostertags and Mount Vernon.

More scenes from the outdoor kitchen pavilion shed build

Meet Greg

Greg Ostertag is a 7-foot-2 center who played alongside John Stockton and Karl Malone. They reached the NBA Finals in back-to-back years in 1997 and 1998, falling both times to the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan. Ostertag grew up in Texas and returned there following his playing career.

Ostertag’s sister, Amy, suffered from kidney disease and Greg didn’t hesitate to offer one of his kidneys to help save his sister’s life. He donated his kidney in 2002 and became the first NBA player to return to the court after an organ donation. Ostertag has since become an advocate for organ donation.

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Shed

This is the largest shed Family Handyman has ever created in the 60 years we’ve built sheds and shown how to build sheds. We joined storage and outdoor living with our latest shed, the outdoor kitchen pavilion shed, for the Ostertag family to enjoy when they have time away from their latest project. Don’t forget to check out these outdoor kitchen kits for cooking up a storm.

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Outdoor Cabinet

Outdoor storage cabinetFamily Handyman

Storage space is usually measured as floor space. By that standard, this shed is similar to any 8 x 10-ft. shed. But wall space often matters more, and that’s where this shed shines. With about 350 sq. ft. of surface, these walls can support large shelves and all your yard gear.

Outdoor Kitchen


We chose ready-to-assemble outdoor cabinets to make our outdoor kitchen installation fast and easy. See Taste of Home recommend items for the outdoor kitchen and how you can add the same items to your home.

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Dartboard Cabinet

dartboard cabinet with chalkboardFamily Handyman

A solid-wood dartboard cabinet typically starts at $150, and at that price you’re getting one made of pine; you’ll pay much more for a premium hardwood. For the same cost, you can build a better one yourself, such as this one, which is stylish, durable and easy to make. Here’s how we built this dartboard cabinet. There are no fussy miters or fancy joinery, and it’s made from standard board widths, so you don’t need a table saw. And if the aged-steel door panels don’t suit your style, you can substitute plywood panels to match the surrounding wood.

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Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Shed Plans

outdoor kitchen pavilion shed

We built the shed to measure 15 feet high, 16 feet wide and 20 feet deep to provide plenty of room for guests to move around in the pavilion. Here are the full project details on how to build an outdoor kitchen pavilion shed.

Why We Chose LP Outdoor Building Solution Products

This project includes a lot of cedar lumber, which is mostly sheltered from the weather. For the more exposed elements, we chose LP Outdoor Building Solutions shed products. They’re made with LP SmartSide, offering all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood along with outstanding durability. LP SmartSide Trim and Siding products are also easier to work with and come in both smooth and cedar textures, which nicely matches the rough-sawn cedar.

Watch how we built the outdoor kitchen pavilion shed in the video below.

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