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The Best Outdoor Kitchen Kits of 2023

Outdoor kitchens are a backyard bonus. And outdoor kitchen kits make it easy to customize your design and respect your budget.

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What is an Outdoor Kitchen Kit?

If you’re serious about backyard dining and entertaining, you may be considering an outdoor kitchen. Usually composed of a sink, grilling area, refrigerator and bar area, outdoor kitchens extend the living space of your home and transform your backyard into a place for easy, stress-free cooking and dining.

But if you’ve priced outdoor kitchens, you may have experienced sticker shock. Custom-built kitchens typically start at around $10,000 and go up from there — by a lot. For the DIYer with some basic skills, an outdoor kitchen kit can be a more affordable option, usually with a few simple hook-ups. While you can still spend big bucks on an outdoor kitchen kit, the options allow you to pretty much name your price.

Here are our picks for the best outdoor kitchen kits, depending on your needs and budget.

(Note: Be prepared for a long wait for delivery due to increased demand and interruptions in the supply chain.)

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Best Compact Outdoor Kitchen Kit

If you already have a grill you don’t want to part with, consider this compact outdoor kitchen from Char-Broil. Though just 50 inches wide, it packs a lot into a small space.

This kit features a sink, ice chest, tucked-away garbage can, electrical outlets and counter space for small outdoor kitchen appliances, all with a nice granite countertop. It can be combined with other Char-Broil components to customize your outdoor kitchen.

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Best Outdoor Kitchen Kit for DIYers

If you’ve got the masonry skills, you can build an outdoor kitchen to your specs and drop in your appliances. This 7-piece kit includes everything you need to build a kitchen. It includes a 40-in. grill fueled by propane or natural gas, a gas double side burner, a 24-inch refrigerator, a stainless steel storage doors and vents. All that’s left is building a frame and countertop around these components.

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Best Portable Outdoor Kitchen Kit

While you can’t exactly load it in the car and take it to a local park, this outdoor kitchen kit from Tytus is a portable grill, with sturdy wheels that allow you to move it around your patio or deck. It’s more like an outdoor kitchen island with a cooking surface. The grill is fueled by propane and has no electrical parts, just a side sear burner and an ice bucket. There’s an ice bucket built in to keep things cold too. A rotisserie kit and grill cover are optional.

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Best Flexible Design Outdoor Kitchen Kit

Another great DIY option, these modular kitchen frame kits from Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens allow you to design around as many components as your space and budget.

Each piece can be ordered with vents, back splash panels and GFCI outlets. Once you assemble the frame, you can customize it with a tile or granite countertop, stone or stucco, and appliances that fit in your price range.

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Best Classic Outdoor Kitchen Kit

When we think of an outdoor kitchen, this is what comes to mind. The Premium Q Grill Island from Lion has all the components of a classic outdoor kitchen. It comes with a 32-inch grill, but you can bump that up to 40 inches, for a little extra cost. You can choose from several different base options. The basic model also includes a stainless steel refrigerator and double doors for storing a propane tank. And you can add on upgrades like a sink and a side burner to have a full outdoor kitchen delivered to your door.

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Best Budget Outdoor Kitchen Kit

If you’ve already got a grill and you’re content with a mini-fridge or even a cooler filled with ice, then all that’s really missing is prep space. This hard-working, budget-priced portable outdoor kitchen from Heston Blumenthal checks so many boxes.

It offers a butcher block work surface for food prep; food-grade containers for serving dips, condiments and BBQ trimmings; recycling bins; plus a paper towel rack and utensil hooks. And it’s all on lockable wheels! For $929, you won’t find a better companion for your existing grill.

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Best Outdoor Kitchen Kit Splurge

Seriously, we love everything about this covered outdoor kitchen from KoKoMo Grills, which comes partially assembled. It’s a U-shaped unit with a four-burner grill, curved outdoor bar with a dining area, mini-fridge, tons of shelves and cabinets and … room for a 40-inch flat screen!

And as you would expect, the pride and joy of your backyard comes with a hefty price tag.

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Best All-Around Outdoor Kitchen Kit

As with many home improvement and enhancement projects, when you spend a little more, you get a little more. That’s why we chose this L-shaped outdoor kitchen from RTA Outdoor Living as the best all-around outdoor kitchen kit.

We like that it has everything you need to assemble and start cooking from the get-go. Besides a 36-inch grill, sink, fridge and under-counter storage, this outdoor kitchen kit comes with all the finish surfaces — no need to worry about tile, granite or other materials. Yes, you’ll spend big, but you’ll have a complete outdoor kitchen that adds value to your home.

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Best Grilling Island

If your idea of an outdoor kitchen is grilling, grilling and more grilling, then this KitchenAid Nine-Burner Island Grill may be calling your name. It features a five-burner grill plus a searer, an infrared grill and two side burners.

It offers plenty of room for cooking up lots of protein and grilled vegetables, as well as cooking in pans. A faux stone finish, high-end hardware and a vinyl cover make this a great backyard addition for outdoor grilling aficionados.

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