8 Potting Shed Ideas For Gardening All Year Long

Updated: May 09, 2024

A potting shed offers protection from the sun, rain and wind so you can garden any time of year.

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Picturesque Cedar Shed
Courtesy @thistlecontainers/Instagram

Picturesque Cedar Shed

Professional container gardener Susan Nock of @thistlecontainers owns this gorgeous potting shed. The cedar shake siding provides beautiful color and texture. The wood is also resistant to termites, moisture and decay. Cedar shakes are a great choice for a potting shed. The perfectly-executed potted plants, lush window boxes and stepping stones complete the picturesque look.

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Charming Recycled Potting Shed
Courtesy @tracey_hiebert/Instagram

Charming Recycled Shed

This rustic potting shed from @tracey_hiebert actually started with the windows and door. Along with her husband, she collected recycled windows and doors and then designed and built the shed around them. The result is a sturdy and reliable shed that looks vintage. The chipped paint and mismatched windows add unique character and charm.

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Turquoise Accents

Take a look at this shed from @mikesgarden as he shows off its recent stain refresh. The turquoise door and accents pop against the cedar siding, proof that a bold color might be just what your potting shed needs! Note the clear polycarbonate roofing. This is a long-lasting material that’s resistant to yellowing. Plus, it allows natural light to flood the shed while blocking harmful UV rays.

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Simple and Tidy Potting Shed
Courtesy @onteallane/Instagram

Simple and Tidy

A potting shed can be elaborate or simple to match any gardening skill level and budget. Here’s a glimpse inside the potting shed of @onteallane. Inexpensive shelving and tile flooring are all it takes to create a tidy and functional space for all her potting supplies. She also uses the shed to hang dry florals all summer long. This provides a colorful and dreamy element to the mostly utilitarian shed.

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Bold Black Potting Shed
Courtesy @vanessa_inthe_cotswolds/Instagram

Bold Black Shed

Black might not be the first color that comes to mind for a potting shed, but this shed from @vanessa_inthe_cotswolds shows the striking effect of the dark color in action. The black shed and matching greenhouse contrast nicely with the surrounding greenery and metal garden boxes. Check out Onyx by Benjamin Moore for a similar deep black hue.

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Organized Wal in Potting Shed
Courtesy @119houseonthehill/Instagram

Wall Organizers

A potting shed works best when it’s clean and organized— and it’s even better if the shed is a pretty place to work! This shed from @119houseonthehill has both attributes. Baskets, hooks and other wall organizers help keep all her tools and pots sorted and accessible. Beyond that, each functional piece is also beautiful to look at, including the craft paper roll she uses for to-do lists and other gardening notes.

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Tight Space Potting Shed
via @whimsymcthorpe/TikTok

Tight Space Shed

This shed from @whimsymcthorpe shows how to build a potting shed even if you don’t have acres of wide open garden space. She designed the long and narrow shed to fit between her garage and a nearby fence. And, the structure is made entirely of reclaimed materials. Take a look at those elegant stained-glass windows! Inside, two long potting benches provide plenty of space for all her gardening needs.

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Potting Shed
Family Handyman

Build Your Own Potting Shed

Ready to tackle building your own potting shed from scratch? This multipurpose shed features a shingle roof, plenty of windows and double doors. It is not a beginner project, but if you have built a deck or other small structure, you shouldn’t have any trouble constructing this shed.