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For more than seven decades, Family Handyman has been providing its audience with ideas, inspiration and step-by-step directions on how to maintain and enhance indoor and outdoor living spaces. In addition to having our own staff of experts, we hire individuals whose skills have been honed through years of experience in the building, plumbing and electrical trades, and as passionate homeowners who have translated DIY (do it yourself) skills into careers as respected creators.


5 Tips for Moving Large Rocks, Stones and Concrete Blocks

Avoid back injury (and mashed toes!) when moving flagstones, stone steps and other heavy materials with these pro tips.

Ditch Plastic Landscape Edging for Natural Mulch

Hate the look of plastic landscape edging? For a more informal, natural border around planted areas, try trench edging and mulch borders.

How To Stabilize a Bookcase on Carpeting?

Three simple ways to anchor your bookcase and keep it from tipping.