From decorating to hosting to organizing, the holidays can be overwhelming. Family Handyman is here to help with our favorite holiday tips for your home.

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10 Christmas Tree Ribbon Ideas

Make your Christmas tree look professionally decorated with these gorgeous ribbon techniques.

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How To Put Ribbon On a Christmas Tree

A traditional and elegant looking Christmas tree is within your reach. Here are a few easy steps to decorate your...

How To Hang a Wreath From a Window

Want to take your decorating to the next level this holiday season? Learn how to hang a wreath from a...

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How To Change a Fuse in Christmas Lights

Don't let unlit Christmas lights ruin your holiday. Change the fuses instead.

How To Prepare Your Home For a Real Christmas Tree

Early selection, a suitable stand, a fresh cut and the right location are key to keeping your real Christmas tree...

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We Tried the Twinkly Smart Christmas Lights, and Now We Create Custom Light Shows

Deck your halls, patio, porch or tree with the Twinkly smart Christmas lights!

How to Make a Fall Wreath

An expert explains her process for making beautiful, affordable fall decor.

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9 Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas

Adorn your front porch with Christmas cheer using these stylish ideas from Instagram and TikTok.

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How To Make a Book Christmas Tree

Looking to add a creative, literary flair to your holiday decorations? Here's how to do it with books. Yes, books.

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How To Care for a Living Christmas Tree

A living Christmas tree is an eco-friendly and hands-on way to celebrate the holiday. Discover if it's the right choice...

10 Christmas Coffee Table Decor Ideas

While dressing your house for the holidays, don't forget the coffee table! Check out these stylish and festive ideas.

15 Best Christmas Village Sets for a Festive Holiday Display

Brighten up your home's holiday decorating scene with these delightful miniature Christmas village sets.

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Make Your Own Giant Christmas Light Decorations with This TikTok Hack

Light up the holidays with this fun and creative DIY project!

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How To Make a Haunted House Out of Cardboard

Looking to decorate for Halloween on the cheap? Make a haunted house without spending a lot on materials.

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When To Take Down a Christmas Tree

If you're wondering how long to leave your Christmas tree up during the holiday season, contemplate these considerations.

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How To Decorate a Small Living Room for Christmas

Small spaces can have big holiday spirit. Here's how to get it.

If You’re Hosting a Halloween Party, You Need This Fire Pit Skull ASAP

If you’re hosting a Halloween party or just like spooky decor in general, this fireproof skull is the perfect addition...

Ever Thought About Starting Your Own Christmas Tree Farm? Here’s What to Know

Want to keep the holiday spirit alive by growing Christmas trees? It's tough work, and it will be many years...

Are Christmas Trees Toxic to Cats?

Give your cat the gift of a vet-free holiday season by keeping these Christmas tree hazards well out of their...

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Is It Safe to Hang Christmas Lights On Palm Trees?

People often hang Christmas lights from palm trees, but whether it's safe depends on several factors. Here's some advice from...

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How To Make Acorn Baubles

Looking for some fall decor to liven up your space? Make these simple acorn baubles that can be hung in...

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Can You Replant a Christmas Tree?

Replanting a living Christmas tree is possible if you buy the right kind and have a good spot for it...

How to Protect Your Carved Pumpkins from Pests

Wildlife expert Meg Pearson shares her tips to keep critters away from your fresh jack-o-lanterns.

How Much Are Real Christmas Trees?

Feel like getting a real, live Christmas tree this holiday season? You're not alone. Here's what to expect.

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How Much Does Christmas Light Installation Cost?

Want to hire someone to decorate the outside of your home this Christmas season? Learn what to expect, who to...

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How Long Do Christmas Trees Last?

If you follow these tips, your Christmas tree will thrive throughout the holiday season and last as long as possible.

8 Ways To Hang Holiday Decor on Stucco Siding

As Christmas approaches, it's time to put up the lights and decorations. Here are some tips for doing it right...

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What’s the Best Paint to Use for Pumpkins This Halloween?

We asked museum directors what paint they use at their annual pumpkin painting workshops. Take their advice and create your...

Avoid Spooky Plumbing Mishaps with Pumpkin Guts This Halloween

Halloween's here, and that means gobs of guts (pumpkin guts, that is). Here's how to avoid a frightful Halloween plumbing...

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The Yummly Smart Thermometer Elevated My Confidence with Cooking Meat

Take the guesswork out of cooking and get the results you want with the Yummly smart thermometer.