Get extra spooky this Halloween with our DIY ideas. Ranging from costumes, to DIY decor and more, we’ve got you covered.

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How to Keep Squirrels from Eating Pumpkins on Your Porch

Protect your creative pumpkin displays with these tips on how to keep squirrels from eating pumpkins outdoors.

20 Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Inspire You this Halloween

Get out those power tools and carving kits! It's time to create your best Halloween pumpkin ever.

16 Cool Painted Pumpkins

Chic stripes, bold metallics and ghoulish faces are just some of the brilliant ideas for your festive painted pumpkins.

10 Spookiest Halloween Inflatables for Your Yard

Spooky inflatable decorations are hot this Halloween. They provide ghoulish fun that will delight (and scare!) everyone in the neighborhood.

24 Spooky Ideas For Decorating Your Home This Halloween

Make your home spooky or extra fun with these creative ways to decorate your home and yard for Halloween.

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How To Make a Haunted House Out of Cardboard

Looking to decorate for Halloween on the cheap? Make a haunted house without spending a lot on materials.

If You’re Hosting a Halloween Party, You Need This Fire Pit Skull ASAP

If you’re hosting a Halloween party or just like spooky decor in general, this fireproof skull is the perfect addition...

How to Protect Your Carved Pumpkins from Pests

Wildlife expert Meg Pearson shares her tips to keep critters away from your fresh jack-o-lanterns.

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What’s the Best Paint to Use for Pumpkins This Halloween?

We asked museum directors what paint they use at their annual pumpkin painting workshops. Take their advice and create your...

Avoid Spooky Plumbing Mishaps with Pumpkin Guts This Halloween

Halloween's here, and that means gobs of guts (pumpkin guts, that is). Here's how to avoid a frightful Halloween plumbing...

9 Elegant Fall Centerpiece Ideas

Elevate your fall-themed home decor with these elegant centerpieces you can make yourself.

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How To Choose the Freshest Pumpkin for Your Home

Learn how to spot the best pumpkins in the patch or pile!

Cars Decorated for Halloween: Should You Do It?

Looking to up your Halloween game this year? Give your car a costume!

10 Frighteningly Fun Ways to Decorate Your Porch for Halloween

Welcome (or scare!) trick-or-treaters with these fun Halloween ideas and DIY projects.

What To Know About Using a Fog Machine for Halloween

Planning an event that would benefit from an eerie, mysterious haze? Buy or rent a fog machine!

Light Up the Night with These Spooky DIY Pumpkin Solar Lights

The festive decorations are cheap, cute, easy to make and perfect for illuminating pathways for trick-or-treaters.

9 DIY Halloween Decor and Costume Ideas With Fall Leaves

Here's how to turn pretty fall leaves into clever Halloween costumes and home decor. No rake required!

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If You See a Teal Pumpkin This Halloween, This Is What It Means

Those brightly colored gourds promote an excellent cause!

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How To Decorate Your House for Halloween

Consider this your complete guide to Halloween prep, including when, how and what to decorate.

The Home Depot Is Selling an Evil Clown Handyman Decoration for Halloween

Sinister Steve moves, tells bad jokes and ruins any home project you have in the works!

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Grow a Jack-O-Lantern: Tips for Growing Pumpkins for Halloween

It's amazing to see how fast and far a pumpkin vine can grow in one season, producing several pumpkins that...

10 Horrifying Halloween Animatronics to Add Movement to Your Decor

Ready to give the entire neighborhood a scare? These Halloween animatronics turn your home into the most haunted house on...

14 Spooky Halloween Decorations for Your Front Door

In the mood for spooky? Look to our designer-curated list of front-door Halloween decorations you'll want to reuse for years...

DIY Pressure Washer Pumpkin Carving: What to Know

We jumped into the pressure washer pumpkin carving craze! We thought it was a blast, but is it practical? Find...

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The Best Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Lights for 2023

From cute to creepy, these Halloween lights will add glowing ambiance to your holiday décor inside and out.

The 7 Best Halloween Projectors to Decorate for Spooky Season

Our favorite Halloween projectors make it easy to add freight and delight to your home.

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How to Know If Your House is Haunted

Halloween is upon us and all of the exposure to all things spooky may lead you to believe that your...

2022 Halloween Home and Décor Trends

Although many people love decorating for Christmas, others go all out decking the house for Halloween. These tips will help...

13 Best Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

Though the spooky holiday is quickly approaching, you'll still have plenty of time to create these Halloween decorations.

10 Scary Yard Decorations for Halloween

Give your home's facade a haunted makeover with these truly terrifying Halloween yard decorations.