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The Best Indoor and Outdoor Halloween Lights for 2022

From cute to creepy, these Halloween lights will add glowing ambiance to your holiday décor inside and out.

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Best Spooky Halloween LightsVia

Best Spooky Halloween Lights

Give your Halloween party guests the creepy feeling someone is watching them with this string of eyeball lights. The set comes with 30 LED eyeballs and a convenient remote control. Set them on a timer, control the brightness and choose among eight flashing patterns.

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Best Flame Halloween LightsVia

Best Flame Halloween Lights

Create an eerie ambiance by switching all your indoor and outdoor bulbs to these LED flame bulbs. The faux flames flicker and dance like real fire without the safety risk. They’re also energy efficient, using only three watts of power.

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Best Battery Operated Halloween LightsVia

Best Battery-Operated Halloween Lights

This set of colorful Halloween lights run on three AA batteries, so you can hang them wherever you want without searching for an electrical outlet. The three eight-foot strings include 20 bulbs each, in festive shapes: orange pumpkins, purple bats and white ghosts.

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Best Garland Halloween LightsVia

Best Garland Halloween Lights

Twenty twinkle lights illuminate this black glitter garland, making it a creepy yet beautiful decoration for your mantle, staircase or party table. The lights run on batteries, and can be set on a timer so they switch off automatically at the end of the night.

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Best Long Length Halloween LightsVia

Best Long Length Halloween Lights

This string of purple and orange lights is 100 feet long and includes 300 bulbs! They’re perfect for decorating a large room, an outdoor patio or a big tree. Outdoors, these durable lights will work rain or shine thanks to their IP44 waterproof rating.

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Best Halloween Curtain LightsVia

Best Halloween Curtain Lights

These purple curtain lights come with a multifunction remote that controls the power, the eight lighting modes, the brightness level and a timer. Read this interesting fact about purple LED lights.

The ghostly purple glow sets the spooky mood at your Halloween event so that your rooms have the best Halloween décor. Hang them on the wall or behind fabric to create a glimmering backdrop. They make a terrific divider as well.

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Best Halloween Wall LightVia

Best Halloween Wall Light

This happy pumpkin light hangs on your wall and makes a cheerful addition to your Halloween décor. Even when it’s off, it makes an adorable wall decoration. When lit, the whole wall lights up behind the pumpkin with a starburst pattern. The LED lights inside can be set to flicker or glow steadily.

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Best Lawn Stake Halloween LightsVia

Best Lawn Stake Halloween Lights

Lead trick-or-treaters to your front door with these not-too-scary garden stake ghost lights. Each fabric ghost is lit with a C7 5W bulb, and they’re connected together with black wire. Buy more than one set to extend your collection into a whole welcome party of ghosts!

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Best Halloween Lights For Your TreesVia

Best Halloween Lights for Your Trees

Turn your front yard into a haunted, enchanted forest with these Weeping Willow Lights. Thirty strands of glowing orange LED lights, bundled and wrapped in black, attach to a 10-inch-long pick at one end. Hanging from the branches, they add the perfect amount of light and texture to your Halloween yard display.

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Best Halloween Lights For Your ShrubsVia

Best Halloween Lights for Your Shrubs

These purple net lights hang over your shrubs without tangling, creating a tidy grid of light that’s easy to install. One net includes 300 bulbs, but you can connect up to nine nets if you’ve got a lot of shrubs. When the season is over, cleanup is easy.

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Best Fall Themed Halloween LightsVia

Best Fall-Themed Halloween Lights

This light-up maple leaf garland features beautiful orange and yellow leaves lit by vibrant orange twinkle lights. The festive garland looks beautiful on your mantle or draped on your front door. When Halloween is over keep it displayed through Thanksgiving!

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Best Creepy Halloween LightsVia

Best Creepy Halloween Lights

This scary wall hand with included LED candle adds a spooky element to your décor. Hang a few at your entryway or near the party food, then watch as the sinister fingers extend from the wall, scaring your guests while lighting the way.

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