10 Best Group Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

Updated: Apr. 12, 2024

From macabre to adorable, here are some fun and creative group costume ideas for Halloween — no matter how you and your crew celebrate this year.

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Breakfast Foods Group Halloween Costume

Pull together to dress as the most important meal of the day. The Breakfast Costumes Trio Set is the triple threat of nutritional fun: bacon, eggs and pancakes. This charming collection of unisex, one-size-fits-all tunics will make those who get a glimpse of you hungry for more. Costumes featuring other foods, like waffles, make it easy to expand the group.

DIY Tip: Toss on an apron, chef’s hat and some oven mitts, and the cook is part of your crew.

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Stranger Things Group Halloween Costume

Roam your neck of woods styled like a pack of ’80s misfits navigating Hawkins and its horrific parallel universe like the hit Netflix show. Mix-and-match characters, including Eleven, Dustin, Hopper in uniform, Hopper in ’80s casual, and Joyce in her convenience store smock (including name tag). For max creep factor, add a demogorgon.

DIY Tip: Create an ’80s playlist, including the Stranger Things theme song, to play on your portable speaker — or, ideally, your boom box.

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Zombie Army Group Halloween Costume

All you need to create a family of zombies is corpse-like makeup, a little fake blood (see DIY Tip below) and horrifying disguises. DIY your own with strategically torn and dirtied clothes, or spring for the pre-zombified version such as this gruesome School Girl and Miss Dead Receptionist. Lumber out of the house together and wait for the blood-curdling screams from the terrified living.

DIY Tip: Mix flour, red food coloring, corn syrup and a drop of blue food color for depth to create realistic (and edible) blood.

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Life-Sized Emoji Keyboard Group Halloween Costume

Be on-trend when your squad of geeks show up as a Twitter feed of emoticon emojis. The Disguise Tongue Out Costume is a bright yellow, one-size-fits-all, polyester-and-foam tunic that you can wear over black t-shirts and pants or leggings. Mix and match with the “wink” and “smile” versions. The adult-size costume is so lightweight that it can easily make for a kids Halloween costume worn by bigger kids too.

DIY Tip: Create the easy no-sew DIY version with yellow t-shirts, felt (red, black and white) and double-sided fabric tape.

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Playing Cards Group Halloween Costume

If your poker buddies or canasta comrades are looking for a low-maintenance group costume to wear this Halloween, this four-pack Tigerdoe White Rabbit Costume is it! These soft fabric playing-card hats (heart, diamond, club and spade) represent the four of you as a full deck.

DIY Tip: Make your playing card costume to wear, with or without the hat. Use any white base such as felt, foam core or a t-shirt. Attach numbers and symbols, either cut out or drawn on.

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Three Pigs Group Halloween Costume

If the Three Pigs saga taught us anything, it’s that there’s strength in numbers. Why not pool your resources to create a nursery rhyme-themed group costume this year? Wearing the Inflatable Pig Costume will elicit giggles wherever your trio of pink porkers goes. Make it a foursome by inviting the Big Bad Wolf along.

DIY Tip: Create a simple wolf costume with a mask, suspenders and a high hat. Gloves covered in craft fur, perhaps with some pointy felt fingernails hot-glued on, are a nice touch.

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Wizard of Oz Group Halloween Costume

It’s a group-costume classic — grab your BFFs and head down the yellow brick road. These Wizard of Oz Costumes include Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion. Add characters to your party troupe like the Wicked Witch, Glinda and a few Munchkins.

DIY Tip: Create Wizard of Oz costumes at home, just be sure to add some key costume-selling props. Think: Hay stuffed into Scarecrow’s shirt, an extra-tall sparkly cardboard crown for Glinda, a giant cutout heart for the Lion, and of course “ruby slippers” for Dorothy. Take an old pair of shoes, paint them red and coat them in decoupage glue and red glitter.

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The Flintstones Group Halloween Costume

Pay homage to the classic ’60s TV show with the Fred and Wilma Flintstone Costume Set. These prehistoric-style get-ups include Fred’s tie and tunic and Wilma’s dress, necklace and headpiece. Get friends in on the action — a Barney and Betty Rubble set is available, too.

DIY Tip: Make the kids Pebbles and Bam-Bam costumes with some felt, scissors and hot glue.

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Skeleton Crew Group Halloween Costume

The skeleton is a Halloween classic that never goes out of style. If comfort is at the top of everyone’s wish list, this unisex Adult Skeleton Jumpsuit will fit the bill. But keep in mind that this could go in directions beyond straight-up scary — voodoo skeleton, super cozy skeleton or even Day of the Dead-style.

DIY Tip: All-black clothes plus carefully contoured glow-in-the-dark tape makes a fine DIY version. Add a COVID-friendly face covering using a white face mask with a skeleton’s mouth drawn on in black marker.

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A League of Their Own Group Halloween Costume

Bring women’s sports history to life with this costume/fun female empowerment-fest! The A League of Their Own Embroidered Dottie Costume Set comes with a pink twill shirtwaist dress, red canvas hat, belt and knee socks, just like in the movie. Start ’em early — the Rockford Peaches uniforms are also available in children’s sizes.

DIY Tip: Sell the look with real mitts, plastic bats and hair and makeup in ’40s style. (Look to YouTube if you need help on that last one.)

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