The 9 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans of 2024

Updated: Apr. 10, 2024

An outdoor patio fan will help cool down your space, making it more comfortable for lounging on hot summer days.

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Choosing an Outdoor Patio Fan

An outdoor fan is a great patio idea, one that can really up the comfort level of your favorite outdoor space in the summertime. Choosing the best one for you will depend on the layout of your space and how much breeze you want to create. Some options, such as ceiling fans, need to be hardwired into your home’s electrical service, requiring more complicated installation. Others are plug-and-play models that are ready to go right out of the box.

You also should consider whether you want additional features such as misting, remote control or oscillation. And, of course, there’s always the matter of finding a model that matches the style of your home outdoor decor. Here are some of the most important things to consider when selecting an outdoor patio fan.

Size: The size of your fan should be suited for the size of your patio or outdoor space. If you have a large space, you may need to consider multiple fans. “For a cozy patio area, a 42-inch diameter fan might be sufficient,” says Josh Mitchell, HVAC and plumbing technician. “In contrast, a 60-inch or larger fan could be necessary for a spacious outdoor dining area.”

CFM Rating: The CFM (cubic feet per minute) measures the volume of air a fan moves per minute. “The right CFM ensures effective air circulation for your patio size. Too low CFM won’t cool adequately, and too high CFM could be overpowering for small areas,” says Mitchell. “A small patio of about 10 by 10 feet might be well-served by a fan with a CFM of 4,000. For a larger space, like a 20-by-20-foot patio, look for a fan with a CFM of around 7,000.”

IP Rating: “The IP rating shows protection against solids (like dust) and liquids (like water). It’s denoted as ‘IP’ followed by two digits—the first for solid particle protection, the second for liquid ingress protection,” says Mitchell. This is especially important for equipment that is being used outside to ensure durability and safety. IP44 fans work for patios with some exposure to the elements. For more exposed areas, look for a rating of IP55 to protect against dust and heavier rain.

Installation: If your outdoor space doesn’t allow for a mounted fan or you want a quick fix, there are great options listed that can be set up wherever; no installation necessary. However, if you’re looking for a mounted fan, consider the installation before selecting one. You need a structurally sound place to mount it as well as a power source to connect it to. Also, think about the ceiling height and how close the fan will be mounted to the ceiling. If you have a high ceiling, you should select a fan with a down-rod mount. For lower ceilings, go with a flush mount.

If you’re not comfortable with installing it yourself, professional installation can range from $100 to $300 depending on the complexity of the job and local labor rates. “If additional electrical work is needed, such as running new wiring or adding an outdoor electrical box, this can increase the cost significantly,” says Mitchell.

If you’re looking for an affordable and efficient way to stay cool this summer, learn how patio misting systems can help.

The Best Outdoor Patio Fans

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Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Best Outdoor Patio Ceiling Fan

Sand & Stable Maysey 52” Ceiling Fan

If your outdoor living space has some type of solid roof, a ceiling fan will provide a strong downward breeze. Ceiling fans do need to be mounted and hardwired into your home’s electrical service, but installing a ceiling fan is an easy DIY project.

The 52-inch, five-blade Kateri from Sand & Stable is wet-rated for use on porches, patios and decks. It features three blade speeds to optimize air movement and a handy pull-chain operation. This fan can really get a lot of air flow going on your patio, which ups the comfort level when summer temperatures are at their most intense.


  • Tropical leaf design makes for an interesting decor flare
  • Wet rated fan that can handle intense moisture


  • No light
  • Needs to be hardwired for installation

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Iliving Wall Mount Fan

Best Wall-Mounted Outdoor Patio Fan

iLiving 18-inch Wall-Mounted Fan

The iLiving 18-inch wall-mounted fan is a powerful unit that’s easier to install than a ceiling fan. It’s also available in a 14- and 20-inch model, so you can choose which size best fits your space. The motor is sealed, which protects it from the elements, so you can put it on your patio, deck, barn or even inside a workshop.

An adjustable wall-mount bracket lets you aim the fan exactly where you want it. This waterproof fan has three speeds to provide a much-needed blast of air to keep cool on hot days.


  • Water resistant design
  • Plugs into a socket, so you have some flexibility for where to mount it


  • Can be loud on high setting

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Best Outdoor Patio Misting Fan

Lasko Misto Outdoor Misting Blower Fan

For even more cooling power, the Lasko Misto Outdoor Fan connects to your garden hose to provide a refreshing mist, which can reduce the air temperature up to 25 degrees F! The outdoor fan also offers three speeds and pivots 90 degrees to direct the air and mist flow.

“This has transformed our hot and muggy summer patio into a paradise!” says an Amazon reviewer. “There is actually a lot of air flow, like a very stiff breeze. And, almost as amazing is how quiet this is, even on high.”


  • Misting fan cools space even further
  • Quiet


  • May not works as well in more humid environments

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Outdoor Tower Fan

Best Outdoor Patio Tower Fan

Lasko Outdoor Living Oscillating Tower Fan

Tower fans are popular for indoor use because they don’t take up much space. The Lasko Outdoor Living Tower Fan allows you to reap these same benefits on your patio or deck. The 42-inch fan has a weather-resistant design — and it’s rain-safe! It has four speed settings, including a quiet mode for night time use.


  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Water resistant, so you can leave it outside


  • Can be somewhat loud

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Best Outdoor Patio Oscillating Fan

Allen + Roth Marina Cove Wall-Mounted Fan

The Allen + Roth Marina Cove Wall-Mounted Fan is ideal for larger outdoor areas because it oscillates back and forth, providing a powerful breeze across your patio or deck. The fan is damp-rated so it’s best mounted in covered areas. It can be plugged in or hardwired, making it versatile and easy to install.

“The fan moves a lot of air: we were happily surprised at how comfortable it made a super hot evening,” says one reviewer.


  • Stylish element that fits nicely into your patio design
  • Powerful cooling breeze


  • Damp-rated means it can’t be directly exposed to the elements

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Best Outdoor Patio Floor Fan

Vie Air Industrial High Velocity Floor Fan

Don’t want a permanent fixture on your patio? This High Velocity Metal Floor Fan is extremely portable, allowing you to move it around as needed. Tilt the head of this 14-in. three-speed fan to direct the air flow in various directions. Reviewers say it’s a well-built, powerful product.


  • Adjustable, tilting head
  • Easy to move around where you need it


  • Not water resistant

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Most Versatile Outdoor Patio Fan

Lasko High Velocity Fan with QuickMount

The Lasko High Velocity Fan with QuickMount in a top-rated outdoor fan that’s unbeatable in versatility. It’s designed to be used on the floor or as a wall-mounted fixture, and you can go back and forth between the set-ups in seconds.

“Extremely happy with this fan,” writes one reviewer. “It came with a bracket to hang it on the wall, so I mounted it in the garage, but you can easily lift it off that bracket and move the fan anywhere you need it to go.”


  • Can be used on the floor or mounted on the wall
  • Durable, safe metal cage


  • Some users report that it can be loud

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Most Stylish Outdoor Patio Fan

Lasko Elegant Outdoor Fan

Many outdoor fans have a utilitarian appearance, but the Lasko Elegant Outdoor Fan is designed to be functional and stylish. This 50-in. three-speed tower fan has the look of a decorative post while providing powerful air flow cool down your outdoor space. According to the manufacturer, it even helps keep bugs away. It comes with a remote control for easy operation, along with accent lights on top for brightness at night.


  • Seamlessly integrates into decor
  • Remote control


  • Only available in one color

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Most Modern Outdoor Patio Fan

Allen + Roth Valdosta Ceiling Fan

To add a modern accent to your patio or other covered outdoor space, the Allen + Roth Valdosta Ceiling Fan offers an eye-catching appearance. The 20-in. fan features an oil-rubbed bronze finish, and its caged design gives it a distinctly modern, industrial feel.

“I hung two of these in the corners of my covered porch for air circulation in Florida,” says one happy reviewer. “I love them, they are not only very functional to keep the porch cooler but very stylish.”


  • Stylish, unobtrusive design
  • Can mount on the ceiling, but doesn’t need to be hardwired


  • On the smaller side for a ceiling-mounted fan

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