13 Best Last-Minute Halloween Decorations

Updated: Feb. 06, 2024

Though the spooky holiday is quickly approaching, you'll still have plenty of time to create these Halloween decorations.

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Spooky Spider Wreath
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Spooky Spider Wreath

Arachnophobes (those who fear spiders) may be repulsed by this Halloween-inspired fall wreath. But to make it yourself, buy a simple grapevine wreath at a craft store and wrap it in faux cobwebs and plastic spiders.
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Creepy Crawly Wreath

This creepy-crawly fall wreath is sure to be a creepy door decoration and make your Halloween visitors squirm. Buy plastic or rubber bugs or snakes and attach them to a basic wreath form, if you can handle touching them, of course!
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Tin Can Luminaries

Hammer out tin can luminaries in just a few steps to place on your doorstep for Halloween. Mark what you want on the tin can with a marker and freeze water in it before hammering the design out. After you’ve got the design done paint. Once the paint dries place a candle inside and enjoy. Tin can luminaries can reduce the chance of any pratfalls that you may experience with a paper bag luminary.
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Giant Eyeballs for Shrubs

If you feel like you’re being watched, that might just be the case — if someone has put these giant eyeballs somewhere. Celebrate Halloween with these light-hearted creations. They're perfect for a neighborhood of kids less inclined to handle scarier stuff. This giant eyeball project takes about 30 minutes to paint and two-to-four hours to have the paint dry.
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Spooky LED Halloween Sign

Halloween window decorations are great because you don't have to worry about rain or wind ruining them. This clever creation fits perfectly in a window near the door to spook trick-or-treaters on their way to the stoop. It takes just a few supplies to put this LED Halloween sign together. The tricky part might be finding an old photo that’s just haunting enough.
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Decorate with Dollar Store Finds

Take your kids to your local dollar store and stock up on fun things like window clings, candle holders, etc. to decorate your house and make some easy Halloween crafts for kids. This is also a fun way to decorate your office or work space! While you’re at the dollar store, steer clear of these items.

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Decorate Balloons

Stock up on orange, white, and black balloons and some Sharpie markers. Decorate the balloons with scary faces for a fun and fast decoration idea!

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Break out the Brooms

You might have an old broom in the garage or you can buy one that really looks like it belongs to a witch! Strategically placed, brooms can give the impression that a coven has descended on your home.

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Cardboard Tube Halloween Monsters

We love crafty ways to reuse cardboard tubes so these little monsters are right up our alley as easy, last-minute Halloween decorations you can do. They’d go great just about everywhere in the house.

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Halloween Cutouts

You might have most of the materials needed for these DIY Halloween decorations laying around the house already. A little twine, some clothespins and paper of some sort will make a super easy Halloween home decoration that you can hang anywhere in the house or even outside, provide the weather holds up. These are 20 real-life haunted houses you need to see if you’re not too scared.

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Sucker Ghosts

It’s a favorite in elementary school classrooms so why not add some at home for a last-minute Halloween decoration. All you need is some suckers, tissue paper, a felt pen and some yarn or ribbon to create easy treats at home or to hand out to trick or treaters. Create your own Halloween costumes by borrowing from these awesome duct tape costumes.

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Straw Bale Monsters

These monsters might not be as last minute as other Halloween decorations but they’re pretty easy once you pick up the straw bales. You might even have some foam pipe insulation around or pool noodles that you can use. These monsters can add a spooky touch to your Halloween porch decor. You might want to team them up with a fog machine to get the perfect scary look for the holiday season!

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Paper Mâché Lanterns

Paper mâché is always a great last-minute go-to, especially for Halloween decorations like these lanterns. Drop in a tea light to make your lantern glow and make the perfect easy Halloween decoration.

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