Outrageous Outdoor Holiday Decorations You Have to See

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

These outrageous outdoor holiday decorations will keep you giggling all the way through the season.

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Large Flickering Candles Holiday Decoration
Via Hammacher.comVia Hammacher.com

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to break out the lights and tinsel. While you may be focused on Christmas fireplace decor (in which case you’ll want to take a look at these color-changing pinecones), how to decorate your Christmas tree, or ways to hang your Christmas stockings, we think sprucing up your yard with these outrageous outdoor holiday decorations brings just as much cheer. Plus, we’ve got you covered for cleanup as well with these Christmas storage bins.

To put you in the holiday spirit, we found some of the biggest, kookiest, silliest and most photo-worthy inflatables and other items you’ll love putting out year after year. These are attention grabbers! Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a multi-purpose inflator.

We’ve curated some great tips and tricks to bring joy home this season. Read on to make sure your whole family gets into the holiday spirit this year.

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Inflatable Christmas Dinosaur with Gifts

You’ll roar your way through the holidays with this five-foot inflatable Christmas T-Rex. It’s an affordable find, and reviewers can’t seem to get enough of it. Verified Amazon purchaser Anaesa writes, “A kid walking by said it was the coolest thing he’s ever seen, and I agree 100 percent!”

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Santa Claus and Reindeer Christmas Fence Peekers

These adorable peek-a-boo style Christmas decorations attach behind your fence to give the impression Santa and his best buds are on the case. It’s one of the cutest outdoor holiday decorations you can buy, and a great budget-friendly find at under $10.

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Christmas Tree and Santa Claus in Trouble Inflatable

Oops! Looks like Fido got a hold of Santa and won’t let go.

If you’ve got a sense of humor, a sizable yard and an electrical outlet nearby, this outrageous outdoor holiday decoration will definitely be your favorite. Just sit back with a cup of coffee and watch the neighbors’ faces as they pass by.

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Large Flickering Candles Holiday Decoration
Via Hammacher.comVia Hammacher.com

Giant Flickering Candy Cane Candles

These giant flickering three-foot candy cane candles are the perfect addition to a walkway or dark path that needs extra holiday cheer. It’s a nostalgic mid-century Christmas décor classic updated with modern-day lighting technology. They come two per order. The best part? They’re perfect for indoor or outdoor use thanks to LED bulbs and a safe four-hour timer.

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Pop-Up Twinkling Snowman

He’s six-feet tall, handsome and ready to spoil you with holiday cheer. This twinkling Snowman will wow the neighborhood with his 260 LED lights. He also comes with four lawn stakes to keep him safely anchored.

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Christmas Gingerbread Inflatable

How sweet is this giant Christmas gingerbread inflatable for your lawn? He comes with plenty of cute outdoor-safe ornaments and a bright star on top. Four lawn stakes (included) keep this gingerbread man from running off.

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Metal Christmas Gnomes

For one of the most outrageous outdoor holiday decorations on the market — or at least the most outrageously cute — look no further than this set of three metal Christmas gnomes. Pop them at the end of your driveway, near the garden and next to the mailbox. They’re each three feet tall and make a fun impression on revelers of all ages.

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Neon Santa Emoji Sign

Punctuate the season with this happiness-inducing Santa emoji sign on a wall, door or anywhere else that needs some extremely visible cheer. It comes with a transparent cord for easy disguising, an acrylic stand to pop Santa behind a window, and a remote that lets you dim him on a whim.

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