18 Awesome Vintage Christmas Decorations

Oh, how times have changed! Do you remember any of these popular vintage Christmas ornaments?

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vintage christmas ornaments
Ethan David Kent

Vintage Christmas Bells

It turns out vintage Christmas ornaments are having a tough time finding a home, according to reports. That’s too bad because they hold a certain charm from being passed down generation to generation. In the past Christmas bells like these adorned opulent trees but now minimalism seems all the rage. Get inspired with these 60 incredible DIY Christmas décor ideas.

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vintage christmas ornaments
Ethan David Kent


Watching Bubble-Lites back in the day could be like watching the yule log for a while. Bubble-Lites remained popular for a few decades but they had to be used cautiously since the fluid inside was frequently methylene chloride, which can cause poisoning if inhaled, swallowed or spilled on the skin, according to Poison.org.

Check out our buyer’s guide to the best Christmas lights to find what’s right for you.

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Indented Teardrop Glass Ornaments

These ornaments will take you back to a time where you worried about handling them so they wouldn’t fall from your fingertips and break. Sometimes the delicate handling ornaments required made the act of decorating Christmas trees more than a tradition.

If you’ve got vintage Christmas decorations, they might be worth more than sentimental value.

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Shiny Brite Ornaments

At one time Shiny Brite produced the most popular Christmas ornaments in the U.S. but faded out after the 1960s due to a variety of reasons. If there’s ever a time to get nostalgic, Christmas would be it and vintage ornaments like these can bring back memories.

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Movie Star Ornaments

Who knew that movie star ornaments were once a thing? Neither did we but vintage movie star ornaments are available on Etsy. The movie stars include Bette Davis, Carmen Miranda, Hedy Lamarr, Claudette Colbert, Alice Faye and Sonja Henie. It’d be hard to imagine people hanging cardboard cutouts of movie stars on their tree these days though. What we can picture is these 12 iconic cars from movies.

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Drum Set and Guitar

Christmas ornaments come in all shapes and sizes but drum sets seem to be rare finds on pine needles these days.

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Pine Cones

Don’t have pine cones in your area? Get the next best thing with these vintage pine cone ornaments.

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Vintage Christmas ornaments

Glass Ornaments

You can almost smell the memories that waft from this box of vintage Christmas ornaments. The patina is kind of the physical evidence of those Christmas past reminisces.

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Vintage Christmas ornaments
Constance Bannister Corp


Yes it’s messy and yes it’s a pain to pick up but it used to be a Christmas tree staple. It started to fade from Christmas trees because some tinsel contained lead and pets tend to chew on it. Here are 10 other household items that are seriously hazardous for your pets.

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Needlepoint Stockings

Needlepoint stockings make Christmas a little more special because they’re handmade and provide yet another tradition.

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Paper Chains

Paper chains are totally easy to make and always look great on a Christmas tree.

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Rocking Horse

Rocking horses have long been symbols of Christmas, perhaps in part because it was a popular children’s toy and at one time a sort of status symbol. Having a vintage rocking horse ornament is a neat connect to the history of Christmas.

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Cutout Ornaments

The paper cutout ornaments on a tree usually tell the story of a childhood since so many of them get made either at school or home before finding a place on the tree. They’re a fun reminder of growing up and how you don’t always get to escape your childhood around family. Get some decorating ideas for the entire house with these tips.

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Nutcracker Ornaments

People will display nutcrackers in their home as standalone decorations but some people have nutcracker ornaments on their tree. Vintage nutcracker ornaments in any shape or size always look good on trees.

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Needlepoint Ornaments

Needlepoint ornaments have that added sentimental feeling because more often than not someone sat down and spent time delicately working on it. Those types of ornaments usually have a story behind them and sharing stories is all part of the Christmas experience. Make sure you’ve got these Christmas storage tricks committed to memory so you can story all those priceless ornaments safely.

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Vintage Christmas ornaments
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Popcorn String

Time intensive? Sure, but a popcorn string Christmas tree decoration is a great family activity that goes back a long way. From popping the corn to stringing it together, it can be a cool tradition for your family.

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Vintage Christmas ornaments
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Candy Canes

What a sweet way to decorate a tree. Candy canes are always around during Christmas but they don’t seem to find their way to Christmas trees like they maybe did in the past. Create a vintage Christmas tree look with candy canes. Candy canes go great on great on gingerbread houses but have you have seen what happens you destroy gingerbread houses with power tools? It’s quite the scene.

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Vintage Christmas ornaments
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Indented Ornament

This is more of a modern take on a vintage ornament but you can see how it works when something old is new again.