9 Unique Ways To Hang Christmas Stockings

Updated: Dec. 27, 2023

These uncommon hangers and stocking displays will help you think outside the box (or mantel!) when hanging your Christmas stockings this year.

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Weighted Box Stocking Hangers
Courtesy @angelarose_diyhome/Instagram

Weighted Box Stocking Hangers

These wooden box stocking holders by @angelarose_diyhome caught our eye because you can customize them to fit your Christmas stocking needs.

The hollow boxes open in the back, allowing a weight to fit inside to ensure the stocking stays put. If you have heavy stockings, add more weight! Label each with a name (as shown here) or an initial, then attach a hook that fits your décor style.

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Vintage Shoe Stretcher Stocking Hangers
Courtesy @little.byrd.house/Instagram

Vintage Shoe Stretcher Stocking Hangers

We love using upcycled materials for holiday décor. Vintage wooden shoe stretchers have a distinctive look and often include a peg or hook on the heel. That makes them great stocking hangers, as shown here by @little.byrd.house. You can find these show stretchers at affordable prices at antique stores, or there are plenty to choose from on Etsy and eBay

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Stairway Stocking Hangers
via BrownellnCo/etsy.com

Stairway Stocking Hangers

The stairway is often a focal point, making it the perfect spot for Christmas stockings and a festive garland. These handcrafted metal stocking hangers are small and discreet, so they fit well on each stair tread without being a safety hazard. Each holds up to a two-pound load. No nails or other hanging hardware needed.

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Tree Branch Stocking Holder
Courtesy @taylor.medlen/Instagram

Tree Branch Stocking Holder

Don’t have a lot of money to spend on your Christmas stocking display? Or do you lack Christmas fireplace decor? No problem. This tree branch stocking holder by @taylor.medlen costs practically nothing!

Head out to your yard or take a walk in the park and find a tree branch. Tie a strong string or rope to both ends, then hang it on the wall. Hang the stockings from clips or loops.

Psst! Speaking of fireplace decor, check out these color-changing pinecones. They’re sure to become a favorite family tradition!

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Planter Box Stocking Hangers
Courtesy @craftingchicks/Instagram

Planter Box Stocking Hangers

Here’s another box stocking hanger idea, this one from @craftingchicks. Each box is open on the top so you can add weight and a cute boxwood plant for color and texture. To add even more holiday cheer, you could fill each box with mini Christmas trees or nutcrackers. Stockings hang from crystal cabinet knobs.

Check out the full instructions for how to build planter box hangers

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Diy Rustic Stocking Hangers
Courtesy @the.someday.home/Instagram

DIY Rustic Stocking Hangers

Two wood blocks and some nails are all it takes to make one of these simple stocking hangers by @the.someday.home. She sanded and stained the wood, then painted a decorative design on each one with stencils.

The blocks are attached with 2-1/2-in. brad nails. For the actual stocking hanger, she used an exposed roofing nail for rustic charm, but you could also opt for a knob or hook. You may need to weight these if you use them when the stockings are filled.

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No Mantel Stocking Display
Courtesy @creationsmamabear/Instagram

No Mantel Stocking Display

No mantel, no problem! A wood stocking stand like this one by @creationsmamabear can be placed almost anywhere.

A stocking stand is also a great option for renters because you don’t need to put any holes in the wall for stocking hooks. You can find similar models on Etsy. Or make them yourself with 2x4s and a nail gun.

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Diy Photo Stocking Hangers
Courtesy somethingturquoise.com

DIY Photo Stocking Hangers

Besides displaying Christmas stockings, these framed photo stocking hangers by @notsoclishea are a cute way to incorporate family photos into your holiday décor. The acrylic magnetic frames make it easy to change out the photos each year as your children grow!

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Iron Stocking Holders
via crateandbarrel.com

Ultra Modern Stocking Hangers

These triangular, zinc-finished iron stocking holders look like minimalist Christmas trees, and we love the incorporated hook at the top. Hang an ornament from each hook to add extra sparkle to your stocking display. The ornament can identify each stocking owner by their favorite figurine or first initial.

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