13 Holiday Decorating Ideas for Minimalists

Get in the holiday spirit without sacrificing your love for minimalist design.

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Christmas Wrap

If holiday wrapping paper makes you cringe, DIY your own to put under your Christmas tree. This minimalist option uses twine and a brown paper bag to get the job done, while a pine tree clipping feels very fitting.

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Holiday Toy Car

If you have a side table that’s bare and ready for some holiday decor, skip the singing Santa doll and opt for a minimal yet classic scene like this vintage car with a Christmas tree on top.

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It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Hang a pair of antlers on the wall above a small red ornament and a pair of sunglasses. Voil√°! Instant holiday decor.¬†Discover 29 ideas for holiday decor in every room.

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Christmas Wreath

Rather than tucking an abundance of ornaments and red ribbon into your Christmas wreath, keep it simple with this oh-so natural option with simple touches that stand out.

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Holiday Mantel

If you’d like to still enjoy the beauty of your mantel and fireplace as-is during the holiday season, skip the overwhelming Christmas fireplace decor that takes away from its classic look and simply accent it with a no-frills garland and white candles. Check out these 15 ideas to save money during the holidays.

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Fairy Lights on Potted Plants

Take a few small potted plants, wrap fairy lights around them and place together on an entryway table for a chic, simple holiday display.

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Coffee Table Presents

Keep your coffee table free of holiday clutter while still enjoying a simple centerpiece. Wrap tiny presents in brown paper, stack them up and surround with little pine cones. When you have all your materials and are ready to wrap presents, check out this tutorial on how to make a Christmas bow. Here are 10 ways to prep your house for a holiday party.

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Candy Christmas Tree

Liven up a white wall with a minimalist candy Christmas tree. This one uses marshmallow candy, a flower and cinnamon sticks.

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Christmas Boot Stocking with Gifts

Turn a plastic bottle into a standing stocking and stuff with small pine branches, cinnamon sticks and one present. You can place it by the front door to serve as a cute, but not over-the-top, holiday welcome for guests. You’ll need fabric like scraps and felt, embellishments like ribbons and ornaments, sewing supplies such as scissors, needle and thread, a ruler etc. and a hot-glue gun. Check out all the instructions to DIY here.

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Christmas Table Place Setting

Rather than going all-out with your tablescape, keep things minimal but equally spirited with chic table place settings that don’t make for a cluttered table with all the bells and whistles. Often, it’s the little things that make the holidays memorable.

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Chalkboard Christmas Tree

Place a chalkboard on a table against the wall and draw a simple, white Christmas tree that requires no money and barely any effort. Place tiny items around it for the full holiday look.

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Pineapple Tree

If you live somewhere tropical, why not go with it by turning a pineapple upside-down, either hanging it or placing it against a wall on a table, and decorating the stems with mini baubles?

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Holiday Candle Display

You don’t need bright red candles stamped with snowflakes to get you in the Christmas spirit. Accent a row of cream-colored candles with a branch of red berries instead.

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