Spooky Front Yard Halloween Decor Ideas to Thrill Your Neighborhood

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Transform your front yard into a spooky or cute Halloween wonderland with these unique landscaping ideas.

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Pumpkins Courtesy @priscillablain Via Instagram
Courtesy @priscillablain/Instagram

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!

Make your yard extra festive for Halloween by highlight your blooming flower beds with a row of real pumpkins. This simple yet highly impactful idea from @priscillablain started with picking out pumpkins in different shapes, colors and sizes from her local pumpkin farm. Then she placed them in front of her flower beds, creating a natural border.

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Pumpkin Shed Courtesy @sweetcakes And Milkshakes Via Instagram
Courtesy @sweetcakes_and_milkshakes/Instagram

Pumpkin Shed

We never knew we needed a storage shed made of pumpkins until we saw this amazing installation captured by @sweetcakes_and_milkshakes while visiting @sunnyfieldsfarm.

To recreate it, add shallow shelves to the exterior of your shed and fill them with pumpkins. If you don’t have a shed, use an outdoor shelf unit like this one made of waterproof bamboo to get the same “wall of pumpkins” effect.

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Wood Witch Silhouette Courtesy @tatteredtiques Via Instagram
Courtesy @tatteredtiques/Instagram

Wood Witch Silhouette

Decorate your plant beds or lawn with a spooky Halloween witch and her black cats. The silhouette style has a classic look and is easy to recreate.

This set by @tatteredtiques, made with heavy-duty plywood painted with black exterior paint, has lasted more than 10 years! Add pumpkins, a witch’s broom and hay bales and corn stalks for an interesting, layered display.

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Spider Attack Courtesy @houseonmillandhill Via Instagram
Courtesy @houseonmillandhill/Instagram

Spider Attack

Cover your yard and house in spider webs and giant spiders for Halloween style your kids will love!

To recreate this look by @houseonmillandhill, add a few boards on the windows for extra apocalyptic creepiness. Attach the wooden boards and spiders with hook-and-loop strips to prevent damage to your exterior.

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Cemetery Bench Courtesy @spooktacularstyle Via Instagram
Courtesy @spooktacularstyle/Instagram

Cemetery Bench

This cemetery bench by @spooktacularstyle looks like concrete, but it’s actually made from foam boards!

Cut the bench pieces and glue together with a strong adhesive like Liquid Nails. To achieve the concrete-like effect, she painted the bench with textured non-slip outdoor floor paint and carved cracks and imperfections into the foam with a knife. That made it look aged and spooky.

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Pumpkin Pail Trees Courtesy @akrenovate Via Instagram
Courtesy @akrenovate/Instagram

Pumpkin Pail Trees

Cheap pumpkin pails are all you need to recreate this cheerful Halloween idea from @akrenovate. The whole neighborhood teamed up to hang almost 300 pumpkin pails in the trees along the entire street, creating true Halloween magic!

Of course, you don’t need 300 for your yard. Pick your favorite front yard tree and fill the branches with as many pumpkin pails you can fit. Hang pumpkins from the branches by their handles. If you’d like some to hang lower, attach a long string to the handle and tie the string to the branch.

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Pots And Pumpkins Pathway Courtesy @jarrard Interiors Via Instagram
Courtesy @jarrard_interiors/Instagram

Pots and Pumpkins Pathway

Pumpkins and fall-favorite mums create a welcoming entrance. Rather than pile pumpkins on the front porch, group pumpkins and potted plants along the whole pathway, like this charming front yard by @jarrard_interiors. Note the limited color palette (orange and green) which keep the overall look cohesive and modern.

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Diy Graveyard Courtesy @ashtonsedita Via Instagram
Courtesy @ashtonsedita/Instagram

DIY Graveyard

If you have a big, empty front lawn to fill, consider a DIY graveyard, like this one from @ashtonsedita. She created the whole look for $50 with pallet wood for the fence and plywood for the headstones.

For that straight-out-of-a-ghost-story vibe, install crooked pickets on the fence. That makes it look old and shoddy, not perfect! The plywood headstones were cut out with a jigsaw and painted with outdoor chalk paint.

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Halloween Ghosts Yard Stakes Ecomm Etsy.com
Courtesy @PondScumCeramics/etsy.com

Ghost Garden Stakes

These hand-painted ceramic ghosts from Etsy shop @PondScumCeramics are ghoulishly cute and versatile.

Each ghost is attached to a metal stake so you can easily add them to your potted plants or flower beds. Group several together for bigger impact. They’re also sealed with a clear gloss that contains a UV protectant to help them last for years.