9 Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

Updated: Apr. 09, 2024

Lions and spiders and bats — oh my! These are some of the best cat Halloween costumes you can buy right now for your favorite feline.

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Unicorn cat costume
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Choosing a Halloween Costume for Your Cat

Your cat may not be going trick-or-treating, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a fun costume to celebrate Halloween.

Dressing up your cat won’t be like putting a costume on a dog — cats are less likely to enjoy playing dress-up since they don’t enjoy feeling confined. Choose a costume your cat won’t want to scratch, paw or wiggle out of. Avoid easily-clawed materials and fabrics that could irritate your cat’s skin, like tulle.

Thankfully, there are quite a few cat-friendly (and comfy!) Halloween costumes out there that your feline friend is likely to keep on long enough for you to get a shareable photo. Here are the best cat Halloween costumes you can find online.

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Best Scary Cat Halloween Costume

It doesn’t matter if it’s Halloween or just a regular Thursday — spiders are scary. And once you put your cat in this spider costume, they’ll be scary, too.

This spider costume attaches around your cat’s neck and abdomen with hook-and-loop straps, featuring eight bendable legs you can shape any way you like. Just don’t be surprised if your cat ends up playing with the legs like they’re fun new cat toys.

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Best Budget Cat Halloween Costume

If you’re hunting for a no-frills, low-stress cat Halloween costume, check out this simple pair of bat wings, perfect for the cat who just loves to lounge around the house. This costume only has two hook-and-loop straps which attach around the neck and abdomen. It’s simple and effective, transforming your fluffy friend into a frightening nighttime stalker without breaking the bank.

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Best DIY Cat Halloween Costume

For sweet, comfy and homemade costumes, it doesn’t get much better than Etsy. This highly-rated aviator cap is crocheted from cozy gray yarn and features felt goggles. The cap ties around your cat’s chin, so you don’t have to worry about them knocking it off as soon as they’re out of sight. Plus, it’s made specifically for cat heads, meaning it should fit snugly around your cat’s noggin.

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Best Cat Halloween Costume for Orange Cats

Your orange cat already looks like a lion, so help them complete the costume with a fluffy lion mane that secures around their head.

This cat costume from Amazon comes in one size, but fits well on cats and small dogs. It secures with a hook-and-loop strap so you can adjust the grip based on your cat’s head. This is another easy costume you can put on your cat without having to worry about too many straps and uncomfortable materials. When you answer the door for trick-or-treaters, they’ll be trilled to see your little lion.

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Best Cat Halloween Costume for Angry Cats

Does your cat have resting angry face? Good — this costume was made just for them.

This sheriff costume slides on your cat’s front two legs and wraps around their head, making them look like a hardened law enforcement agent from the 1800s. This costume is great for cats that hate costumes. They’re going to be angry about it anyway, so channel that anger to enhance the effect!

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Best Cat Halloween Costume for Difficult Cats

Have a cat that hates costumes? Slide them into a full-body costume they can’t paw their way out of, like this incredible pizza slice costume. Like a cat harness, it secures around your cat’s neck, chest and body, so they won’t wiggle their way out. The costume will look best once they finally give up and flop to the ground.

Amazon reviewers say that this costume still allows cats to move around unbothered, so you can rest easy knowing your cat isn’t completely restricted.

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Best Splurge Cat Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for a splurge-worthy cat costume this Halloween, it doesn’t get better than this full-body shark costume from Etsy. It secures around your cat’s entire body — including its head — and transforms your feline into a ferocious sea predator.

The costume itself is made from fleece, so if your home is cool it will help your cat stay warm. But keep an eye on your pet and make sure they don’t overheat. If your cat starts to fidget and looks uncomfortable, take this one off!

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Best Halloween Costume for Two Cats

Cats can wear couples’ costumes, too. If you love clever costumes, check out this deviled egg costume from Etsy, which features two distinct costumes — one for each cat. Separately, one cat is a devil and the other is an egg. But together you’ve got a complete costume that’s as cute as it is clever.

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