How to Know If Your House is Haunted

Updated: Jun. 16, 2023

Halloween is upon us and all of the exposure to all things spooky may lead you to believe that your house is haunted. Here are some indicators to help you figure out if you have spirits living with you and if your house is haunted.

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Halloween is a great time to visit fun haunted houses with friends and family. But living in a haunted house year-round can be a scary experience. Sometimes the creepy noises and odd experiences have a perfectly logical explanation, and at other times the only possibility left is that your house is haunted. Read on to learn how to find out which category your home falls into.
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You’re Hearing Weird Sounds

Although it could be your house settling, swinging doors or noisy neighbors, if you’re hearing things you typically don’t, your house could be haunted by ghosts. Do a little research to find out if someone died in your home. If the sounds don’t subside and you’re definitely concerned, call a paranormal expert or medium to help you out.

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Things Aren’t Always Where You Left Them

If you have children, check with them before you assume you’ve got a ghost in the house. According to Spooky Stuff, “Some ghosts are mischievous, and some like to play around with objects they used regularly in life. Of course, if you actually see the object flying through the air you’ll know something is amiss!”

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You Find Ectoplasm in Your House

Not unlike the slime in Ghostbusters, ectoplasm is a repulsive slimy substance thought to be left by ghosts, particularly when they are being contacted by a medium. But, you have every right to be skeptical if you find some. Many paranormal experts aren’t even convinced it’s real. And, of course, that slime could’ve been made by your kids!

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Your Pets are Behaving Strangely

Many believe that pets can sense an unusual presence in your home. So, watch for abnormal behavior from man’s best friends. (Also remember, if you hear sounds at night or find things moved about in the morning, that these guys could be to blame too!)

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You Have Random Cold Spots in Your House

Before you panic, if your house is older, you may simply have some drafts. But, if you have a spot that won’t heat up, no matter how hard you try to heat it, you might have a visitor!

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You Feel Like You’re Being Touched

If you feel someone touching you, but there are no humans in your house, this is a huge indicator that you have spirits living with you.

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You Hear Mysterious Voices, Wailing, Etc.

If you hear strange voices in your house, first, be sure it’s not your neighbors. If you know that it’s not, it might be time to call in an expert.

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You See Strange Shadows

Though this could be attributed to lighting, if you see human-like shadows without a human attached to them, you may have a ghost.

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Your House has a Spooky History

Was someone murdered in your house? Was your house built on top of a cemetery or a property where something evil happened? You might find some of this in a home disclosure, so be sure to ask your real estate agent before you buy a house. This could be why your house is haunted.

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You Get a Vibe

You know yourself and your surroundings, so if you feel like there may be ghosts lurking, there just might be, especially if you feel like someone is watching you. Again, if this is a concern for you, consult a professional. Remember, your house may have unique energy, and not necessarily be haunted.