14 Tips for Storing Stuff You Buy in Bulk

Updated: Sep. 08, 2023

You know buying some things in bulk can save you money, yet storing all those items can be a challenge. Whether you're buying toilet paper, canned goods or baking supplies, here are 15 tips for storing items you buy in bulk.

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toilet paper
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Locate Storage Areas

Look around your home and see where there may be space to store items bought in bulk. Paper towels and other paper items can be stored on garage shelving. If you’re out of pantry space, is there a rack in the basement for canned goods? Is there space in the hall closet for a big package of toilet paper? Get comfortable with storing bulk items in unusual places.

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Pantry Ideas

If your pantry shelves are full, depending on your pantry, some items can be kept on the floor. Think things that are securely packaged, such as cases of canned goods, packages of juice boxes or cans of soda.

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pantry container storage

Invest in Containers

Consider investing in some versatile plastic containers with tight-fitting lids to store dry goods such as flour, cereal and pasta. You can also store things like pet food, dish soap and hand soap in plastic containers of various sizes.

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vacuum sealing hamburger freezing
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Vacuum Sealing

Since exposure to air makes food spoil, consider investing in a vacuum sealer if you purchase items such as cheese, meat and produce in bulk. Take advantage of deals on fruit and vegetables by washing (and trimming if necessary), then flash freeze on a sheet pan. Once frozen, vacuum seal them and toss them in the freezer for later use.

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reusable jars grains beans

Reuse Jars

Instead of throwing that big pickle jar in the recycle bin, wash it out and use it to store items you buy in bulk. Not only can you use glass jars to store bulk items such as rice and dried beans, but also Q-tips and cotton balls, paper clips and small sticky-note pads.

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gift wrapping paper
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Check the Door

Depending on what you need to store, consider storing it on the back of a pantry or closet door. There are several on-the-door organizers available, including some that have bins for smaller items. Try stocking up on gift wrap and craft supplies and storing it on a spool on the back of the door!

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Try Pegboard

Pegboard isn’t just for storing tools in your garage or workshop. Hang some pegboard on the back of your pantry door to clip items such as small bags of chips, granola bars and bags of fruit snacks.

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The Second Refrigerator or Freezer

If you’re going to get serious about buying food in bulk, it may be worth the investment to get a second refrigerator or freezer. Check craigslist for an inexpensive refrigerator or freezer that you can place in your garage or basement to store meat, seafood, produce and beverages. Keep in mind that older, less efficient fridges and freezers will cost more to run than newer models.

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basket bathroom towel storage
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Use Baskets

Store bathroom items such as toilet paper, bars of soap and personal hygiene items in baskets. Baskets can be decorative, on open shelves, or utilitarian.

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mason jars for spices

Mason Jars for Spices

If you buy your spices in bulk, try storing them in Mason jars. These jars also come in handy for storing things like loose-leaf tea, dried mushrooms and bulk honey.

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store nuts in reusable jars

Consider a Bulk-Only Closet or Cabinet

For those serious about bulk buying, consider having a cabinet or closet designated to bulk items only. This will make it easier to determine what you’re running low on and will organize all of your large items in a single space.

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Add a Shelf System

If you have room in your mudroom, basement or garage, consider adding a shelf unit to store items such as paper products, canned goods and beverages that don’t need to be refrigerated. Just make sure if storing food items in the garage, they are safe from freezing, excessive heat and mice.

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Under the Bed

If you’re tight on space, you can use the space under your bed to store paper products, bathroom products such as bulk soap and shampoos and even canned goods. For easy retrieval, look for slim bins with wheels.

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label maker machine organization
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It can be easy to go overboard when buying in bulk, so be sure to stay organized and label items with a date so you can keep track of when you bought them and when they expire. Also, be sure to label items that can be hard to identify, such as various types of flours and grains.

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