11 Storage Ideas That Will Transform Your Closet

Keeping your clothing and accessories organized and tidy can be a daunting task, but living with a messy closet can cost you time and added stress with unnecessary clutter. With one afternoon and a few of these storage ideas, you can turn an overstuffed mess into an organized functional closet!

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decluttering a closet

Closet Storage Solutions: Decluttering

Closets tend to be a catch-all solution for storage, a place to put things and forget about them. So to make the most of your space, start by decluttering your closet and then your home.

Go through your wardrobe and remove items you no longer wear, no longer fit, or are no longer your style. If you have trouble saying goodbye, remember your clothes can find a new home by donating, selling and handing-down to friends and family. Next, set aside clothing you can store seasonally and rotate in as the seasons change.

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closet storage
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Clothing Storage Solutions: Turn Your Hangers

Once you’re gone through your closet and weeded out the unused items, turn all hanging clothing with the clothes hanger facing outward. After wearing an item, return it to the hanging rod with the hanger facing the back of the closet. After one year, all articles of clothing still facing outwards were not worn, and you can consider getting rid of them.

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closet storage for hangers

Closet Storage Ideas: Store Unused Hangers in a Magazine File

Keep loose hangers from falling to the ground and untangled in a magazine storage container. This way they’re ready and easy to transport for laundry day. Keep the rest of the items on the closet floor in a storage bin or tote, making it easier to pull out from closet corners or clean behind.

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clothes hangers tiered for storage

Closet Storage Ideas: DIY Tiered Hangers

Short on closet space? Use a lightweight piece of chain to stagger hanging stuff in tall closets for an easy way of storing your clothes. Just loop the first link of the chain over the first hanger, and hang subsequent hangers on every other links after. Hang up to six shirts for the rod space of one.

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hooks in the closet

Clothing Storage Solutions: Robe and Wall Hooks

Hooks are a great storage solution for closets, and you can even make your own hooks if you don’t want to spend more money. Use decorative robe hooks on narrow walls to hang clothing that can be worn again before washing. This keeps clean clothes from piling on the ground and getting wrinkled or dirty. Or hang tomorrow’s outfit and save yourself a few minutes in the morning deciding what to wear.

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closet door shoe storage

Closet Storage Ideas: Hang Things on the Door

Don’t forget the door when counting your closet space! Try an over-the-door shoe organizer on the backside of a closet door to organize scarves, belts and other accessories. Or of course, shoes too!

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closet storage bins

Closet Storage Ideas: Consider Fabric Bins

Keep accessories like belts and ties off the floor and organized in divided fabric storage bins like these. They’re sized for smaller closet shelves. Bins can stack to save space, and work great for jewelry and accessories too.

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closet storage furniture
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Closet Storage Ideas: Double-Duty Furniture and Storage

Look for furniture that has multiple functions, like a storage bench at the end of your bed for bulky bags and purses, a full-length mirror that houses jewelry and accessories, or a bedframe with built-in drawers.

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under the bed storage

Clothing Storage Solutions: Utilize Unseen Floor Space

Use under-the-bed storage boxes to store lesser-worn items, like seasonal clothing or shoes. Keep spare sheets and bedding under guest beds (Here are a few tips on how to properly store your bedding). If your bedroom is carpeted, look for storage boxes on wheels to make access easier.

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drawer space for storage

Closet Storage Solutions: Maximize Drawer Space

By folding shirts one extra fold and sandwiching (instead of stacking), you can fit more into each dresser drawer and have a better visual of what’s inside. This folding technique is perfect for t-shirts, tanks, workout gear and children’s clothes. The more clothing you can store in a dresser, the more room you’ll have in your closet.

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closet storage ideas

Closet Storage Ideas: Utilize Wasted Space

If the sides of your closet are deeper than the door opening, it can be hard to see and reach hanging clothes in the very back. Instead, build perpendicular shelving or hang rods to maximize the space. Store bulky items like sweaters on the shelves and hang lesser-worn clothing like formal wear on the rods.