10 DIY Closet Door Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Updated: Apr. 08, 2024

Here's how to turn your ordinary closet doors into a design feature.

10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Diy Bifold Upgrade Courtesy @sagephillipshome BCOURTESY @SAGEPHILLIPSHOME/INSTAGRAM

What To Do When Your Closet Doesn’t Have a Door

Closets, for the most part, need doors to hide all the clutter inside. The problem is that most closet doors lack style. We spoke to closet door expert and installer Edgar Hernandez to share his thoughts on a couple closet door queries.

What’s the best way to replace a closet door?

Before replacing your closet doors you’ll need to decide what type of door will best fit the space. There are a few different types of closet doors including basic swing doors, bifold doors, pocket doors, and bypass doors. “Bypass are doors that slide from side to side, and bifold doors fold in half,” says Hernandez. “The style you choose is going to depend on the space you have. Some areas don’t allow for the bifolds to fold in half and a bypass option is better.”

How much does it cost to replace a closet door?

The most affordable option for replacing your closet doors is purchasing and installing them yourself. According to Hernandez, a pair of hollow core bypass doors with the hardware and skirt (casing) will cost you about $300 from AZ Door and Trim. That includes an aluminum track, wheels, and a white plastic floor guide.

Another option is to give your existing closet doors a DIY makeover. We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas to inspire your closet door project.

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10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Diy Bifold Upgrade Courtesy @sagephillipshome

DIY Bifold Upgrade

She was sick of her builder-grade bifold closet doors, so @sagephillipshome gave them an easy and affordable update! Here’s how she achieved a custom look on a budget.

First, she attached hardboard to the face of the doors to create a flat profile. Then, she added thin wood trim details using a nail gun. As a finishing touch, she applied a chic new beige paint color (Jogging Path by Sherwin Williams) and gold hardware.

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10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Contemporary Oak Closet Doors Courtesy @appwoodcustom A

Contemporary Oak Closet Doors

These gorgeous closet doors were designed and built by @appwoodcustom. The doors feature horizontal white oak planks with a natural finish and matching door jambs. Closet doors can often be an afterthought, but as seen here, the texture and unique tones in the wood add warmth to the space and create a special moment. For a DIY version, attach thin oak wood planks to your existing closet doors.

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10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Colorful Closet Doors Courtesy @saynihay

Colorful Closet Doors

Here’s an idea you’ve probably never seen before—and all you need is paint to achieve it. These colorful bifold doors, from Sarah Bloomer of @saynihay, are a cheerful and playful element in her baby’s room. “It was a ‘trust the process’ project, but achieved with just a few samples of paint and a brush,” says Bloomer. To recreate this look, use bright colors to paint organic shapes onto the doors and jambs — let your creativity guide you!

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10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Giant Decal Closet Doors Courtesy @lagirl310

Giant Decal Closet Doors

If you’re wondering what to do with your sliding mirrored closet doors, check out this idea from @lagirl310. Instead of removing the doors and embarking on a complicated DIY project; she simply covered them with a giant sticker, and the results are stunning. The “sticker” is actually a mural-size wall decal that’s self-adhesive and easy to apply.

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10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Faux Wood Closet Doors Courtesy @lizpacini A

Faux Wood Closet Doors

Can you believe the finish of these natural wood doors was created with paint? Here’s how @lizpacini gave these closet doors a whole new look. First, she attached shiplap panels to the front of the doors with adhesive and then added a wood trim border. She then applied a coat of beige paint (Tangled Tan by Sherwin Williams). The magic happens with the final step: on top of the paint, she brushed on a layer of brown gel stain to create a beautiful wood grain finish.

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10 Diy Closet Door Ideas To Enhance Your Home Preppy Closet Doors Courtesy @kaliemcassady

Preppy Closet Doors

Affordable, well-chosen materials completely transform these ordinary bifold doors. The fabulous closet doors from @kaliemcassady are the perfect accent in this charming pink and green nursery. White lattice layered over gingham fabric gives the doors a classic preppy style, finished with sweet bow-shaped hardware.

Photographer: @jessierofferphotography

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@themartinezcasita Our second bi-fold closet door DIY ✨ #hometiktok #homedecor #homediy #diyhome #homeimprovement ♬ оригинальный звук – Freezy18

DIY Bifold Doors

Sliding mirrored doors are outdated and only allow you to access one side of your closet at a time. Watch as @themartinezcasita removes the mirrored bypass doors and replaces them with off-the-shelf bifold doors, giving them a custom designer look. They use wood trim, curved accents, peel-and-stick textured paper and new hardware to create these one-of-a-kind doors.

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@allthingspurl ▪️$10 makeover ▪️ I was inspired by Jessell from @themartinezcasita to use electrical tape to give this mirrored closet a face lift and I love it! #diy ♬ original sound – Andrea

Faux Panes

Here’s how @allthingspurl gives her mirrored closet doors a modern upgrade using a single cheap material — electrical tape! She uses the tape to create a grid pattern, creating faux panes on the mirrors. Similar-looking designer paned sliding doors like this one can cost you well over $1,000. Measure along the top, bottom and sides of the mirrors to ensure each tape line is straight.

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@the_ct_colonial Wish someone told me this years ago — my favorite bi-fold hardware trick ✨ #diy #bedroominspo #closetmakeover #kidsroom #girlsroom #traditionalhome ♬ original sound – kate

Hardware Hack

This five-minute hack will make your bifold closet doors look like built-in cabinets. Follow along as @the_ct_colonial demonstrates. Changing the placement of the door handles, and installing two knobs on each door instead of one, results in a more high-end style. Painting the door casing the same color as the doors also creates a more substantial look and makes the ceilings feel higher.

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@sharee.designs Thats better.. 🤩#closetdoormakeover #homediyproject #homediy #fyp #foryou #diyproject ♬ original sound – Johnny Sibilly

MDF Makeover

In this closet door transformation, @sharee.designs attached 1/4-in. thick MDF to her existing doors with adhesive and then trimmed the excess with a circular saw. The new diagonal pattern and fresh coat of dark gray paint (Prairie Smoke by Magnolia) make the doors look brand new. Notice how the thicker trim around the doors painted to match adds balance.

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About the Expert

Edgar Hernandez is the chief installer and door expert at AZ Door and Trim, a leading door shop serving Arizona for over 17 years.