12 Spice Rack Ideas for Better Kitchen Storage

Updated: Mar. 20, 2023

Chances are, you have a spice cabinet that is unorganized, making it difficult to find what you need when you need it. Here are 12 ingenious spice storage ideas you can try in your kitchen.

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A Hanging Spice Storage Rack
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A Hanging Spice Storage Rack

Squeeze out a little more kitchen space by hanging your spices on a spice rack organizer like this. This simple rod with a two-tier caddy allows you to easily find what you're looking for. Try hanging this spice storage rack on the inside of a pantry door or under a kitchen cabinet.
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Two-Tier Spice Drawer
Family Handyman

Two-Tier Spice Drawer

You can build this two-tier spice drawer yourself in a day. And it allows you to organize your spices face up so you can quickly find the chili powder and dried thyme.
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Spice Rack Organizer: Put Favorites Front and Center

Spice Rack Organizer: Put Favorites Front and Center

Do you have a few spices you use all the time? And keep them within easy reach with a drawer in a drawer organizer you can build yourself. This kitchen spice storage idea uses a top drawer to keep just a few go-to spices at the ready while storing less-used spices in a pantry.
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DIY Curtain Rod Rack
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DIY Curtain Rod Rack

If you have space in an upper cabinet, try a DIY spice storage rack that uses a spring-tension curtain rod.
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Four-Tier Spice Rack Organizer

This cupboard has a four-tier spice storage shelf to not only save space, but also make spices easily visible.
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Test Tube Spice Rack

Test tubes aren't just for science projects, like with this DIY spice rack. And try storing your spices in test tubes in a kitchen cabinet with a rollout.
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Soda Bottle Crate Spice Rack

Try scoping out resale shops for spice rack ideas you can stain, paint or refinish yourself. This old soda bottle case is now repurposed as a spice rack.
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Under the Cabinet

The space under the kitchen cabinet isn't just for lighting. And use a magnetic strip and jars with metal lids to attach spice storage under the cabinet. Also, you'll be able to grab what you need quickly while saving precious counter and cupboard space with this cheap spice rack.
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Open Shelving

For a modern look, try displaying your spices on hanging shelves. And there are loads of spice storage ideas on Pinterest for inspiration.
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Reclaimed Wood Spice Rack

This DIY spice storage rack uses reclaimed wood, that has been stained, to create a two-shelf system for storing and displaying spices. And try adding a couple hooks to hang fresh herbs in this wall hanging spice rack.
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Cabinet Door Spice Rack

To save space, try a door-mounted spice storage rack inside a kitchen cabinet. And not only will this cabinet door spice rack keep your spices safe from heat and humidity, but it keeps shelves free for other kitchen staples.
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Mixed Use Spice Rack

For a unique look, attach a rod to open wall space and hang your spices in baskets. Some kitchen-savvy bloggers even use labeled bags to hang spices from a rod with hooks. And it's just one of many life-changing organizing ideas for hard-to-store stuff.