The Most Outrageous Christmas Light Displays of All Time

Updated: Oct. 14, 2023

If you thought your Christmas lights looked good, think again after seeing these outrageous displays.

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Candy Cane Lane
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Candy Cane Lane

For nearly 40 years Candy Cane Lane, also known as Morse Drive, in Pacific Grove, California near Monterey, has lit up the street with unique Christmas looks. This giant nutcracker is certainly outrageous but Candy Cane Lane has also had the Little Mermaid, Snoopy, Tweety Bird, Buzz Lightyear and the gang from Sesame Street show up.

Remember these crazy toy fads from the past?

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Christmas lights tree
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Light Ride

Elsewhere on Candy Cane Lane, Adriana Leiss and her daughters dressed up their 1965 Chevy pickup truck. We especially like Rudolph on the roof.

If you like old trucks, take a look at these beautiful vintage trucks.

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Christmas lights in london

Christmas Pirates

Normally the only pirates you think about around the holidays are porch pirates but this south London features an inflatable ship complete with skeleton pirates. Speaking of porch pirates, here’s how you can foil them at your door.

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Christmas lights in Dyker Heights
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Quite the Choir

It’s not only choir singers that make this phalanx of illuminated figures. It’d be hard not to get a feeling that someone is watching you at this home in Dyker Heights in Brooklyn.

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Lower Morden Lane Christmas Lights, London
Andy Parsons / Time Out/Shutterstock

Festival of Lights

Over in London on Lower Morden Lane Sylvia Queenborough has been dressing up her house for more than 20 years. Not only is she spreading Christmas cheer, she’s also donating money she raises from visitors to a nearby hospice center. Pictured is David Clark’s house and it’s wonder how he sleeps at night with all the lights outside.

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Doug Meek/Shutterstock

So Cal Light Show

This southern California home might not be the most outrageous holiday light display but the level of detail is wild. Having reindeer in your yard is fine but that other kind of deer isn’t. See how you can keep deer out of your yard and stop them from eating out of your garden.

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Clifton Mill Christmas Lights

Clifton Mill

The Clifton Mill display is outrageous in a good way. Outrageous because it boasts more than 3.5 million lights and even a 100-foot waterfall of lights. Imagine what the fall foliage looks like at this setting, it could be one of the 15 best places in the country to see fall colors.

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Dalkey Ireland Christmas lights
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Bright Lights

This display outside of Dublin includes some inflatable decorations which don’t often look as good as this.

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Crazy Christmas lights


The Christmas House of the Vogt family in the village of Calle near Buecken, Northern Germany uses thousands of bulbs each year. Beginning on the first Saturday in Advent to New Year’s Eve, the Vogts light up their home, incorporate Christmas figures in the garden. Visitors come from all over to enjoy hot spiced wine and ride a merry-go-round. The electricity bill for December runs roughly 3,000 Euros to light the more than 500,000 lights.

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Christmas lights Philippines
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Manila, Philippines

Businessman Alexander Cruz provided this dazzling display outside of Manila. The house uses LED lights and attracts even foreign tourists. The holidays are expensive but here are the ways you can save some cash.

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Vancouver awesome Christmas lights


It’s quite the entrance to home with this display in Vancouver. It’s hard not to get in the holiday spirit when taking a look at this display.

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Vancouver christmas lights

Gingerbread House

With a gingerbread man in the foreground of this Vancouver home, it’s hard not to get the impression that this home resembles a gingerbread house. Mix in some candy canes and it creates quite the picture. What’s the next-best thing to making a gingerbread house? Maybe destroying one. Check out the awesome ways we destroyed gingerbread houses with tools.

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Vancouver awesome Christmas lights

Sleigh Station

We know where Santa is stopping in Vancouver with this elegant holiday display. A sleigh is certainly a nice touch to a beautiful setting. See how to prep your home ready before a holiday party.

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Vancouver awesome Christmas lights

Santa’s Workshop

When there’s an archway in the front yard it seems like someone is entering Santa’s workshop in this yard in Vancouver. It’s certainly a magic image.

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Houston Christmas Lights
Yogendra Kale/Shutterstock

Far Out Festive Fever

They do things a little different in Texas and that’s certainly true with this nautical themed holiday light display in Houston. The neon whales, jellyfish and octopus create a scene surely you won’t see again during the holidays. Avoid the mess that can come during the holidays with these outstanding cleaning tips you haven’t tried before.