9 Pink Christmas Trees That’ll Make You Rethink Holiday Traditions

Shake things up this year by swapping out red and green for pink! Pink Christmas trees are on-trend this holiday season, and we're all about it. Whether you want something subtle or bold and bright, our roundup is sure to inspire you.

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Bright Pink Fir Tree With 1,477 Branch Tips

Skip the traditional look this year and embrace the pink Christmas tree trend! We love this beautifully shaped tree that’s foldable and full enough to fill an empty corner and set the scene this holiday season. The thick branches of the 6-ft. tree fluff in approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

And, here’s a collection of clever hints and tips that will make your holiday decorating faster, easier and more fun!

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Pink Christmas Tree
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Tabletop Tree

If the idea of pink Christmas trees sounds fun but you’re not sure you want it to be the focal point, go for a table decoration, like this sweet tree. It comes with fairy string lights to create a magical atmosphere.

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Blush Pink Fir Tree

Go for a romantic look this Christmas with a 7-ft. blush pink tree. It makes an understated statement that you’re celebrating with the Ghost of Christmas Present. After the holidays, take the hassle out of storing your holiday lights and other Christmas decorations with these simple tips.

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Dark Rose Fir Tree

Another option we love for pink Christmas trees is this dark, rose-colored tree. Keep the tree simply decorated by choosing just a few accents, such as silver and white ornaments and sheer, blush pink ribbon. Here are a few tips to style a Christmas tree with ribbon.

Holiday decorating doesn’t only happen in the living room, it happens everywhere! Check out these great holiday decorating ideas for every room in your house.

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Slender Fuchsia Tree

This fierce, fuchsia Christmas tree is as bold as it gets. We love that it comes in a super slender shape that makes it fit into an unused corner, or studio apartment, beautifully.

Christmas can be stressful. Lighten the mood by remembering you’ll never fail at Christmas decorating as bad as these people did.

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Pre-Lit Rose Gold Tinsel Tree

This chic, subtle addition to our list of pink Christmas trees is for anyone who wants just a hint of pink. We love that it’s pre-lit with 400 lights so you can focus on hanging the perfect ornaments instead of fussing with the lights.

Next, check out our favorite tried-and-true handy hints for Christmas trees.

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Pre-Lit Ceramic Christmas Tree

This 16-inch vintage-look tree is the perfect way to celebrate the pink Christmas tree trend without going all in. While the description lists it as red—and there are certainly plenty of red Christmas trees—reviewers promise it’s pretty in pink! We love that it’s battery-powered and features a 4-hour timer. Find more inspiration by looking at these cool traditional Christmas tree alternatives.

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Pink Whimsical Dura-Lit LED Christmas Tree

This tree would be right at home in Whoville with Cindy Lou and the Grinch! We love the unique shape and the bright, deep, bubble gum pink color that’s perfect for making a statement in your home this holiday season.

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Collection of Pink Christmas Trees

Set the scene on a table or shelf with a tiny forest of pink Christmas trees. They’ll complement a green tree decorated with pink accents perfectly!

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