11 Ways to Decorate Your Home with a Tree Stump

You had to remove a tree from your yard and want to repurpose its stump, so now what? Bring some rustic charm into your home with these 11 tree stump decor ideas.

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Tree Stump Tray

Consider using the tree stump as a decorative tray. You may need to sand it first, you can then use it as a centerpiece at your dining table. Here are 20 easy ways to add farmhouse style to your home.

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Tree Stump Coasters

Keep water rings at bay with tree stump coasters. Try making your own wooden coasters with trunks from small trees or even branches.

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Tree Stump Table

This simple tree stump table would work well as an end table in your living room or den. It’s covered in a natural finish and is sure to work as a great accent with your rustic decor. Here are 12 ways to make your furniture last longer.

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Tree Stump Candle Holders

Create a cozy feel in your home by using a tree stump (or multiple stumps) as candle holders. A small grouping would look great in an unused fireplace.

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Tree Stump Chairs

Depending on your decor, you could use a grouping of similar-sized tree stumps as chairs. This would be a great option for a covered porch or perhaps a child’s playroom or craft area. Check out these 10 pretty porch swings you can enjoy this summer.

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elm stump table

Tree Stump Ottoman

This tree stump ottoman can also double as a stool. Depending on your woodworking skills, it may make for a quick, fun DIY tree stump decor project.

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Tree Stump Table Top

Many DIYers have turned large tree stumps into table tops. An online search with give you plenty of ideas, many of which use a second stump as a base while others use metal legs that are attached to the stump top. Check out this DIY guide to finishing a tabletop.

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Tree Stump Planter

Try using your tree stump as a planter. Depending on its size, you can use it to plant indoor plants, herbs or even succulents.

We’ll show you how to make this centerpiece-worthy wood log planter.

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Tree Stump Wine Rack

Here’s a guaranteed conversation starter. This tree stump has a new life as a wine rack that is not only functional, it is also a great decorative piece for your kitchen or bar area. Try these 23 wine rack hacks.

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Tree Stump Shelves

A slice of tree trunk can make for a rustic shelf. Floating shelves a great way to showcase favorite photos and other collectibles. Build a floating shelf with a secret drawer.

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Tree Stump Art

Depending on your stump, consider turning it into a piece of art. This tree stump decor piece would look great displayed on a shelf or even hung on a wall, depending on the size.

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