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12 Ingenious Traditional Christmas Tree Alternatives

Who says you have to have a traditional Christmas tree that you cut down yourself or purchase at your favorite neighborhood tree lot? If you have a small space, want to try something different or just add some holiday spirit to another room of your home, try an alternative tree. Here are 12 ingenious ideas to try this season.

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String Tree

If you have room, consider recreating this tree. Hang some string from the ceiling and attach ornaments or even paper snowflakes from the end. Place gifts underneath. These are the pros and cons of LED Christmas lights.

If you’re going with a real Christmas tree this season here’s how to make a stand:

What better way to get in a festive holiday mood then by building a sturdy DIY Christmas tree stand?

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Decorated Handmade Tree

Try making a smaller handmade tree with scrap pieces of wood or even sturdy cardboard. Then decorate the tree with some beads, ribbon and ornaments. Here are 100 incredible Christmas tree decorating ideas.

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Gift Tree

Simply stack some wrapped gifts on top of each other to create a tree shape. Top with decorative items such as pine cones, ornaments or even a Santa hat. Try these 10 pine cone crafts this season.

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Twig Fabrizio248/Shutterstock

Twig Tree

Bring in some twigs from outside, or pick up some fake twigs from your local craft store. Stick them in a decorative vase and hang some ornaments. Check out these holiday tips for DIY enthusiasts.

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HangingKostikova Natalia/Shutterstock

Hanging Tree

Young kids will love having this hanging DIY Christmas tree in their bedroom. Try decorating some paint stir sticks and then tie a string on the ends to create a hanging tree. These are the 10 best real Christmas tree species.

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Wooden Tree

This would be a great project for using up some pallet wood. Simply take a pallet and cut it so it is shaped like a tree. Decorate the tree with lights and your favorite ornaments. Do real Christmas trees harbor bugs? You bet!

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Pineapple Tree

Try using a pineapple as your alternative Christmas tree. Just hang some ornaments on the leaves and place it on a shelf or table, or use it as a centerpiece. Here’s a collection of another 12 cool traditional Christmas tree alternatives!

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Chalkboard Tree

Look for a small chalkboard at a craft store and simply draw a Christmas tree on the board. Place it on a shelf and place items such as pine cones and evergreen branches at the base to add a bit of holiday cheer to any room. If your Christmas tree is dying, here’s how to fix it.

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Upside-Down Tree

This alternative Christmas tree will take some planning, but when completed it certainly makes a statement. And, toddlers and cats can’t get at it! Take precautions when hanging it to make sure it won’t come crashing down on anything breakable. Here are some Christmas tree storage tricks you should know.

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JarsMaria Komar/Shutterstock

Christmas Tree Jars

Find a few glass jars and place some holiday ribbon inside. Then stick in a couple branches and hang some ornaments. This alternative Christmas tree makes a great centerpiece. Consider these 14 amazing DIY decor ideas for Christmas.

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Cactus Tree

Make a visit to your local garden center and pick up a cactus to decorate this holiday season. Hang some ornaments on it and depending on its size, you may be able to wrap some garland or ribbon around it. Just make sure it’s out of the reach of children and away from pets. Here are 14 ways to decorate your home with cactus.

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Cone Kostikova Natalia/Shutterstock

Cone Trees

Decorate some cones so they look like trees. Use some sturdy construction paper and bend it into a cone shape and attach the sides with tape. Then decorate it with markers, yarn or paint and use buttons and string for decorations. Try these nine handy holiday decorating tips.

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