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14 Best Christmas Tree Decorations for 2022

Transform your tree into a work of art with these stylish ornaments, garland and other on-trend Christmas tree decorations we think you'll love.

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How To Decorate a Christmas Tree

When it comes to holiday decorations, your Christmas tree is the star of the show. A few simple steps will ensure it reaches its full glittery, glowy potential. Follow these tree-decorating steps.

  1. First, fluff the branches. On a real tree, make sure there aren’t bent or broken stems, and give it a good shake to free any loose pine needles before you bring it into the house. For an artificial tree, this step is even more important. In storage the tree flattens out, so make sure to fluff each individual bough for the most realistic look.
  2. Next add the lights. If it’s pre-lit, move on to the next step. If not, test the strands before stringing them on the tree. Then start from the bottom and work your way up, weaving each strand between branches, connecting more light strands as needed. Keep the lights turned on as you go. That makes it easier to ensure the whole tree is lit without any dark areas.
  3. Now add your decorations! This is the fun part. Start with the largest ornaments arranged evenly around the tree, then fill in the bare spots with the smaller ornaments. A variety of ornament sizes adds interest. For texture and body, add picks and sprays in the shape of florals, branches or other forms. If you’re feeling extra festive, you can also add a Christmas tree fence.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget the tree topper! Bonus: Here’s how to make a Christmas bow.
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Personalized Family Tree Ornament

Commission a one-of-a-kind tree ornament with this custom hand painted family portrait ornament. The artist uses a family photograph to paint your family’s likeness (people or pets!) on a round wood slice. It’s sure to become one of your most treasured Christmas heirlooms. You should also check out how to make ornaments with these easy ideas.

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Hand-Blown Glass Tree Ornament

This glass orb ornament catches the light in beautiful ways. And because it’s hand blown, no two are alike! Called the Tree of Enchantment ornament, it comes in 17 tree designs, each representing a special sentiment such as Family or Remembrance. It’s beautiful enough to earn a spot in your home decor year-round.

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DIY Christmas Ornament Kit

Make your holiday decorations (and memories) with a DIY ornament kit. This needle felting kit comes with everything you need: felting wool, felting needles and detailed instructions. Gather your family members for an ornament-making night, then decorate the tree together.

Etsy is full of other great DIY options, including these stitchable wood Christmas sweater ornaments and this kid-friendly Christmas ornament painting kit.

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Clip-On Mushroom Ornament

We’re loving nature-themed trees this year, and this glass mushroom ornament would be the perfect addition to one. In place of a traditional hook, the clip-on feature allows you to attach the delicate mushrooms right at the tree-branch tip, for that enchanted fairy tale look.

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Scented Christmas Tree Ornaments

Hang scented Christmas ornaments on a artificial Christmas tree to make it smell like a real one. The scent lasts all season long. Plus they’re environmentally friendly, made of all-natural, biodegradable recyclable paper. Choose from eight scents including Snow Berry Wreath, Pear in a Pine tree and (our favorite) White Winter Fir.

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Macrame Tree Ornaments

Bring boho style to your Christmas tree with these cute handmade macrame ornaments. When the holiday’s over, use it as an essential oil diffuser in your bedroom or car.

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Red Berry Pick

Picks, sometimes called stems, are an easy way to add texture and body to your tree. They come in all shapes and styles like berries, glitter curls, poinsettias, even feathers. We love the iced snow detail on this classic red berry pick. If you feel like your tree might be missing something, try adding this pick or another one like it!

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Retro Ceramic Tree Ornament

Retro and nostalgic Christmas decor reminds us of cherished Christmases past. If you didn’t inherit the real tabletop version from Grandma, grab this sweet retro lighted ceramic tree — a smaller, hangable option.

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Pantone Color of the Year Ornaments

Forget red and green, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 was Classic Blue. Give your tree a trendsetting dose of the color with this beautiful set of blue finial Christmas ornaments.

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Masked Santa Ornament

What better way to commemorate 2020 than a masked Santa ornament? The pandemic is no joke, of course, but it’s good to find joy in the little things when you can. Surely Santa is washing his hands and social distancing this year, too.

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Santa Hat Tree Topper

This playful Santa hat tree topper creates the figurative star on top of trees classic and modern. It’s made from hand-felted wool, stands at 15-in. tall and couldn’t be easier to add to the top. Rumor has it Santa left it behind at your house last year.

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Buffalo Check Farmhouse Ornament

If you love Farmhouse style, this sweet little house with a buffalo check roof is the perfect ornament for you. The battery-operated LED light adds a cozy glow to the windows and offers an unexpected twist to an otherwise traditional ornament.

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Elf Legs

Your kids will get a kick out of these stuffed elf legs that make it look like one of Santa’s helpers got left behind. The 23-in. long legs feature bendable wire inside to make them posable. Leave them up all season, or bring them out on Christmas morning.

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All-White Ornaments

A wintry Christmas tree adorned in all-white ornaments is a Christmas classic. (Bonus points if you use a flocked tree — or flock one yourself.) Start making all your snowy white Christmas dreams come true with this beautiful 10-piece set of sparkly white ornaments.

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If  you want to save time and make decorating your home easier, bring home a smart Christmas tree.

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