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10 Storage Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

Yes, it is possible for a child's bedroom to be tidy and uncluttered. The trick is to be thoughtful with storage solutions and decor.

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Get the Bed Off the Ground

For small bedrooms, consider getting the bed off the ground which will give you space underneath for a desk, reading nook, dresser or extra storage space. The space-saving design of this loft bed gives you plenty of options for ways to use the space below.

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Go Vertical with Storage

Built-ins are great when it comes to storage in small bedrooms, but if you don’t have them, you can still benefit from vertical storage solutions. Whether it’s a bookshelf or floating shelves, take advantage of wall space to store everything from toys and baby supplies in a younger child’s room to books and photos in a teen’s room.

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Pegboard Kids Room Storage

Pegboard isn’t just for the garage or workshop. Use pegboard in a child’s small bedroom and attach wire baskets and caddies to store toys, art supplies, crafts and other accessories.

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Use Light, Neutral Colors

When it comes to color, light neutrals help open up small bedrooms and make them appear larger. For a color that can work in a nursery all the way to a teen bedroom, try Mild Blue from Sherwin-Williams. It’s a light blueish-gray that looks fresh with many accent colors and decor styles.

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Save Space With Corner Storage

To make the most of floor space in a small bedroom, go for a bookshelf or storage cabinet designed for a corner. This three-shelf corner cabinet provides plenty of kids’ room storage for books and toys while taking up minimal wall and floor space.

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Kids Room Storage Cubbies with Bins and Baskets

Cubbies with bins or baskets can be an effective way to add storage space without making your kids’ room look cluttered. This multi-bin organizer can be used for storing everything from clothing and shoes to toys, books and stuffed animals.

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Use Up Wall Space

Take advantage of empty wall space by adding floating shelves or spice rack shelves to work as a bookshelf or picture ledge. Whether you build them yourself or invest in these floating wall shelves, try adding one or several for some extra storage space.

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Don’t Go Overboard with the Desk

If your child needs a desk in their small bedroom, don’t go overboard when it comes to size. A small model, such as this wall-mounted desk, is a space-saver and should give kids enough space to draw, work on a computer and do most of their homework. For bigger projects, there’s always the kitchen table.

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Curved Bookshelf

Organize your child’s small bedroom with a curved bookshelf, perfect for storing books and toys. For a nursery, add small bins to store items such as baby socks, diapers and pajamas. “Seems pretty sturdy and is surprisingly large—the curve is smart—doesn’t feel so big and jutting that way,” said one buyer.

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Put the Closet to Work

When it comes to finding storage space in a kid’s small bedroom, put the closet to work. When children are small and don’t have many clothes (and the ones they have are tiny!), move toy storage bins into the closet to save space. Depending on the size of your kid’s closet, you may be able to add a small reading nook for an older child, or even a small desk to save valuable floor space.

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