Kids Room Ideas That’ll Give You Instant Inspiration!

Updated: Sep. 23, 2023

Before your kiddo takes over decorating their room and adorns their walls with the latest posters from Teen Beat magazine (does that still happen?), use your DIY skills to add elements to their room that both reflect their personality and blend with the rest of your home. Scan through these trendy bedrooms for some room décor ideas.

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Kids Room Ideas: The Writing’s on the Wall

If your kiddo has an artistic side, or a tendency to mark up every wall they see with their favorite marker, then this room would be perfect for them! By dedicating one entire wall to chalkboard paint, you can be certain there’s always a designated area for artistry. And, if you’re an artist yourself, it’s a great place to sketch a masterpiece for you child. A chalkboard wall would look especially fitting in one of these black and white kids rooms.

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Kids Room Ideas: Bring the Outside Indoors

If you’re so fortunate (or, some may argue, unfortunate) to live in a climate that prevents year-round trips to the park, then consider bringing elements from the playground inside. You could hang a swing from the ceiling, paint the walls to look like a stand of trees and build a few playground-like structures, like the ladder or gymnast rings pictured here. To make the most of your kids’ actual time outdoors, try building one of these playsets.

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Kids Room Ideas: For the Bookworm’s Paradise

Contrary to many naysayers out there, hardbound books aren’t going away any time soon—especially for young kids. Celebrate your child’s bookish nature by designing a library-themed bedroom. While you might not be able to build the grandeur of the sliding ladder a la Beauty and the Beast, you can create a colorful and splashy library that matches your kid’s personality. Be sure the shelves are built for multiple sizes of literature so their collection can grow and still fit on the shelves. As a starting place, try one of these bookcase designs.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a bookcase with a sliding ladder, here’s one you can build yourself, if you have moderate woodworking and carpentry skills.

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Kids Room Ideas: Pops o’ Polka-Dot Color

Bright pops of color add an energy to the room without overwhelming it. Instead of painting circles directly on the wall, consider buying circular canvasses at your local craft store, painting them in your favorite vibrant shades and then fastening to the wall with a 3M Command hook for easy put up and take down! If the hook is so stubborn that removing it becomes a hassle, then just use one of these nifty tricks. See more of our favorite kids bedroom ideas for small rooms.

Buy 3M Command hooks now on Amazon.

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Kids Room Ideas: Suspended Bunking

Choosing the right bunk bed takes a lot of effort, especially because there is so much to consider from size, to safety to color. This playful take on bunk beds adds a unique design element that could be well-suited for a smaller room. The suspended effect gives a less weighted feeling to the room than most stand-alone bunk beds. Although, we’d recommend putting a guard rail on that top bunk if your kiddo tends to move around a lot! If you have the urge to flex your creative muscle as you build a bunk bed, check out these 21 amazing bunk bed designs.

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Kids Room Ideas: Home Within a Home

Every child loves a good fort (and, let’s be honest, every adult does, too!). This bed serves multiple purposes: it’s a fun frame that’s relatively simple to construct, it can easily be made into a fort and it embodies the truth that a kid’s room is like an oasis living space within their own home.

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Kids Room Ideas: It’s All About the Ceiling

The ceiling is perhaps the most forgotten surface in a child’s bedroom, but it can provide ample decor options without taking up valuable real estate. Glow-in-the-dark stars have been peeling off popcorn ceilings for decades, but there are so many more options. The ceiling can be a bright pop of color to contrast more neutral-toned walls, thus making less to paint in the long run as the neutral walls can remain while you just repaint the ceiling. A fun ceiling beats an old boring one any day!

Here are some pro tips for successfully painting a ceiling. And, If your ceiling is popcorn, follow these guidelines or just remove that texture altogether, being careful to follow these essential tips.

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Kids Room Ideas: DIY a ‘Lil DIY Corner

Chances are high that if you like DIY home improvement projects, there’s a mini-me around who wants to do the same. If you have space in your kid’s room, designate one corner for their DIY projects. Once you’ve chosen the corner or area (maybe it’s along the chalkboard paint wall!), add a work surface, some creative and space-saving storage solutions and maybe even their own hand-made workbench. Even if it’s a small space, they’re sure to love it, especially if they can add one of these gift items to it.

When they’re a little older and want to DIY outside the confines of their bedroom, get them started on projects like these.

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Kids Room Ideas: A Theme is Only as Good as It’s Re-theme

Chances are high that you wanted a themed room of some kind when you were growing up. Chances may be higher that your kiddo wants a room splashed with the likes of Elsa, Spiderman, Harry Potter, or BB8. While going fully themed is hard on the wallet and has a short lifespan, there are ways to incorporate enough themed elements that you’ll make your kid smile. Paint the walls on theme and then repaint when they move on to the latest-and-greatest pop-culture icon. Then, add decor items and linens that go with the theme. Check out these items if they’re Star Wars fans, or build a cardboard model with your kid.

Try making something together to add to their room by choosing from one of these projects.

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Kids Room Ideas: Keep it Neutral

There’s often an urge to take the creative approach when decorating that first-time nursery, but take inspiration from this neutral-toned room to make your life easier. Not only are neutral tones still trendy, they allow you to add elements of color in a cost-effective manner. And this neutral canvas will be easy to transform as your child grows. Look out for these signs to ensure you don’t over-decorate your place.

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Kids Room Ideas: George of the Jungle

No, this is not a room themed on the 1997 Brendan Fraser film. This bedroom contains all the fun elements of the jungle so your kid can monkey around and then relax in their hammock. They may be more interested in a hammock of their own if they’ve seen you catch on to the “mocking” trend.

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Kids Room Ideas: Bright, Geometric Paint Patterns

Geometric patterns are making a comeback in home design and that means they can make a comeback in your kiddo’s room as well! Create some bold geometric patterns with a variety of paint colors on one wall.

Check out these trendy patterns for an additional source of inspiration.

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