21 Bunk Bed Ideas for Instant Inspiration!

Updated: Sep. 08, 2023

Fan Spotlight: These Family Handyman readers put their woodworking and carpentry skills to good use, designing fun and functional bunk bed plans and beds for their kids, their guest rooms, and themselves. Check out these 20 bunk bed designs and get inspired to build your own DIY bed.

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Bunk Bed with Stairs Storage

Bunk Bed Plans: Bunk Bed with Stairs Storage

“Bunk bed storage stairs built from poplar plywood, pine trim and oriental ginger stain…matched the bed perfectly.” – submitted by Facebook fan Daily Wood. This bunk bed features useful storage shelves built right into the stairs!

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A Playhouse Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Plans: A Playhouse Bunk Bed

This adorable bunk bed, shared with us by Facebook fan Nicolas Csonka, doubles as a child’s playhouse or indoor fort, complete with tiny door and window.

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Volkswagen Kids' Bed

Volkswagen Kids’ Bed

Facebook fan Michael Ray build this cool bed for his son, made to look like a retro, green Volkswagen bus. It even has wheels! See more of our favorite kids bedroom ideas for small rooms.

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Jeep Kids' Bed

Jeep Kids’ Bed

Facebook fan Ben Yost shared this red Jeep bed with us. Kids can drive by day, and sleep at night.

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John Deere Bunk Bed 1

Bunk Bed Plans: John Deere Bunk Bed 1

This easily makes the list for amazing bunk beds. For the die-hard John Deere fan, this tractor-inspired bunk bed has all the bells and whistles. Josh & Katie Yingling shared this DIY kids’ bunk bed with us on Facebook.

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Bentley Kids' Bed

Bentley Kids’ Bed

A regular bed isn’t good enough for all kids – some demand a Bentley! Robert Paul Rung shared this homemade car bed with us on Facebook, and he also sells them on the side.

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Mini Pickup Truck Bed for Kids

Mini Pickup Truck Bed for Kids

You might think “truck bed” refers to the back of a pickup truck, but in this case, we’re talking about a kids’ bed made to look like a pickup truck. “Made my son a truck bed modeled after my own truck.” – submitted by Facebook fan Doug Goodrich

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John Deere Bunk Bed 2

Bunk Bed Plans: John Deere Bunk Bed 2

Joanne Laurie shared this variation of the John Deere bunk bed with us on Facebook. This DIY toddler loft bed features a cozy reading nook underneath, and a fun tractor design using some amazing bunk beds plans from Ana White.

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Train Engine Bed Set

Bunk Bed Plans: Train Engine Bed Set

This pair of amazing bunk beds would make any kid feel like a train conductor. Facebook fan Idriaan Stander shared this photo with us, featuring two train car beds, with Thomas the Tank Engine leading the charge.

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Lighted His and Hers Bed

Lighted His and Hers Bed

“Finished: His and hers headboard with independent integral lights. The LEDs are dimmable, perfect to read by, and it only casts the light on one side, so it doesn’t keep my wife awake. This means you don’t need a bed side light. The switches are hidden in the middle to make switching both off easier.” – submitted by Facebook fan Gareth Dawe

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Simple Twin Bed

Simple Twin Bed

Adam Conkle built this beautiful, simple twin bed for his toddler daughter and shared it with us on our Facebook page.

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Frozen Inspired Storage Bed

Frozen Inspired Storage Bed

“Built this Frozen storage bed for my daughter for Christmas. It’s a twin bed with 6 large drawers below.” – submitted by Facebook fan Christopher Sowa

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DIY Crib and Changing Table

DIY Crib and Changing Table

“This is a crib and changing table/dresser set that I made for my daughter. The wood came from trees off our property that I cut down and milled up. These are the first pieces of furniture I have ever built.” – submitted by Facebook fan Jeremiah Gilmour

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Porch Day Bed

Porch Day Bed

This day bed would be the perfect spot for an afternoon nap on a warm summer day! Facebook fan Dan Geren created this bed/couch combo for his front porch.

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Clever Rollaway Trundle Bed

Clever Rollaway Trundle Bed

From Facebook fan Courtney Tucker: a platform with hidden rollaway bed she built for her son’s bedroom. What a clever use of space!

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John Deere Bunk Bed 3

Bunk Bed Plans: John Deere Bunk Bed 3

“A John Deere bunk bed I built for two farm loving boys…” – submitted by Facebook fan Daily Wood

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Built-in Sleeping Nook

Built-in Sleeping Nook

This built-in kids’ bed from August M. Botelho is a cozy sleeping nook, complete with curtains for a faux-canopy feel.

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Classic Bunk Bed With a Twist

Bunk Bed Plans: Classic Bunk Bed With a Twist

Facebook fan Joe Rubino built this set of amazing bunk beds from scratch for his sons. The simple, timeless design features a larger bed on bottom.

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Triple Decker Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Plans: Triple Decker Bunk Bed

“Triple bunk bed for the visiting grandchildren in ‘cabin chic.'” – submitted by Facebook fan Keith Mealy

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A Castle Bed

Bunk Bed Plans: A Castle Bed

“A castle bed project for my son – I’ve continued to add to it over the years, first with a stairway that included drawers for storage, a hidden play area accessible behind a ‘secret’ swinging bookcase, and a trap door, and later a set of towers that could serve as storage/book cases or as a climbing tube. Most recently, I built a work bench with lighting and storage for his Lego supplies. I’m still adding details now and again, but he sleeps in it every night!” – submitted by Facebook fan Tim Miller

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